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HEY YOU! I LOVE YOU!! Full video on my eyebrows: Follow Me…

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  • Maddi Bragg 2 years ago
  • shahrul aqil 2 years ago

    I turn it on HD so i can see more of ur beauty ;) 

  • Zaraie deleon 2 years ago

    How do people compare her with Amanda? Maddi is 100x more prettier, even
    without makeup she looks herself, unlike Amanda looks like a ugly fuck with
    out makeup and looks like she got wrinkles seriously stop saying she’s
    trying to act like Amanda

  • Caity S 2 years ago

    Hauls, tags and makeup tutorials. Looks like another typical YouTube

  • Anna Banana 2 years ago

    Why in the hell are you all comparing how two girls look? We can all
    probably point out a million girls who are prettier and better than you
    too, but what is the point? Everyone has their own unique look and not only
    is it pointless to compare, it’s also pathetic. The fact that you even take
    time out of your life to sit and talk about how one person is uglier than
    someone else says a whole lot about your character. This may be the
    internet where you can say whatever you want without consequences, but this
    stuff is being read by others including the people you are saying stuff
    about. So STFU and stop being a bunch of little assholes and find better
    ways to spend your time. 

  • Sarah E 2 years ago

    I thought she was going back to public school? 

  • fashionwithpassion 2 years ago

    im definitely going to film my everyday makeup soon! i love watching these!

  • ebonylovees 2 years ago

    This video actually just helped me learn how i can get a winged eyeliner, i
    never seen anyone do it that way, thanks! I try it out in the morning. 

  • Siri Giles 2 years ago

    Did she take out her new piercing or can I just not see it?

  • ayosworld 2 years ago


  • Alyssa Lopez 2 years ago

    Like always horrible music choice!!!!!!!

  • AlberteTDK 2 years ago

    Wow, whattt. How does your skin look like it has no makeup/foundation on,
    when it has? On my skin you can easily tell whenever i wear it…

  • Bianca8198 2 years ago

    you’re so pretty i hate you 

  • slugbug229 2 years ago

    Is she homeschooled???

  • sofiah ciara 2 years ago

    Does anyone know the name of the song? 

  • FrozenIce 2 years ago

    You do online school right?

  • ash melville 2 years ago

    you’re the most beautiful youtuber I’ve ever seen.

  • simply_kenna 2 years ago

    umm perfect as alwayss

  • margie pittman 2 years ago

    so if I cut my hair short & do a winged eyeliner does that mean I’m trying
    to be like amanda too??? Lmfaoo u guys r pathetic. I like Mandy and all BUT
    she’s pretty basic no offense; nothing special she’s just a pretty face on

  • Eva Graglia 2 years ago

    music was on point

  • Peyton Rose 2 years ago

    This look is flawless for you. I can’t pull off skinny wings I have to make
    mine thick. Thin wings don’t show with my hooded eyelids. LOVE THIS LOOK
    THOUGH..def getting that lipliner.

  • MaddixGlam 2 years ago

    Omfg What is the name of this song?

  • Gizem Keskin 2 years ago

    she should do more contouring on her big ass forehead. other than that she
    thinks she’s kylie jenner.

  • Diandra Karina 2 years ago

    She said she is spending most of the time at home. She doesn’t go to

  • beautybyandrea 2 years ago

    music on point omg anyone know what the first song is called?