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Bun Hair Tutorial coming next ;) Products Mentioned: -L’oreal Collagen Filler Moisturizer SPF 15 -Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer in Sand -Benefit Hello Flawless…

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  • Janhela De Padua 4 years ago

    so pretty :)

  • AWalton12345 4 years ago

    do you dye your hair? if so what colours, its gorgeous:) xx

  • Live4themusic48 4 years ago

    A list of the products please:)

  • eefjewentelteefje198 4 years ago

    Your brows are twice as dark and full as mine! (seriously) consider yourself sorta lucky girl ;)

  • 562girly 4 years ago

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  • Amylewisr 4 years ago

    She looks like loral from arrow

  • MegaPuertoricanprinc 4 years ago


  • jhutch1999 4 years ago

    And where to get it

  • jhutch1999 4 years ago

    Hi can you please give me a list of all the products you used in this video?

  • Fayla dvaehwtgW 4 years ago

    Gosh you’re pretty!

  • Shannon B 4 years ago

    Love the video! You are such a beautiful person <3

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    Another beauty guru’s opinion would mean so much xo

  • Anni Koskinen 4 years ago

    lol’d big time:D XD

  • Kodama3891 4 years ago

    like u better without makeup!

  • Caley Busch 4 years ago

    So pretty! Loved it :)

  • hijabiprincess x 4 years ago

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  • brainsetbrawn 4 years ago

    You are so lovely completely natural.

  • Dalia Duwedari 4 years ago


  • Dalia Duwedari 4 years ago

    Your Bush is amazing

  • mtino89 4 years ago

    Hey Alli! I’m not sure if you still use the tarte bronzer anymore (you’ve been referencing your cargo medium matte a lot..) but Tarte is having a discovery sale and it’s up to 50% off! They even have your lights, camera, lashes mascara. Thought you might be interested!! :)

  • BeautyAddiction87 4 years ago

    Omg I looked for that roll up thing to! I didn’t know you had to sharpen it., thank you!

  • Ramya Rajneesh 4 years ago

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  • Eveline Strandell 4 years ago

    Super cute! ;-)

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  • christine Y 4 years ago

    you look like a barbie :) pretty

  • atanu090928 4 years ago

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  • Monica Grace 4 years ago

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  • Amelia Clarke 4 years ago

    i want that blush omgggg

  • Laura Lee 4 years ago

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  • Md. Nazim Haider 4 years ago

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  • staysaltybro 4 years ago

    You don’t need all of that brown crap on your eyebrows. If I looked like you I would never wear makeup

  • DUDUDISCH 4 years ago

    average???? :O i think she is beaautifuul!

  • Erica BrittanyXo 4 years ago

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  • latifi1 4 years ago

    too much work for everyday makeup. This is so time consuming.

  • ExoticEgyptianBeauty 4 years ago

    Where did you get your necklace? It’s gorgeous!

  • Julenne Barshop 4 years ago

    Big before and after difference but u look great w/out any makeup!

  • MissAmandaFreedman 4 years ago

    I just ordered the Naked Palette because of this tutorial. I plan to do this eye look in addition to the MAC Waveline gel liner with a wing! Keep up the great work! :)

  • Katherine Maley 4 years ago

    Oh my god, the second you pulled out your Maybelline master eyebrow pencil I knew your pain! It would be such an amazing product if they would give it a twisting mechanism or put it in a different container.

  • mema jkai 4 years ago

    you remind me of caroline from the vampire diaries! you look like her too

  • cheerTAY24 4 years ago

    did you put eyeliner on your lower lash line?

  • MegaPuertoricanprinc 4 years ago

    You always look beautiful in your thumbnails but in your videos you just look average. Why is that?

  • sdubea11901 4 years ago

    girl i was literally about to say that xD

  • Cynthia Pruitt 4 years ago

    does anyone else hear a cat meowing…..?