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OPEN ME! ♡ I’ve gotten quite a few requests for a tutorial on a more natural look so this is what I’ve been doing lately when I want to look pulled together …

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  • Ray Anwar 5 years ago

    thank you! though it’s not that natural but i love it!

  • selinabrayall 5 years ago

    this girl has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen! wow

  • heather stephenson 5 years ago

    to all you little haters below,
    there comes an age/maturity in a young gals life where..when you actually
    know how to do makeup the right way, it makes you look better. that is the
    whole reason for makeup. steph is gorgeous with or without it..but just
    like me, it enhances. this natural look was done the correct way. thank you
    steph. whenever i do take the time to do my makeup, i want contouring
    because that is the most important part of makeup. SO ANYWAY.. don’t let
    these 12 year olds or whatever they are ever get to you. do your thing
    girl! you are an inspiration and they are just embarrassing. that is all.

  • Caitlin Naquin 5 years ago

    omg looks amazing!

  • Kara Howard 5 years ago

    I think it looks natural and I barely wear any makeup myself…

  • livetolearnandlove 5 years ago


  • aurelie lili 5 years ago

    love your video but its NOT A NATURAL MAKE UP

  • Betül Ucar 5 years ago

    I think its natural but you could use less foundation:) and your

  • ashire riddick 5 years ago

    Not natural to much make up u to pretty for that

  • xtt111 5 years ago

    How beautiful those eyes are!

  • Tessa Owens 5 years ago

    you should go lighter with your hair, I think it would make you look a lot
    less intense :) :) 

  • Savannah Harwood 5 years ago

    That is not natural it looks so so so caky GROSS

  • itsravenbabii17 5 years ago

    You look gorgeous. Don’t pay attention to the hating comments. I mean why
    watch a natural MAKEUP tutorial if you’re going to complain about her
    wearing makeup?

  • AliciaRedLips 5 years ago

    it’s very pretty, but not natural 

  • Kenia 5 years ago

    It kinda looks like snooki nd NOT NATURAL.

  • Cuteness Overload 5 years ago

    Love it

  • Cuteness Overload 5 years ago

    Where did you get your tshirt and necklace ??

  • vablility 5 years ago

    You are beautiful

  • AimeeLikesPie1 5 years ago

    lol the ghetto way.

  • SMLx0 5 years ago

    no it doesn’t do that for me! :)

  • Whitney Bixler 5 years ago

    What brush did you use to contour?

  • Nicole Brunelle 5 years ago

    you are so pretty! What is your nationality?

  • SMLx0 5 years ago

    i know it’s pretty pricy! i love the bh cosmetics duo fibre brush as well
    though and thats more budget friendly!

  • Ember Ailie 5 years ago

    The one she uses for her foundation is by itcosmetics and the reddish
    bronzer brush is from BH cosmetics. Do you have any idea about the green
    eyeshadow brush? lol thats the one i cant figure out. Thought it was BH
    cosmetics but its not.

  • Yash Patil 5 years ago

    Your eyes <3

  • Millie Roether 5 years ago

    You look like Miranda Kerr. :) x

  • b0dyparts 5 years ago

    you are gorgeous..holy molly

  • xoxoCrazyCookiesxoxo 5 years ago

    You are the type of person I can just be jealous of… <3 Your too pretty.!

  • Juvia Bryant 5 years ago

    Tanning video? (:

  • 16sweetheart95 5 years ago

    Just gorgeous!

  • Alexandra Anne 5 years ago

    Steph, have you tried the shade “Bare It All” by Wet & Wild? I’d highly
    suggest it! It’s a nice natural nude shade that is matte & gives you close
    to the look of a MAC nude lipstick.

  • daphnee p. 5 years ago

    pretty :)

  • Patricia Rodriguez 5 years ago

    Now I have to buy Mac Warm Soul! Love the way it just warms up the face.
    Gorgeous look!:)

  • kadenjxoxo 5 years ago

    i love your videos can you check out my channel?(:

  • Ljuba Kulis 5 years ago

    To me you look like Adriana Lima

  • SMLx0 5 years ago

    for me it does! i never really use primer

  • Kangaroo 5 years ago

    you look like jessica szohr

  • RedDeadPsycho 5 years ago

    holy shit girls look way different without makeup on.

  • pnkbuttafly923 5 years ago

    Great vid. SMLxo. Do you think these colors would work on brown eyes ?

  • SMLx0 5 years ago

    yes I used to do that & I’ve also had ombre if you check out my older
    videos from a few months back :)

  • Victoria Star 5 years ago

    You put a lot of from everything!

  • Ember Ailie 5 years ago

    The reddish brush she used for her bronzer is by BH cosmetics

  • surfnwavz 5 years ago

    @Angel Perdomo

  • MrRavenTheDoc 5 years ago


  • Where did u get ur necklace love it