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Hello darlings, it’s been so long since i’ve done a makeup tutorial. So I thought it would make sense to start with my everyday makeup look. I’ve been wearing this for about a month now, changing…

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  • Shani Grimmond 4 years ago

    Here is my in depth everyday makeup tutorial! Enjoy my darlings x

  • AlisonLovesJB 4 years ago


  • Atipfactory 4 years ago


  • jess marie 4 years ago

    I think you’re a beautiful girl, and I’m not sure if it was the lighting or
    what, but I would maybe suggest buying a more pink toned foundation versus
    warm toned when your tan. Just by comparing to your chest, your tan seems
    more on the red tone versus olive tone so maybe that’s why it wasn’t a
    complete match. I don’t want hate by saying this, but it’s just a
    suggestion! xx

  • Veronica Reed 4 years ago

    shani i love you but girl you’re looking real orange

  • Beatrice Jones 4 years ago

    Hi Shani, PLEASE read this!
    I want to ask if you could do a video about self-confidence. I too have
    pimples and it really afectts me emocionaly… I Just want want to know how
    you stay confident even with this problem! It would mean the world for
    me… Thanks and you are gorgeous no manter what honey! Work it.

  • Mia Kate 4 years ago

    i was so worried when you first put on your foundation but then it turned
    out perfect in the end! hahahaa x

  • Naasir Void 4 years ago

    your so talented

  • Bella H 4 years ago

    You should do a makeup tutorial with no fake tan, I’d love to see one!

  • Los Angelex 4 years ago

    “It has the perfect shade for me”
    Are you kidding? Even your tanning isnt that yellow… 

  • Caitlin Ross 4 years ago

    I dropped my iPad that I am watching this on right as you said ‘owhh’ at
    around 10:37 so that was right in time

  • Mykes Channel 4 years ago

    THIS IS EVERYDAY MAKEUP? Props to you honey, that’s a shit tonne of work.
    Looking #PerfLikeKurt

  • Katerina Beauty Blog 4 years ago

    I got eyelash extensions for my graduation! They lasted about a week and
    then pretty much all fell out :’( (not my real eyelashes, just the
    extension bit) even though the lady said they’ll last 4 weeks! So I think
    they’re kind of a waste of money, just stick with falsies!

  • jancy wong 4 years ago

    why your foundation look so yellow

  • Holly Sumpter 4 years ago

    iv had eyelash ex 3 times, its fine the glue stings a lil when you open ur
    eyes but its fine

  • keanna johnston 4 years ago

    I thought you were like 35

  • Jacqueline Miller 4 years ago

    Love love love this look! I have had eyelash extensions and i fell in love
    with them!! The only reason I stopped getting them because they are a
    little on the pricey side. You can just have them and you will look so good
    without make up! It’s crazy how much of a difference longer eyelashes can
    do! Sooooo recommend! xxx

  • Uchjn 4 years ago

    Total babe

  • Kate C 4 years ago

    you could probably add a drop of organ oil or something to your pomade!

  • Elizabeth R 4 years ago

    do you use an oil based cleanser to get all of your makeup off? i want to
    wear some more makeup but i don’t want to use an oil based cleanser since i
    think it will make me break out.

  • dr3amcatcher04 4 years ago


  • Екатерина Фролова 4 years ago

    Тон слишком тёмный

  • Michelle Yu 4 years ago

    Hey Shani! Did you purchase the Too Faced Natural Matte eyeshadow palette
    here in Australia, from Mecca? Only because the mecca site has the old
    version of the palette! Love the look though babe! xxx

  • idcemily 4 years ago

    I wanna be you so bad

  • Michelle Rojas 4 years ago

    My experience with eyelash extensions was horrible! I got them done at a
    place that is really recommended & I was super happy bc all the results
    that I was seeing were really good , but some of my real eyelashes fell out
    & it took me almost 3 months for them to grow back & I wish I’ve never done
    that, don’t do it , I’m telling you from experience that completely ruins
    your real lashes. 

  • Roxy Albarrán 4 years ago

    Holy shit, you’re an orange, the foundation looks really, really horrible.

  • Jessica Martucci 4 years ago

    I’ve had eyelash extensions and I hated them! you aren’t supposed to put
    any oil products near your eyes or the glue won’t adhere so you can only
    use certain mascara so I found that you don’t get much volume. at least
    that’s how they were on me and I have naturally full and long lashes…so
    all in all I wouldn’t recommend them but that’s just my personal opinion. 

  • Shannon King 4 years ago

    I love how you looked orange and i could feel other people would be
    stressing but i was sitting there like ‘shanis got this guys’. By far my
    favorite youtuber, love you lots x x x

  • Livi Vargiu 4 years ago

    Shani your a babe..
    Why is your makeup always so flawless? Xx

  • olivia grace 4 years ago

    you have such long eyelashes why do you think they’re short omg

  • Ella Gee 4 years ago

    What your snapchat? Xxxx

  • Vashti 4 years ago

    I’m a Beauty Therapist and Lash Technician, that’s odd that all your mums
    eyelashes fell out. Eyelash extensions are supposed to naturally fall out
    with your natural lash as they go through their growth cycle. The only
    thing I can think of as to why all her natural lashes fell out is they were
    done by a poorly trained technician that attached the extension to multiple
    lashes so when one lash shed it pulled out lashes that weren’t ready to
    shed. Do your research and you’ll be fine, Lash extensions should be
    painless and cause no harm to natural lashes when correctly applied.

  • Sara Dögg 4 years ago

    when i got eyelash extensions a little bit of my eyelashes fell off but
    they grew in really quiqly :) 

  • Ani123 4 years ago

    How old is she ? 

  • elisegill 4 years ago

    Doesn’t seem like an everyday look everyday I wouldn’t wear this much
    makeup or spent this much time getting ready every morning this is the
    amount of makeup i wear when I go out at night 

  • Ashley Arita 4 years ago

    The makeup looks really nice but it was totally bothering me that you can
    see the shade difference even if you tried to blend it down to your neck.
    You’re beautiful but the shade isn’t right for you! 

  • Isabella Nilsson 4 years ago

    all my eyelashes fell off, and so did my sisters after a while when we got
    them done!

  • Mary Holmes 4 years ago

    Everyone needs to leave her foundation alone. No matter what colour she
    wants to use, her makeup skills shits all over your makeup skills any day.

  • Charlene Uribe 4 years ago

    Gorgeous!! Do you have a job? How do you have so much money to buy so many
    expensive products??

  • Samantha Taylor 4 years ago

    does anyone know what number red cherry lashes Shani uses?

  • Sophia Treasure 4 years ago

    I love you shani you are such an inspiration I love you and you are
    stunning. I feel like I am your best friend haha ily xxxxx

  • Annie Wright 4 years ago

    Yessssssssss blending always on point and allday at the end 

  • Rebekah Prentice 4 years ago

    New British youtuber. Please help meet to 100 subs! Plz xx