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  • princessB N 4 years ago

    Your beaut!..

  • ameliarama 4 years ago

    You don’t need foundation,  just concealer

  • BasketFullOfRainbows 4 years ago

    You’re so gorgeous

  • MegaPuertoricanprinc 4 years ago


  • Concordiato 4 years ago

    Omg your skin is like heaven !!!! I wish i had your skin and you are gorgeous !! <3

  • sradsoccerluver98 4 years ago

    Oh my god you are gorgeous! Even without makeup!

  • maryam ahmed 4 years ago

    You talk too much shut up

  • Philomena250 4 years ago

    Naturally beautiful!

  • Portielje123 4 years ago

    You don’t need foundation :o

  • SuperFARSS 4 years ago

    beautiful in natural ! :)

  • GeoviRiveraG 4 years ago

    you have a nice skin :)

  • digpink99 4 years ago

    What color do you use in your naked palette for your lid?????????

  • digpink99 4 years ago

    No she isn’t she just said that her eyelids are dark.

  • Kissarne Joy Petalver 4 years ago

    with or without make-up, you still look stunning!! and your beauty standout though. what nationality are you? :) )

  • diana miranda 4 years ago

    me too :s

  • GlitterGoddess21 4 years ago

    Hello? You talk sooo much too much

  • bradleycoomberful 4 years ago


  • norikorihan 4 years ago

    I’m a new subbie! Absolutely love your videos and like how you explain stuff with details :) 

  • msskatergirl122 4 years ago

    So pretty…..

  • Angela Canales 4 years ago

    You’re so pretty. (: ❤

  • unforgetable91908 4 years ago

    You’re so beautiful

  • shaksicnfh 4 years ago

    you polish?

  • ShobhikaBharti 4 years ago

    U dnt need makeup honey

  • blackStar7girl 4 years ago

    you’re sooo pretty…

  • cade broos 4 years ago

    Rude… really I don’t see any lines under her eyes.

  • Jaminur Rahman 4 years ago

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  • LaceysGamePlays 4 years ago

    I would KILL for her skin…

  • joybdjsr 4 years ago

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  • leylah Martinez 4 years ago

    Your so beautiful

  • Gyekk 4 years ago

    Why are your eyelids so dark? It looks like you alredy applied eyeshadow haha anyways youre so pretty!

  • shnellify1 4 years ago

    u dont do eyeliner when ur ina  hurry but u have on eyeliner in the video

  • Lizzie Seroka 4 years ago

    Wow!!! I thoroughly enjoyed that video!!! You’re so beautiful without it and I like that you stick to natural looks which being out your natural beauty

  • Pearl Wong 4 years ago

    Classy n pretty

  • JustSimplyBeautyx 4 years ago

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  • You’re real pretty but u have quite a few lines under ur eyes. You should try a good wrinkle cream, sulhwasoo. It’s a Korean brand! Or skin food!

  • Katrina Williams 4 years ago

    I thought she already had make up on before she started 

  • Tessy M. 4 years ago

    she has an updated one on her new channel called “anniejaffrey” :)

  • KlaraCookieMonster 4 years ago

    seriously, when i grow up i want to look like you. you are gorgeous!

  • MistyGlamz 4 years ago

    Please make an update please :)