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  • Gia Dina 4 years ago

    I love you <3

  • xblissx4 4 years ago

    great video, I didn’t quite catch the name of the foundation brush, what is it called again? and where can I get one from? Thanks ;)

  • JayJayBowie 4 years ago

    Great video Tanya, very pretty look! You mentioned its important to use a very good moisturiser under foundation, what do you use?? Also, do you just use Liz Earle to remove eye makeup or a more heavy duty one especially for the volumiser mascara!! Thanks heaps xx

  • jockyn3rd 4 years ago

    ur skin tone color is totally up to you but i like it when you have that nice sun glow in your face…

  • spunkiQT 4 years ago

    you are so pretty, with and without makeup! And you have good skin! I’m jeallinnnn

  • peanut23665 4 years ago

    I absolutely love your videos, they help me so much when putting colors together. Keep being creative with your colors. I love Mac and the woodwinked and patina colors you use I bought them after watching your videos they are beautiful colors. Keep the videos coming. :)

  • redcrimson718 4 years ago

    How do you avoid transference from your foundation when you don’t powder it? I can’t imagine not powdering my foundation because it gets all over every thing and it settles into creases and lines and such.

  • stupidlamb74 4 years ago

    I absolutely love your tutorials! I’m sure I would love some of the products you use in your tutorials, like Jenna Kidd, Louise Young..etc, if these products were available in the U.S. Some JK products are available at Target stores, but not the full line. I have a suggestion for a many of us ladies have redness in our complexion. Can you recommend products from skin care to make up to keep the redness under control and camouflaged…Please/Thank you!

  • jane knox 4 years ago

    oh please stop tanning. youll age so much quicker, cancer, etc. justdont. you look so much prettier pale and natural.

  • MissCamillaRose 4 years ago

    How come you do fake tans? You look gorgeous the way you are!(; Pale skin and all!

  • makeupgirl980 4 years ago

    love the look =)!!

  • irenearaujo1 4 years ago

    You’re always so happy! How do you do that? haha

  • mzpem 4 years ago

    I would love to see a deep set eye look please :/) xx

  • maddie bert 4 years ago

    you look so lovely pale!

  • makeupaddict2982 4 years ago

    Just subscribed to your videos.  I have been watching your for a very long time and I finally created my channel. You are amazing. One of my faves for sure.

  • littlelibz95 4 years ago

    You are really pretty :) 

  • cl433028 4 years ago

    can you do a florence welch look? and i agree, you look better without tan

  • crimson6789 4 years ago

    your videos are absolutely amazing and so helpful! Is there any chance you could do a tutorial for the makeup Felicity Jones wore in the D&G campaign? Thankyou<3`

  • lovepink0151 4 years ago

    such a pretty look your videos are my absolute favorite!

  • lovepink0151 4 years ago

    such a pretty look your videos are my absolute favorite! <3

  • Laura Kerr 4 years ago

    This look is lovely, you look great with paler skin too Tanya, but I find putting on tan does cheer you up :) Especially living in the UK with rubbish weather! I like to use sumptuous olive as an everyday eyeshadow because it also looks like you have another colour on when it gets blended out :) x

  • MissMavieStar 4 years ago

    I love this makeup look–the eyeshadow is gorgeous!

  • k7370 4 years ago

    I love woodwinked but I feel like when am pale and I put it on my lower lid it makes the eye look irritated

  • fashionbymika 4 years ago

    which self tanner do you use? :) 

  • TheBoxerprincess 4 years ago

    I love your looks! I am almost 41 and I am copying all your looks. I have been told I look 10 years younger!

  • raebreak 4 years ago

    I can imagine how fast that is to do in the mornings.

  • Felicia Hardy 4 years ago

    you look so pretty. I love your videos and your tutorials are always really well made.
    greetings from germany

  • aliciaqin1 4 years ago

    omg, you look gorgeouss with this look. you are my absolute favourite makeup guru ever!

  • Tiffany Filippini 4 years ago

    woodwinked really does look fantastic on you whether you are tanned or more fair. but then again, i havent really seen anything that DOESNT look pretty on you because you are so, well, pretty :) and i agree, i like the more full brows. it makes you (or most people for that matter) look so much younger :) xo

  • Goldgirl goldgirl 4 years ago

    You are pretty Tanya!!

  • Sara Eriksson 4 years ago

    How long does the coffee eyepencil last on your waterline? I doesn’t last long on me at all, so if you have any tips I would really appreciate it! Gorgeous look btw, love you xxx

  • de1dezire 4 years ago

    Stick with the year round tan.

  • Joeyamila L 4 years ago

    i love your look : )

  • XxObbsyth 4 years ago

    you are really good :)

  • lovespeanutsss 4 years ago

    WOAH. I think this foundation cocktail suits you best, compared to all the other foundations you’ve tried. It is utterly divine! Mac Face & Body on you is 2nd based on your Amanda Seyfried natural makeup look. Love them both! Thank you Tanya. Continue to inspire. :)

  • Citr0nJaune 4 years ago

    I think fair eyebrows suit you better

  • MsMagpie1985 4 years ago

    I think you look more sophisticated/avant garde with pale skin.

  • secretmour 4 years ago

    Really love this video! Watching your videos has really inspired me, how can a young person become a make up artist? Where do I start?

  • LadyMandyisms 4 years ago

    That’s because it’s a duo-chrome sort of eyeshadow. It has a coppery base. Try using a gold or bronze cream base to make the more golden tones of the shadow come through, and try to pat it on gradually rather than packing on a lot and then having to blend away. When you blend it, the rubbing of the brush lifts the gold pigment and shows up the coppery-red base of the shadow. So pat it on a tiny little bit at a time and build it up to the density you’re looking for. Hope that helped!

  • labe6a 4 years ago

    Dear Tanya could you do a Lana Del Rey inspired make up tutorial from her music video born to die
    please & thank you

  • 83KNat 4 years ago

    Just purchased Woodwinked it’s such a pretty golden colour, looks fab if you have brown eyes!