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MORE INFO: I get asked quite a lot about my everyday makeup routine so I decided to share with you what I do on a…


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  • Terran B 4 years ago

    I almost never leave comments but I just wanted to say that I look forward
    to your videos every week. I love when I check my emails and see that
    there’s a new video out. It makes my day… and it’s like a little
    surprise for me at the end of the day. I ALWAYS learn something from you
    every time I watch you. I love your channel Marlena you are BY FAR my
    favorite beauty guru on YouTube or anywhere. And the makeup geek makeup
    isn’t too shabby either! ;) Keep it up girl! And congrats on your
    company’s success and the happiness in your personal life as well with the
    proposal and the weight loss success you’ve had. You seem like such a
    sweet person and it seems that you really deserve it all. I’ve been a fan
    for a long time and I just thought maybe I’d tell you so for once! I can’t
    wait to see what new products you’re going to come out with in the future
    as well! Thanks for all the hard work you put into making other girls feel
    pretty and good about themselves and I can’t wait for the next one! :) 

  • Alissa Ivey 4 years ago

    Every time she said “2015 is all about…” I was like “who said?”

  • lovediegoyroberta 4 years ago

    Sad to see you don’t even buy #crueltyfree makeup! Gerogie Armani,
    Maybelline, Covergirl, L’oreal, Benefit, Tom Ford (Estee Lauder), Bobbi
    Brown and MAC perform cruel and disgusting animal testing.

  • Timothy Sherrey Ehler 4 years ago

    Over the last year, I have really benefitted from learning new, updated and
    age appropriate make up techniques from all of you lovely You Tube ladies
    with beauty channels,Marlena! I wanted to boost my self image as I wait for
    my breast reconstruction surgeries, hopefully soon, after my Triple
    Negative Breast Cancer diagnosis in 2008. I so really appreciate your
    tutorials, Marlena, and I am enjoying my first MUG blush in ‘Secret
    Admirer’ (it goes well with my purple-toned lipsticks!) and six of the eye
    shadows I also orderedfrom you the end of last year. I am a ‘Winter’ with a
    very fair, cool-toned complexion, perhaps quitesimilar to your colouring. I
    am doing quite well with my make up application (practise does make
    perfect),but I am still struggling with wing liner application especially
    with translating it to be age appropriate (I will be 54 the end of March).
    Am I able to wear the same intensity of liner that you showed in this
    video, or is it too much? I would really appreciate your recommendation.
    Thanks for all you have done for me,and I look forward to continued help in
    the future, Sherrey in Southern Ontario❤❤

  • Bailey B 4 years ago

    LOVE the twist on the sharp cat eye! Definitely trying this with some of my
    deeper MUG foiled shadows ASAP. Fab video as always!

  • angel071 4 years ago

    Just outta curiosity.. who decides what the makeup trends are?? Who has
    that power?? lol must be nice. I’ve always done cat eyeliner since the

  • ❤Rebelle & Glam❤ 4 years ago

    Hi Marlenaaaa!!! :-) )) Im so happy for this video, I just love and misssss
    your makeup videos!!! I understand that you are super busy so I appreciate
    this one even more!!! You are simply GORGEOUS!! After all these years
    watching you…I can tell you Girl, you are FAR from boring Xxoo

  • Rebecca Nazar 4 years ago

    Your ” starting from scratch” face is lovely. Great tutorial. Bring on
    2015….even though marsala does’t suit me/my skin tone and personal taste
    …I’m rocking my own thing…peace to all …hugs Queen Geek….: )

  • Lilmama D 4 years ago

    I am in love with your whole line

  • roxslide 4 years ago

    I don’t know why but I think you look sooo beautiful without makeup. I
    don’t think that means you shouldn’t wear it, do what you like but I feel
    like you look more… radiant and even younger without it. 

  • Makeup Geek 4 years ago
  • MakeupBySharlene 4 years ago

    Wow you’re gorgeous with or w/o makeup. You look stunning in every new

  • Kristine Tank 4 years ago

    Not a fan of this look on you……..but thank you for the video!

  • Mikaela Bean 4 years ago

    Love you. Love your channel and everything you’re about. I have been a
    subscriber for quite some time now, but never comment because I don’t want
    to just continuously say the same thing. You’re amazing, inspirational,
    empowering and genuine. This look is beautiful, as always.

  • Jessica Harris 4 years ago

    Looks very simple. I wanted to let you know how helpful your company was to
    me I ordered all of the foil eye shadows and the tracking number stated
    that the product sat in a post office for over two weeks your company sent
    me another order I got that order in a week and then the first order came
    in a week later I did sent it back to your company I just wanted to let you
    know how helpful your customer service was to me so thank you

  • Ashley Ahlstedt 4 years ago

    hi Marlena :) I’m just curious, how do you know about the trends happening
    this year so early on? Is it just from fashion shows?

  • jacobmarissa22 4 years ago

    Shimma shimma has always been my inner corner highlight. Forever til the
    end of my time. #makeupgeekforlife

  • Julianne Rose 4 years ago

    I was wondering if you still use the Cover FX foundation??? I’m about to
    purchase it and i vaguely remember you mentioning in a tutorial you used

  • sen2xo 4 years ago

    Are you engaged?! :) 

  • Beauty_kat 4 years ago

    Hi Marlena :-) I was so sad not seeing you at Imats i was looking forward
    to finally meet you i know i can always order you makeup geek products
    online but i wanted to meet you :( anyway just wanted to let you know you
    are my inspiration always supporting you and always will take care dear you
    look stunning!! 

