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Hope you enjoyed Brushes: This video was in no way sp…

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  • Jay Mccarthy 4 years ago

    Yeah I agree

  • lara16xox 4 years ago

    you are really pretty xox

  • missbeautybabe02 4 years ago

    I recently uploaded mine and I would love it if u checked it out an check out my channel and maybe subscribe

  • sillygirl7374 4 years ago

    Stop being so freaking perfect!

  • beamer bentley 4 years ago

    What brand is your primer for eyes

  • cutienze 4 years ago

    Oh lord, now I want fair skin. I spent all those money and all that time at tanning, and holy jesus your skin looks amazing!

  • Bella C 4 years ago

    Wow…you’re gorgeous!! You look like Perrie from Little Mix a lot :) Also, you said ‘don’t comment on my fake tan’ in the annotations, but what about fake tan?! You’re skin doesn’t look fake tanned it looks lovely! :) xx

  • ellabella975 4 years ago

    Isabelle Lee yes! Its kinda weird

  • Isabelle Lee 4 years ago

    does anyone else notice the youtubers name changing when your about to click it?

  • yvoyang 4 years ago

    You look really pretty without makeup too!

  • ioana Sabina 4 years ago

    you are so look like Perrie lol

  • geekcheek13 4 years ago

    im as pale as a milk bottle. nicole your beautifull and you look far nicer without makeup

  • Cella99Vanessa 4 years ago

    stop being so perfect,nicole

  • Lydia X 4 years ago

    But u are realyyyyy prettyxxxxxx

  • Lydia X 4 years ago

    Your sooo pale!

  • Lucy Zoe 4 years ago


  • Lucy Zoe 4 years ago

    where abouts in northern Ireland you from?

  • MacBlondiex 4 years ago

    ♡Hola, I’m Alice, I know its annoying when people make these comments, so I’m sorry
    ♡ I’m British and I make DIY videos and anything that I love:)
    ♡I’m asking if you could check out my channel please, I’d be so happy if you do
    ♡ I’m new so just give me a chance
    ♡Very sorry for the spam but I’m trying to get noticed, Love you guys
    Happy Youtubeing <3

  • Laetitia Aititeal 4 years ago

    Your eyes..
    They are so gorgeous.

  • Alice DaBro 4 years ago

    u are so sweet!

  • Kristine Graczyk 4 years ago

    I like ur tutorial but try and spice it up by adding some music in the background and fun fonts cuzmit can get boing

  • thegirlz96 4 years ago

    what style hair cut do you have? we have the same texture hair and I want mine cut like yours!

  • kenzie leigh 4 years ago

    you’re so freaking gorgeous, omfg. *.*

  • buds103 4 years ago

    Can you like list all the makeup you use?

  • Rajvi Thakore 4 years ago

    And who are you, the one having problem with correct grammar?