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Thanks to my girl, Amy Pham, for tagging me and thanks to bareMinerals! Be sure to watch more videos and check out the products I used! Watch more Beauty By …

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  • mymakeupsecret 3 years ago

    Such a babe :) Love it Jenn , as always! 

  • Melanie Murphy 3 years ago

    They truly are the most natural-looking makeup brand out there…such a
    beautiful, sweet look! <3 

  • Broke But Bougie 3 years ago


  • Grace&TJ 3 years ago

    Your skin looks so good, Jenn! Real clear! Enviouuss! haha
    Also, lovely eyeshadow! ( : ~Grace

  • SUPERLYSAM 3 years ago

    Your brows thooooo! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • collaredblouse 3 years ago

    such a pretty and natural look! great job jenn! :D 

  • VC132 3 years ago

    I can see that you can’t find the “|” key It’s located right above the
    enter key. Hit Shift+. 

  • Emmeline Toh 3 years ago

    Tag Stephanie next please!!~

  • savvyhart 3 years ago

    This is such a cool little project! I love it!

  • Laura Brainwood 3 years ago

    Such a natural look! I love it!! I’ll have to try it out this week xx

  • Vonnie 3 years ago

    >.< So envy of that huge box of yours! Very natural makeup look there~~

  • She'sCedie 3 years ago

    wow dunno why people are so harsh on this tutorial, it looks great! you
    know what kind of look works for you and play to your features which is a
    LOT more realistic than trying out some weird look just for the sake of
    variety… so you end up looking great in every tutorial haha! :) 

  • alex torres 3 years ago

    gurl, please tell me what is on your nails! It looks like a really nice

  • Aleksandra Mikulec 3 years ago

    Beautiful ♥

  • macbby101 3 years ago

    You seriously have the prettiest smile <3 

  • Nuralif Othman 3 years ago

    bare face, gorgeous!

  • Rachel Dwyer 3 years ago

    Such a beautiful look! You’ve definitely inspired me to try and replicate
    your eye make up! <3

  • lola thomson 3 years ago

    omg your eyes are beautiful! no kidding

  • Annie dot 3 years ago

    Can I ask how she knows Eric nam?

  • Bojana Simić 3 years ago

    You seriously look like a baby without makeup ;; So cute <3 I have a primer
    from AURA and it’s not helping, the liquid foundation looks better without
    it…. I love copper colors amazing :3333

  • XUEWENSEER 3 years ago

    why do i think the voice cover during the mascara section is done by
    someone else?

  • Scarlett Hanswood 3 years ago

    whats the difference between applying eyeliner and tightlining??

  • Faith Bieber 3 years ago

    I know this sounds creepy but I love her teeth so much

  • Kimberley E 3 years ago

    HOLY SH*T!!! Your makeup collection is HUGe

  • Milennia Vasquez 3 years ago

    ♡ THUMBS UP IF YOU’RE IN THE 301+ CLUB and if you love Jen ♡
    Can you guys give me a chance and check out my beauty channel?
    Also, let me know if you subbed so I can sub back :) 

  • minjoo kim 3 years ago

    love you jenn!!

  • cutiebeautyxo 3 years ago

    Stunning great job 

  • Brigitte 3 years ago

    love this look!

  • kelly chan 3 years ago

    Love it!!!!

  • HipHep Heather 3 years ago

    jennnnn <3 i mentioned you today as my role model during my intern
    interview haha <3

  • the-exo-sphere 3 years ago

    really love all your makeup videos, makes makeup seem less daunting xD