  • Kylie Pigott 4 years ago

    Okay I’m sorry, but every time she said “Oh, in 2015 we’re…”, “We’re
    going to/not going to do ….. this year,” and “This is the major color
    this year….” I got so annoyed. Like where are you getting all these? All
    I’ve heard is that Marsala is the color of the year, and there’s no “trend”
    for every step of your face. I feel like she’s making this up and then
    telling us it’s a “trend”, especially with that lipstick video. Like, I
    understand you may have seen one model wearing that color, but it doesn’t
    mean everyone else has to! Not trying to hate or anything, I just think
    it’s getting out of hand and that she shouldn’t be worrying about what
    everyone else is doing/saying (even though I haven’t seen anyone talk about
    the trends except marsala this year…. smh _).

  • Steffany Fuchs 4 years ago

    +Makeup Geek Marlena!!! I am so happy that you refrained from using a
    product that may no longer be attainable for others, it is my biggest pet
    peeve when YT’ers do that. I feel they can use their products on their own
    time.. and not rub it in that it is amazing and you can’t get anymore LOL
    and I loved your first step to weightless – Pepsi etc drink more water!
    perfect!!! and I love that you stated trends, I want to spread the word and
    I am so happy to see brows and contour will calm down haha! PS I am in the
    SAC area and I am a hair stylist just a few doors down from where you most
    recently got your hair done by Amanda and I am so Jelly she got to do your
    hair :) what are the odds!!! <3 I love that it is a small world also, its
    nuts!! Keep doing what you are doing, I am also re-starting my lifestyle
    change as well to lose a few LB’s. I think I talked your ear off enough!!
    LOVE <3

  • Jennifer O 4 years ago

    Marlena, I love your tutorials & the MUG line. I only found you about a
    year ago but was instantly drawn to your inspiring story, your flawless
    makeup and amazing personality. I hope this message reaches you & you know
    that you are truly an inspiration. I’m trying really hard to come out of my
    “makeup safety” shell and branch out & today’s look makes that possible. I
    have quite a few of your shadows and they are all brilliant. Thank you,
    Marlena, for taking the time to work Youtube I know you must be so busy but
    I honestly appreciate all your information and tips for great makeup. I
    wish you nothing but happiness and prosperity. Xx

  • Stephanie Andrus 4 years ago

    I enjoy watching your tutorials. I have never been good about doing much
    more than foundation and the basics until I came across your youtube
    videos. I purchased a bent eye liner brush and started experimenting more. ;) Thank you for sharing with us. 

  • Ash M 4 years ago

    So lots of people are asking why she keeps saying “in 2015 we are..” Or
    “the trend for 2015 is…” And I’ve noticed she’s not the only beauty guru
    saying it, so here’s my theory:
    If you go to Sephora or any beauty store, they’re advertising what “2015 is
    all about.” These stores and brands are marketing what trends they want to
    start and support for this year, which means their customers will most
    likely follow. Therefore, beauty gurus take notice and show their
    subscribers how to make those advertised trends work.
    Also, this is Marlena’s brand. She has her own brand and online store (and
    soon a physical store in my home state, yay!), so she also needs to meet
    the demands and trends around her. This video could have been just her
    showing what trends she’s already seeing popping up, or what products she’s
    been selling out on most since he end of 2014.
    But in the end, this was an awesome video and it could just be a hint on
    the types of looks she’ll create this year.
    P.s: that blush was gorgeous on you :) I love your videos. As a cancer
    patient myself, Your quick tips videos were my key to looking good whenever
    I was too ill to put on a full face. Stay awesome <3

  • Priscila Vieira Martins 4 years ago

    Did you apply the concealer after the set powder? That seemed strange… 

  • Denise G 4 years ago

    Beautiful look Marlena I love how you did the eyes but I know I would have
    trouble with it with my hooded eyes. Very nice ly done though I might try
    to copy it anyways & see how it turns out. Thanks so much for sharing
    another year of Marlena gotta love it!!! Xoxo Denise

  • Guzelsin Ahu 4 years ago

    This lipstick looks very similar to Too faced pink chocolate shade , I can
    tell exactly color

  • sneezy522 4 years ago

    is there a reason why you refuse to tie your hair back? even when you
    pinned it, your hair was still in your face.. it’s kinda distracting. you
    used have your hair back when doing tutorials in your older videos and all
    without the awkward jokes about “looking sexy..”

    just wondering what’s changed from back then and now. 

  • CyndeePixi 4 years ago

    You did my regular every day makeup look. I am half asian and I have hooded
    lids and doing a cat eye winged liner helps lift and extend my eyes to make
    them look bigger. Yay, I am finally on trend!

  • Marie-Eve Legault 4 years ago

    You look fabulous ! I would love to know how you like the luminous Silk
    foundation, I’m considering getting it but it’s pricey !

  • Val Bartolini 4 years ago

    Sweetie u look gorgeous all OR nothing. ….I actually like u better with
    nothing cuz ur just so real and I love u for that….I’ve told u this
    before. .. anyway….I’ve been playing with some new stuff I got from
    makeup geek…..Some brushes….New shadows….. ( including caitlin rose

  • Lacey Ryan 4 years ago

    That is a very interesting look! I might try it but I don’t think this is
    an everyday look for me. It would be a lot of fun to play around with!

  • Beenish Fatima 4 years ago

    This is an absolutely unique and beautiful makeup look I love the colors u
    used for your eyeliner and lipstick looovveeeeeeddddd it :D