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  • natiliet 4 years ago

    Meant to say or not our:-)

  • natiliet 4 years ago

    This white this brush this blue cute but our making it to informative just say a blue a white and a brush:-)

  • julia smith 4 years ago

    And now

  • chloenvince71 4 years ago

    just no. you shouldnt have your child do that ……..

  • Elena Lefebvre 4 years ago

    So cute

  • luvvolleyball12 4 years ago

    Guys seriously stop hating.

  • luvvolleyball12 4 years ago

    It’s not against the law….. What the crap…. @EllaBellaGymnastics

  • Meredith Johnson 4 years ago

    He’ll naw

  • Samantha Chambers 4 years ago

    aww this is so cute <3

  • sarah maria 4 years ago

    she’s so cute :*

  • reina deasy 4 years ago

    does anybody else hear her accent whats is it?

  • EscapeTheTransience 4 years ago

    Hey, you know what’s REALLY gross? The fact that someone can be nasty to a little girl on the internet.

  • noody -q 4 years ago

    Oh God she’s like 7 yo and she just do like the girls in Youtube and she doesent wear makeup everyday leave her aloone !!

  • India Halsell 4 years ago


  • camcat milly 4 years ago

    Guys just chill. There’s someone telling her what to do, it’s a joke, it’s meant to be cute and it is. She doesn’t wear makeup everyday. Cute video xx

  • sour skittles 4 years ago

    Leave the girl alone she is like 7

  • Ruby Faulkner 4 years ago

    She is cute she should be my sister

  • epis mos 4 years ago

    you look like a clown idiot

  • LadySweetRose 4 years ago

    Well, my mother let me wear make up at age of seven. I thought it was unfair and too late to start to do my own make-ups, because all my friend get their first make-ups at age of five or six… :D So I don’t think that’s very harmful.

  • Abby Rose 4 years ago

    Ew. Thats all i can say-.-

  • pou200 4 years ago

    Cute but ott

  • imantaha76 4 years ago

    Shes ugly who would like that

  • Dasha Zaichkina 4 years ago

    Малолетняя шлюха 

  • Edika Rodriguez 4 years ago

    She’ll be a pro by the time she’s a teenager. Just saying.

  • Ally Gomez 4 years ago

    What kinda mom lets her were make up at this age I had to use make up when I was 15

  • natiliet 4 years ago

    Its regular lip gloss there’s no such thing as liquid lip gloss its just lip gloss but it is pretty:-)

  • Vida B 4 years ago

    OMG so cute :D

  • Alyssa Conmay 4 years ago

    Seriously you guys, she is a little girl. No she doesn’t actually wear that make up every day. She was trying to be like the other make up gurus. Use some common sense, sheesh.

  • rachel oster 4 years ago

    She’s adorable

  • Shaniyah Thompson 4 years ago

    I hope she does not walk out the house looking that rachet she is beautiful without her make up and is to young to wear , make up

  • Madatude14 4 years ago

    Does she really wear that everyday! If she does that is crazy. I think she is just playing dress up or something .

  • MeasuringTheSteak 4 years ago

    U look like a 7 year old but your just a baby 1

  • Olivia Admers 4 years ago

    This was probably a joke. She obviously had her mom help her. I saw her hand

  • neonbunny15 4 years ago

    Does she really wear tht everyday!! She looks like a clown!

  • Angelaa Marie 4 years ago

    She’s a little girl. Get over yourself. Go watch Michelle Phan or something. Hop off Jerk.

  • Angelaa Marie 4 years ago

    Uh, shes a little girl. I doubt she knows more then you do.

  • Angelaa Marie 4 years ago

    Lol, you asian looking child. Please shut up.

  • KittyMcfearson 4 years ago

    This is adorable :3