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  • itsmelexie1 3 years ago

    ugh everything goals ♡♡

  • elissa hyfr 3 years ago

    ur eyebrows are literally my goals 

  • destiny caldwell 3 years ago

    well youre gorgeous everyday 

  • MissMintify 3 years ago

    Your makeup is so pretty!!♥♥♥
    btw where do you get your chokers?

  • Angela Serrano 3 years ago

    ugh ily

  • BeautyByTenzin21 3 years ago

    OMG Lenny I’m pretty sure I saw u at the mall in hollister when I was
    walking out. I should of said hi. Anyways ur so beaut. Love yah

  • Cristina Bieber 3 years ago

    ily ♡

  • Kylee Nicole 3 years ago

    Girl your brows are on point! They don’t look like Nike symbols and they
    are so natural I’m envious!

  • Roslyn Santana 3 years ago

    Can I look that flawless? Orrrr

  • Gaby D. 3 years ago

    1. You’re gorgeous and have an adorable personality. 2. Music choice is so
    on point. 3. Editing is always amazing. 

  • beautyisubiquitous 3 years ago

    how do youtubers not get copyrighted. i got copyrighted like 2 times
    already!! btw love your videos!!! <3

  • BeautyWithAspen 3 years ago


  • Yeraldi Colon 3 years ago

    You’re so unbelievably gorgeous with and without makeup! Like you’re
    literally perfect.

  • lolz1131 3 years ago

    Maybeline concealer* not cover girl :) 

  • Maryjane Mota 3 years ago

    I love you so much

  • Hailey Ann 3 years ago

    love love love your editing 

  • itsalex04 3 years ago

    wishing i could look like you );

  • MissBeautyEmily 3 years ago

    Why are you so pretty?! Unfair

  • Michelle Colley 3 years ago

    What do you edit your videos with?
    p.s. awesome video:)

  • LexiLoveEstrada 3 years ago

    Where did you get your choker from?

  • fierceandflawless 3 years ago

    you’re too cute omg you don’t even need makeup ily koleen <3

  • Morgan Tait 3 years ago

    Your so pretty and this makeup is amazing!

  • RubiLovesFashion 3 years ago

    I love the way you edit your videos!! 

  • Wiola Sasza 3 years ago

    You so pretty ♥ I love You so mach and you’re videos , is so perfect! ♥♥♥

  • itsmeMariika 3 years ago

    your videos are always on point its so fckn perfect and so are you <3 omg