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  • thesparkleicious 4 years ago

    I will x

  • 0oofairycakesoo0 4 years ago

    Could you please do a video on your favorite autumn/winter nail polishes? I would love that :)

  • thesparkleicious 4 years ago

    Thank you!

  • Ariadni7979 4 years ago

    Oh dear God your eyebrows are to die for!!

  • Moscririna 4 years ago

    Bronzyyy and peachyyy :(  I don’t want summer to go away :(

  • Curlygirljj 4 years ago

    Thanks I’ll take a peek at them today! To the post below I have the same problem in the winter…try the Carmex pot-not stick-every night starting now, you shouldn’t have a problem. Cheers!

  • thesparkleicious 4 years ago

    Try running your toothbrush over them, it works for getting rid of dry skin:)

  • megha saini 4 years ago

    you’ve got a good collection… a question every winter i get this dark nd dry patches at the corner of my lips… any idea hw can i get rid of it?

  • thesparkleicious 4 years ago

    The revlon ones are nice x

  • Curlygirljj 4 years ago

    I love those chubby lipstick pencils! Origins and Tarte make some amazing ones but they are a bit of a splurge…I’m trying to find a drugstore alternative.

  • syoeki 4 years ago

    great videos…can you do a video about how do you clean your makeup brushes?thank you

  • thesparkleicious 4 years ago

    The one I mentioned in this video, the NUXE one is amazing (Full name in the blog post ) I know you can buy it on the space NK website. and a few other places :)

  • Genevieve S 4 years ago

    I am glad you liked the lip crayons! I love them and my fav is the nude one! but we are coming into summer here so it will change to Cupcake and Macaron…the Macaron looks so different on you than it does on me! What is the lip balm you love? Do you know if it’s available online? xx

  • ibeBecky 4 years ago

    I can’t wait to see all the new routines for Autumn/Winter, I never can get mine quite right so some fresh ideas might finally sort me out :) x

  • thesparkleicious 4 years ago

    No I haven’t you can only buy nyx online and I wanted to feel the texture first….but they do look nice! x

  • thesparkleicious 4 years ago

    For some reason it makes my laptop freeze if I try to add loads of text in the info bar, and it’s really annoying, so hence why I put it on my blog,it doesn’t freeze that way……Sorry it’s bothering you, i’m not really a fan of it too but there is a reason for it :)

  • Gumm Bear 4 years ago

    Thank you for the video, have you ever tried the L’oreal glam shine lip gloss in the shade crystal clear. It’s great because it is very moisturising and looks good worth at lipstick or just on its own. This doesn’t dry out it is so good for the autumn and winter months. :)

  • Barbieloveslipsticks 4 years ago

    have you ever tried the nyx jumbo lip pencils? i think if you like pencil formulars you’ll love them…my favorite colour is 720 honey nectar…
    beautiful video and beautiful you! =)

  • yy302 4 years ago

    Can’t you just put the products list on the information bar? It’s so bothering to open a new window to see the blog post. Great video though. xxx

  • ImaaniMoz 4 years ago

    Great video :)