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  • Kayley Melissa 4 years ago
  • Victoria Daisy 4 years ago

    what helps best is using natural shampoos without neither silicones nor
    other chemical tensides!!

  • brittany walters 4 years ago

    the other girls video is set to private nobody can click on it to see the
    tips for fine hair.. .

  • Chloé Sahyounie 4 years ago

    It’s nice to detangle your hair all the time, but what if i have natural
    curly hair ? It’s just going to mess it all up…

  • Chryssa 4 years ago

    Your hair isn’t even thin

  • BoomBangPow 4 years ago

    One thing you could do, I do this sometimes, is condition the ends first
    and then shampoo. 

  • chaoticimpulse 4 years ago

    Rachaels video has been made private?

  • Tünde 4 years ago

    I don’t even have this much hair, I would say I have half the amount of
    your hair, or less

  • rach elle 4 years ago

    why is Rachhloves video set to private??? i want to watch it :-( 

  • RachhLoves 4 years ago

    LOVE YOU KAYLEY! Love all these tips! :) 

  • Qute Jodi 4 years ago

    Your videos adorable i love you, but please try to make your videos shorter

  • TheYoghurt42 4 years ago

    Good tips, I have a few to add though. :)
    Firstly, just because a shampoo is marketed as ‘gentle’ (for colour treated
    hair, moisturising, etc) doesn’t mean it is. You’re better off to check the
    ingredients list than to just believe the packaging. Sulfates are harsh
    cleansing ingredients that are in a lot of shampoos that you will want to
    avoid if you hair is dry or damaged. Anything ending in ‘sulfate’ is a one
    of these ingredients, but the harshest sulfate is sodium laurel sulfate.
    Also remember that on an ingredients list, the first ingredients listed are
    in the highest quantities. So a shampoo that has a sulfate as its second or
    third ingredient is harsher than one that has it as the fifth ingredient.
    Secondly, it is great advice to detangle your hair regularly, but I think
    it is also important to look at what is causing your tangles and try to
    reduce these factors. Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase with your hair
    in a braid will greatly reduce your tangles during the night. During the
    day, it is best to wear your hair up with hair-friendly tools (claw clips,
    hair sticks, hair forks, bobby pins, NO elastics) as when your hair is down
    it will tangle more. If you think of christmas lights, yarn, or the cords
    to your earphones, you will see that when two ‘strings’ are allowed to move
    freely against eachother, they will tangle together. Also, you want to
    think about your clothing and the weather. If your hair is getting blown
    all around by the wind and experiencing a lot of friction against a wooly
    jumper, scarf, etc. then it will tangle more than if it is hanging against
    a silky blouse on a still day. So if you are deciding whether today is a
    good day to wear your hair down, consider the weather and your choice of
    clothing. Another important factor in how much your hair tangles and gets
    damaged when you wear it down is how aware you are of it. If you regularly
    trap your hair under your bag straps or between your back and the chair
    you’re sitting on, it will experience more friction, tangles, and breakage.
    Being aware of where your hair is and moving it before sitting down or
    putting on a bag is good practice. 

  • autumn forest 4 years ago

    Why did the other girl make her video private. I just found this and wanted
    to see more tips for my hair type. 

  • Allison Lindsey 4 years ago

    YIKES!! GUILTY ME!! I have thin fine hair and I NEVER use
    conditioner…like once a month cause my hair is too oily. I know it’s not
    healthy, so I’m getting soft daily conditioner. You are right, Kayley about
    this. I use volumizing shampoo EVERYDAY!! SUPER YIKES!! I didn’t realize
    this could dry my hair too much. :/

  • ClassicGlamDoll 4 years ago

    I already use these tips and works. 

  • Paula Rodríguez 4 years ago

    question… it’s better wash the hair in the morning or night??

  • sweetummi123 4 years ago

    sent me here… new subscriber :) 

  • RocketTwurpSLR 4 years ago

    I didnt know conditoin weights it down …..ill remember thst….. and the
    knot thing…….

    I used to have realy thick hairnow its soo thin i cant put it up at
    all….I can just lift sectoin of hair and it looks terible …all you can
    see is …..itlooks partialy bald but im not… top layer just hides it

    Ialso have wavy hair and it gets knotty a lot… that why iuse the
    conditioner….. iused to put itat the end of my hair ..when it was thicker

  • Cheyenne xx 4 years ago

    nice tips, i got fine and thin hair and i just got 1 question. how did you
    get your hair like that?

  • Marianna's Beauty Room 4 years ago

    So many helpful tips! thank you!
    I’m so glad I found your channel :) 

  • deranged-fairy 4 years ago

    It’s amazing that I’ve watched so many videos on tips for my fine hair and
    this is the first video that’s actually helped me and made me feel like I’m
    not the only fine haired person in the world who is insecure and thinks she
    looks bald with her hair pulled back.

  • NfinityBabe 4 years ago

    Thanks so much this really helped!

  • Busy Mama 4 years ago

    Rachel sent me, and although I actually have thick, coarse, naturally wavy
    lengths, my roots are finer and tend to fall flat (weird, I know!) so some
    of your tips about adding the look of volume to the top would actually work
    for me too! Thank you, you’ve just gained a new subscriber! :) 

  • sari nelles 4 years ago

    That’s amazing! Thank you!! xXx

  • Lorissa Doney 4 years ago

    You’re such a genius!! I’ve learned so much from you, I never used to have
    fine/thin hair but due to a medication I lost a LOT of my hair! I had no
    idea how to style or deal with it until I started watching more of your
    videos. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! XOX