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If you see my lips moving, it’s because I”m talking to my friends lol April Favorites!: ♡ OPEN THIS FOR MORE MANDY…

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  • Yasmin Lopez 4 years ago

    oh my gosh.. your eyes <3.<3

  • Reyanna Leigh 4 years ago

    Check out my video for My Everyday Makeup Routine! :)

  • Victoria Lopez 4 years ago

    you are beautiful without makeuo c: 3
    im glad I found a beauty guru my age tho!!! ;)

  • LiveLikeDonuts 4 years ago

    I love how i found a beauty guru my age

  • Ines Maleup 4 years ago


  • GymnastGirl417 4 years ago

    Can I please hav your eyes because they r beautiful:)

  • Stella Crawford 4 years ago

    what nail colour ARE YOU WEARING?????

  • Sophie Newman 4 years ago

    this video is my life

  • Abby Huff 4 years ago

    I got the waterproof version of that mascara by accident to and it’s so annoying to take off!

  • chi kei fong 4 years ago

    Not good

  • kbbcool 4 years ago

    Or maybe summer morning routine! :)

  • kbbcool 4 years ago

    Liquid eyeliner tutorial

  • Samantha Carroll 4 years ago

    liquid eye liner tutorial

  • Mayer Horan 4 years ago

    liquid eye liner tutorial please :) 

  • glittersisters2 4 years ago

    Wow you’re great at doing makeup!

  • fufupink99 4 years ago

    Plzz do a liquid eye liner tutorial!

  • ladyifah 4 years ago

    You’re so much younger than me and I think you’re so great! Great makeup skills and fashion statement you have there! :-)

  • Sarah Connell 4 years ago

    Your eyes are gorgeous! :o

  • Nicole Lee 4 years ago

    She kinda looks like barbara palvin :)

  • Kira Wells 4 years ago

    Tutorial for liquid eye liner please!!!!!!!

  • sweetestcharm123 4 years ago

    She us so ugly without makeup eeyu

  • speakingmonkeeys 4 years ago

    barbara palvin’s lil sister :)

  • myah6535 4 years ago

    Honestly my favorite video ever<3

  • SignedSoyoonx 4 years ago

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  • brydiesblogg 4 years ago

    you remind me of Barbara Palvin, especially with eyeliner!

  • Katie Chapman 4 years ago

    Hey I have short eyelashes too!!! I’m going to try some of the makeup u used!! And ur pretty!!! Thx for the advice!!

  • Aili David 4 years ago


  • beccascloset 4 years ago

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  • m1ka3laxx 4 years ago

    tutorial on how to do liquid liner?

  • Vick Blob 4 years ago

    What nail polish is that? I love it :)

  • tollesisters 4 years ago

    My everyday routine is the same haha:) but I use the “Too cool” color tattoo:P

  • WarmFuzzies24 4 years ago

    do you usually put sunscreen like around your eyelids? no offense but there quite wrinkly! unless it’s just something you have but yeah other than that you shouldn’t have to worry your very pretty :)

  • Yrrah Soji 4 years ago

    calm yo tits!!! I was just telling her shes GORGEOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSS and she actually dont need that much make up, but any way… SHES BEAUTIFUL ANYWAY<3

  • thomaslover16ify 4 years ago

    you look very ugly without makeup

  • unoitnique 4 years ago

    her eyes :) )

  • Martina Lam 4 years ago

    what nail polish are you wearing in this vid???

  • Caitlyn Hooed 4 years ago

    I took your advice and bought the Fit Me concealer and the Dream Fresh BB cream! Thanks Mandy

  • Irene A 4 years ago

    I have the same bby lils!!

  • Jennifer Friend 4 years ago

    U at

  • misselizabeth170 4 years ago

    You have gorgeous eyes !:)

  • Samantha Costa 4 years ago

    I like that nail polish color :)

  • Emma86925 4 years ago

    What nailpolish do you wear?? ♥

  • Niran Shrestha 4 years ago

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  • FashionbyLauren28 4 years ago

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  • Lacey Ehlers 4 years ago


  • Lacey Ehlers 4 years ago

    Please do the no mirror makeup challahe

  • Makemeacheesebagel 4 years ago

    3 brushes okay!

  • Tavtav Low 4 years ago

    Mirror makeup challenge