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CONTOUR LOOK A PRO: v=VfrhZ8Jm2bk Welcome to Tia everyone. Tia has the most beautiful coloured eyes and deep tones to her skin…

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  • gossmakeupartist 3 years ago

    Gorgeous video with Tia :) 

  • Halo Baby 3 years ago

    If only we were all drop dead gorgeous before makeup. Wish he would use
    normal women time to time. Normal being all kinds and all ages not just
    young models. Now im gonna go cry into my icecream

  • nothing 3 years ago

    yes she is gorgeous, but all the movement from talking and laughing was
    very distracting away from the makeup application. sorry.

  • kami2hot 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for making this tutorial!:) so enjoyed your keynote via
    Skype at The Makeup Show Dallas!:) your brushes are amazing!!!:) 

  • gossmakeupartist 3 years ago
  • Sensational Finds 3 years ago

    Gorgeous as always! I’ve been doing the food coloring tip you did and love
    it! I plan on sharing it on my channel and showing my mommy subscribers. I
    love a good DIY tip!

  • itsniquenique45 3 years ago

    Tia is sooo beautiful. She reminds me of Rashida Jones

  • Sumeyya JustMe 3 years ago

    Holy Moley Tia is simply SHTUNNING!! My God what a beautiful woman He
    created; her skin is to die for, her eyes are a dream and her smile is
    heavenly. Wayne how did you keep your hands away from her, I sure would
    have some trouble teehee just joshing ;-) But dear me, she is perfect model
    material and your handiwork brought out her features all the more- not that
    she needed it, she’s a natural stand out! A job brilliantly done, I
    absolutely adored this look, bravo Wayne!

  • serabera0 3 years ago

    what is WOC?

  • JLTWCB 3 years ago

    Wayne as much as I love you the next time you use the term w.o.c. please go
    find yourself a deep toned black woman or indian woman. This woman has lots
    of makeup options as her skin would be considered fair. Thanks

  • hospitalcakewalk 3 years ago

    She is beautiful!!!!

    Wait, wait wait. I HATE my freckles, why does nearly everyone say they’re
    pretty? To me, them and my odd tan due to dimples and prominent cheek bones
    make my skin look dirty. Just to me though. I may be alone on this. 

  • Riseandshine 3 years ago

    Awesome I have olive skin and love seeing what products u use

  • LiliUF 3 years ago

    I love you for doing this! And I also love that where most people see
    flaws, you see beauty (like her unique eye colors and freckles).

  • Red Amaryllis 3 years ago

    what in the world happened to the mascara challange :( ??

  • festivalvirgin 3 years ago

    Awesome! Wayne you are the best!

  • Kelly R 3 years ago

    Wow she’s gorgeous! Proof of what just a touch of makeup can do! She looks

  • Maria Lopez 3 years ago

    She’s beautiful…… And please ladies WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL in some way…
    Please don’t be haters. Be happy on your own skin.:) 

  • vesna18in 3 years ago

    WOW!!! This was legitimately stunning! Can’t wait to try it!

  • Anna Lovato 3 years ago

    Could you please start listing the moisturiser that you use as i find it
    really hard to find the right one for under make up.

  • soodamncolddisabled 3 years ago

    No fair, she’s already beautiful before the makeup 

  • Dizzylizzyscreations 3 years ago

    Gorgeous !!!!

  • Rosemary Shin 3 years ago

    It looks like she has one brown eye and one green eye!

  • Lacehairwigs 3 years ago

    Natural pretty

  • BeautyCrazedBaby101 3 years ago

    Woah her eyes are so cool

  • Leila Wolfert 3 years ago

    Great tutorial although I do wish you wouldn’t have to rush through since
    we are here to learn. I watch everything you do and I can tell you’re doing
    it right. Tia is a rockstar! She is a little TOO gorgeous but I will
    definitely check out her channel. Thank you for this Wayne. xxx

  • lelechim 3 years ago

    Wow, I thought she was wearing makeup at the very beginning of the video

  • Aquascape 3 years ago

    Ugh her skin is ridiculously flawless. I swear my life would be complete if
    I had that. I would never wear any foundation 

  • dez r 3 years ago

    Simply gorgeous 

  • iraj94 3 years ago

    In some way she looks like Alexa Chung!

  • Julie Parton 3 years ago

    She has two different color eyes!

  • Mady See 3 years ago

    Aww her right eye! Is that the term called heterochromia of the iris? She’s
    so gorgeous! Perfect skin and such nice teeth! Wahhh

  • F San Jose 3 years ago

    wow, just gorgeous!
    and…I wish those who thumbs down would get a questionnaire before it gets
    posted to justify the thumbs down. Just saying. 

  • Kelly Mint 3 years ago

    goss is perhaps one of the best make up artist on youtube man, i followed
    all his videos and his make up tutorials are the best. the model looks so
    beautiful after some magical touches, really love the brushes too :) 

  • Emma Thompson 3 years ago

    Tia is so beautiful! X

  • H3lloKayla 3 years ago

    Love how natural this look is, it’s like her but better :) 

  • pinklishdot 3 years ago

    I think she looked better before the blush. :) 

  • nichtmich 3 years ago

    Lovely young lady who didn’t need much, but that little bit really brought
    out her best features. I’m particularly interested in this, in that Tia and
    I have the same basic skin tones (mine is a wee bit older *sigh*) and I am
    going to try the yellow under eye trick as those shadows seem to get worse
    after *ahem* a certain age. I don’t have bags, but deep set eyes that look
    shadowed and nowadays, tired. Great vid!

  • Mara Fernandez 3 years ago

    She’s gorgeous! I have her skintone so I thank you for this tutorial :) 

  • absolutallure 3 years ago

    You’re such a sweet guy, hearing you really makes my day, keep on shining :) :)

  • K Howw 3 years ago

    That lip color is to die for! Wish you listed the name but regardless this
    look was perfect for her skin tone! I loved the bright and youthful lip, I
    hope she wears it more. What a beautiful woman and am looking forward to
    your future looks with more woman of color :) 

  • iTiguaconda 3 years ago

    The make up tutorial is awesome and Tia is gorgeous!
    My one criticism is that you labeled the video W.O.C and that could be
    misleading to many others looking for tutorials on women with dark skin.

  • makeupaddict 3 years ago

    holy crap she’s so pretty!!!!!