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{ OPEN FOR MORE EMMA OK BABY!? }} Thank you so much for watching, love you! Please leave me requests and feel free to ask me whatever! COMMENT RATE SUBSCRIB…

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  • SincerelyNika 3 years ago

    Hi! :) Great video, but I just had a quick tip: I noticed that in some of
    your videos that sound is very muffled and sounds loud, even when the
    volume is not very high. When you are editing, make sure that your audio
    levels are at a moderate level. If you use Final Cut Pro, they should be
    between 6 and 12. I’m not sure about other editing programs, but I have a
    lot of experience editing with Final Cut, and if you would fix this minor
    thing your videos would be perfect! :) 

  • SuperBeautyLover25 3 years ago

    LOVE IT :D 

  • SimplyBeautyByShelby 3 years ago

    This look is so gorgeous!

  • Tay Nic 3 years ago

    Is that the Gardiner Sisters!?

  • You’re so pretty!!! Love the look. 

  • You’re so pretty! I love the makeup, and the mascara is looks really good! 

  • Ana Davila 3 years ago

    Dude your eyebrows ammmaazzinnngggggggg!

  • Maddison M 3 years ago

    GORGEOUS!!! I lobed it :) 

  • natashaglitters16 3 years ago

    Your so gorgeous! I love your videos and just subscribed!! I also uploaded
    a back to school makeup tutorial it would mean the world to me if you
    checked it out and maybe subscribed!! ☺️

  • jessica joyce 3 years ago

    What’s your favorite makeup brand?!?

  • Danielle Schott 3 years ago

    nightly routine??

  • alivia abbott 3 years ago

    How tall are you and how old are you?

  • Katelyn Green 3 years ago

    your teeth look so so so good!!

  • emma kay 3 years ago
  • Jasmine Jade 3 years ago

    you’re so pretty!! and amazing editing! (: