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My everyday makeup routine for Autumn! Check out my Top 5 Video for the Pure Colour range here: EXPAND this box fo…

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  • Fleur DeForce 3 years ago

    My brand new beauty video just went live! My Everyday Makeup for Autumn <3 My
    Everyday Makeup for Autumn!

  • Fleur DeForce 3 years ago

    My new beauty video went up quite late last night… Here’s the link if you
    missed it: My Everyday Makeup for Autumn! My Everyday Makeup for Autumn!

  • marieroseeee 3 years ago

    your nails! i need that colour, what is it!? xx

  • CrazyBeautifulLife58 3 years ago

    I was so unconvinced that Fleur’s favourites would include so many New Look
    products that I specifically looked in the description box for the
    sponsorship disclaimer…which does exist

  • C0OK1EMONSTER 3 years ago


  • Rachellaurabeauty5 3 years ago

    you look SO amazing without makeup <3

  • IrishMammy 3 years ago

    Your left eye is so much smaller than your right. 

  • lilacchocolate 3 years ago

    What is your top recommended drugstore Liquid Eyeliner, Fleur? I have oily
    eyelids so I’m looking for one that is smudge proof but not impossible to
    take off either :/

  • amcluesent 3 years ago

    That bright lippy doesn’t suite you, just saying

  • MrsNiallHoranx oxo 3 years ago


    Like if you want a drugstore makeup starter kit this will be so helpful

  • Heidi Willits 3 years ago

    Fleur, great video! I love seeing new products in action. I am so tired of
    seeing people complain about sponsor videos. Seriously? We can’t expect you
    gurus to upload quality content regularly without being paid. No one else
    would work for free! You put so much effort into creating wonderful content
    and you always put a disclaimer, and you include other content in the
    videos as well. You’re one of my favorite gurus to watch!

  • Leslie LaFlèche 3 years ago

    I thought you said “scarring from a FIGHT a few years ago.” 

  • Sammi V 3 years ago

    I can’t do liquid liner at all! I don’t have a steady hand. Does anyone
    have any tips? Also loved this look Fleur!!

  • Anna Mangus 3 years ago

    Can you get New Look products in the US? 

  • Esha Rajesh 3 years ago

    Sooo pretty!! ❤️❤️

  • Livin' la Vida Loba 3 years ago

    What is autumnal about a bright pink lip and a neutral cream/grey eye?

  • Jaime Glynn 3 years ago

    Your skin is gorgeous!

  • RUBBERSOULED6 3 years ago

    damn. i thought she was gonna wear the lancome grandiose mascara, turns out
    it’s new look. amazing. simply amazing.

    +when you say you’re putting on “2 coats of mascara”, do you just let it
    dry first and then give another coat or…

  • MakeupAddict 3 years ago

    Im looking for a new eyeliner I have oily skin so I need a smudge proof one
    any recommendations

  • Weezy Wee 3 years ago

    What is the brand of eye brushes you are using?

  • Ida Verbraeken 3 years ago

    Your skin is so perfect!!

  • Rebekah Millington 3 years ago


  • KatesBeautyStation 3 years ago

    The berry lip shade is absolutely gorgeous! :) xx

  • Em Sheldon 3 years ago

    Fleur you look so beautiful :) x

  • ReenaHart 3 years ago

    Amazing! :D 

  • Katrina White 3 years ago

    Super pretty! :) 

  • Becky TheWallflower 3 years ago

    Fleur, I’m genuinely so impressed with your videos lately! You manage to
    upload such high quality content and putting in so much effort and thought
    and I think that’s really admirable.
    Some other “big” Youtubers seem to majorly change for their younger
    audience but you basically stayed the same relating to creating content
    based on your own interests and opinions and remained classy all the way –
    I really appreciate that! :) 

  • BellinaSkyBright 3 years ago

    your complexion is so good, with or without make up, I’m jealous!

  • Kristen Festin 3 years ago

    yay for no ads!

  • Andrea Lorenzo 3 years ago

    all your makeup looks are exactly the same i swear.. neutral eye shadow,
    winged eye liner, with lip stain

  • obesitytravels 3 years ago

    Love how you use burberry and then new look -_-

  • Hannah Cockshutt 3 years ago

    You are so stunning Fleur!! I love love love your videos and your skin is
    absolutely perfect!! xx

  • Amber Deen 3 years ago

    looks more like a spring tutorial

  • Cashmere style 3 years ago

    How do you clean your brushes? They are soooo clean 

  • 161uptowngirl 3 years ago

    Wait ….something bit you on ur cheek ??! 

  • mikky851 3 years ago

    I didn’t catch the brushes you said you used, what were they? :) 

  • Samanta Rizzi 3 years ago

    Hey Fleur! :) I have just discovered you a couple of days ago and I really
    like your videos! :) You are so pretty and I love your makeup ideas! We
    have the same type of skin so you’re videos are really helpful. You also
    use good quality products that are worth the money and you seem very
    honest. I guess I’m just glad that I’ve discovered you, so I’m leaving this
    comment. Haha :) p.s.: of course I’m subscribing!!! ;) 

  • HAD Y 3 years ago

    You have a wonderful glowing skin ! Can you please do a video skin care

  • Sana Tariq 3 years ago

    U look so pretty and u r pretty

  • Tatiana Jurkovicova 3 years ago

    After I saw this video I had to go right away to feelunique to buy the
    Bourjois Délice de Poudre Bronzing Powder Duo

  • Kay sara 3 years ago

    Could you please do a “BEST BUBBLE BATH/ WINTER NIGHT TIME” ROUTINE????

  • Lu_uuuu 3 years ago

    your lashes are always amazing and beautiful

  • Stephanie Rose 3 years ago

    I love the eye look, I will definitely try a light lid color with the outer
    1/3 contoured with a medium shade.