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Hey guys! Here is my current go-to makeup look :) its super simple, quick and effective! Love you xx – New Years Eve GLAMOROUS Makeup!…

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  • Shaaanxo 4 years ago

    Guys, I don’t have hickeys lol. Fake tan + itchy neck before I started

  • Modern Martha by Kelsey 4 years ago

    Do you ever have an issue with your under eye concealer creasing? Even when
    I apply the smallest amount it creases.

  • Katerina Beauty Blog 4 years ago

    Yay FINALLLY another youtuber who doesn’t actually like the Batiste dry
    shampoo! I highly recommend the Klorane one if you’re after a new one
    Shannon ^_^ 

  • Elspeth Colville 4 years ago

    It’s my birthday today (New Years Eve)

  • aliciasbeauty 4 years ago
  • Emma María 4 years ago

    Does anybody know if chi chi foundation would be good for someone with
    combo/oily skin?

  • Darla Allen 4 years ago


  • I love it!! Now that I’ve seen The Better than sex mascara on you, I’m
    going to purchase it! :) Hope it helps me since I have short lashes.

  • Lauryn Cardinal 4 years ago

    Can someone please help me?? I’m 13 and in my first year of highschool. I
    want to start wearing makeup but 1, I have horrible clogged pores so
    foundation looks furry and gross, and 2, I literally have no eyelashes and
    the few I have left don’t curl :( I have very dry eyes so I tend to rub
    them a lot so they fall out constantly.. My questions are.. 1: does anyone
    know how to make my skin look.. Decent? My skin is also very red and
    blotchy and literally every single foundation I use doesn’t match my arms,
    or my legs, or my neck, etc. 2: do you think it would look bad if I just
    wore eyeliner and no mascara? 3: I also have very.. Saggy cheeks. I see
    youtubers with carved out cheekbones and stuff and it.. Sucks to say the
    least.. Will my face thin out because I’m 13? 4: cheap recombination for
    THIN eyeliner. I have very small/ hooded eyelids
    Please respond.. I NEED HELP!! And sorry for the amount of questions lol

  • Millie T 4 years ago

    I was wondering why you were so tanned but then I realised that it’s summer
    where you are! You are so lucky! I live in the UK and its FREEZING!
    You look perfect as always in this video! x

  • Maria Gordon 4 years ago

    Where can i find Chi Chi in the states?

  • Lexi Lee 4 years ago

    this such a pretty look! ill definitely have to try this out, thanks so
    much for sharing:)

    on a side note, any smaller youtubers want to help each other out? i’d love
    to find some new girls to watch, and I’m trying to reach 3,000 by the new

  • Anna Sidra 4 years ago

    I really liked you before and then I heard Florence + The Machine in the
    backround. Now I adore you! 

  • Jamille Carrasquillo 4 years ago

    Hi SHAAANXO greetings from my island Puerto Rico. Please, you can make a
    tutorial makeup day and night University graduation. 2015 is my Bachelor
    Marketing graduation in summer so the month June. I love it you tutorial
    makeup Youtube video. You is amazing and awesome. God bless. Blessed and
    Happy New Years 2015. #GuraboPR

  • Amanda Whitten 4 years ago

    That blonde batiste dry shampoo is AWFUL! I have red hair and want to try
    the red one but I’m afraid I will hate it.

  • Frances R. 4 years ago

    why do all girls that wear fake lashes already have great natural lashes?!
    I’m so jealous!! :( lol

  • Jerusha O. 4 years ago

    I LOVE how you contour your face so naturally.

    Still waiting for the moment that some people realise that orange cheeks
    aren’t fabulous. 

  • Katie Nicole 4 years ago

    you don’t need to fill in your brows they’re already perfect

  • 400 Clouds 4 years ago

    You look like a whole different person afterwards, lol, I’ll never
    understand why girls do this.

  • Kelly Flancher 4 years ago

    I have one super long lash too !!!! I always thought it was weird because
    it is so much longer then all of my other lashes!!

  • Kim Slr 4 years ago

    I really like the simplicity of this look. I also loove your necklace :D 

  • bruce cisneros 4 years ago

    I love you <33333333 watch your videos all the time every day :,)

  • Laurabadara 4 years ago

    Ah Shan your lashes are so enviable! So long, I feel like a long time ago
    you maybe mentioned you had used Latisse? Am I wrong? I’m dying for them.

  • Jade Muyan 4 years ago

    My morange melted the day i got it :( Damn australian Xmas

  • Mary Kathrine Kirksey 4 years ago

    Sub to me please I make beauty videos and I’m trying to get more

  • lyniroquai 4 years ago

    This looks so beautiful, I’ve been doing this look since i saw this the
    other day, I find it super easy and amazing on green eyes too, I also think
    that the eyeshadow looks like the 2015 Pantone colour of the year –
    Marsala, It’s a gorgeous colour x

  • Karyne Kovach 4 years ago


  • Bubs Bee 4 years ago

    I have to agree and admit, I have one eye lash on one of my eyes that grows
    super long and never curls. And it is a little above my lash line, it’s
    pretty awkward but hey we were created uniquely. 

  • Emily Ravenhill 4 years ago

    Hi Shan, I love your vids because you’re so helpful and don’t BS! (: just
    wondering if you could give me a tip with my under eye makeup? I have very
    baggy and creased under eyes and my makeup always creases too! I’ve tried
    filling primers, various combinations of concealers and foundations and I
    just hate that I always have wrinkles under my eyes even though I’m only
    21! Any ideas what I can try?

  • 123Burningheart 4 years ago

    It’s one thing to get dolled up and go all out with your makeup routine
    every once in a while during the week, but everyday? That’s just

  • Chloe Elizabeth 4 years ago

    What do you mean your in summer time

  • Anna Ingemann 4 years ago

    Usually with Your typical cat-like winged liner, you eyes look longer and
    cat like but when you only wear mascara and the flesh toned eyeliner your
    eyes look huge and round! It looks gorgeous. Keep changing between the
    looks! They both flatter you very much!

  • Natalie Gutierrez 4 years ago

    Does anyone know what she puts on her eyelashes to make them grow really

  • Monica R. 4 years ago

    Did anyone else notice the marks on her neck?

  • Julie Wouters 4 years ago

    Are you from USA xxx

  • ProjectSHAPE 4 years ago

    How do you get your teeth so white like that? Any special products or

  • Annabel Frame 4 years ago

    Do you wear the makeup looks that you do for tutorials out during the day?
    (I was just watching some of your videos with bright colors and I was
    wondering if you wear those kind of looks out after you film). Also, you’re
    my favorite makeup person on YouTube and I literally don’t watch anyone
    else for makeup tutorials :) :) xoxoxoxoxo :) :):):)

  • Taylor Knight 4 years ago

    love this for everyday xx