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Is your hair natural? Are your strands really fine? Is your hair also thin? Hey, me too! Here’s some tricks of the trade I’ve compiled through trial and erro…


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  • BlaZinbritt11588 4 years ago

    Ha! I’m so glad I found your vid. I’m at my breaking point with my thin, fine hair. Thanks so much! You’ve gained a subscriber. :-)

  • missbeeline 4 years ago

    cool. thanks….i can certainly relate as my hair is fine and thin as well…u can chk my vids out if i like!

  • psychsoul718 4 years ago

    Thank you Ari T! I’ve been dealing with my fine and thin hair, but getting frustrated. I just have to accept what I’ve got, I have everything from 3a/b to 4a hair and it’s pretty difficult to cope with since every part does something different lol, you give me hope.

  • pinkneenee 4 years ago

    No problem and im a new subbie

  • Ari T 4 years ago

    thanks for watching ;)

  • Ari T 4 years ago

    thanks for watching ;) 

  • Ari T 4 years ago

    i have a video on this topic coming up! thanks for watching xoxo

  • Ari T 4 years ago

    i’m happy you liked the video! thanks for watching xoxo

  • Ari T 4 years ago

    i’m glad we’re all finding each other! more videos like this coming soon! thanks for watching xoxo

  • thesweetestangel04 4 years ago

    I am so glad I found you channel, I have fine and thin hair as well! Great tips!!

  • tc3239 4 years ago

    Good tips!

  • pinkneenee 4 years ago thicker

  • pinkneenee 4 years ago

    My so thin so cool

  • Ari T 4 years ago

    yay! xoxo

  • Ari T 4 years ago

    oh i’m glad we found each other! thanks for watching :) more videos on these topics coming soon! xoxo

  • Ari T 4 years ago

    haha! i’m just happy you found the video useful. i’ll be making more videos catered to fine haired viewers very soon. thanks for watching! xoxo

  • Ari T 4 years ago

    i am very happy to help :) thanks for watching! xoxo

  • sweetykaes mosley 4 years ago

    Thank you so much.

  • FrankysCosmetics 4 years ago

    omg! you’re a life savor!!!!!

  • Jazzmone JJ 4 years ago

    Ari T! OMG I have fine thin curly hair tooo THANKS so much for having a channel:)

  • HappyKeepinItNappy 4 years ago

    Ohhh!!! So glad I found you! Everything you said in your video I could relate too and our hair is VERY similar. Woohoo! Finally someone with hair like mines. I will definately try to criss cross my sections. I had just been pinning my twists criss crossed rather that actually twisting them criss crossed. Great tip! Thanks.

  • Ari T 4 years ago

    very nice! i will definitely be stopping by yours :) thanks for watching! xoxo

  • Ari T 4 years ago

    great! i hope you found some of the information helpful :) thank you for watching!!

  • Trfisher2014 4 years ago

    Hi ari I love this video because I also have fine hair also…thank you for these video !!!!!!:)

  • Ari T 4 years ago

    glad you liked it! thank you for watching! xoxo

  • Ari T 4 years ago

    great tip! i have a technique for placing your sections to fill in gaps that uses diagonal parts :) 

  • Crystal Miles 4 years ago

    really like this video more of this type is needed

  • xiixiixo 4 years ago

    One more fine low-density haired natural here. I’m glad I found your channel today.  My hair is a little longer than mid-back length approching waist length. My one tip for doing two-strand twist is to do them on a diagonal part.

  • KuroiHato69 4 years ago

    Another person here with thin and fine strands… So happy for the advice and to know I am not alone!

  • Ari T 4 years ago

    yay..i hope it works for you! i only use it to close up the gap in the back because my hair is super fine and thin there so you can try it anywhere on your head to fill in where you normally have gaps :) thanks for watching! xoxo

  • AveIvy 4 years ago

    OMG, the criss cross is a great idea. I’m going to try that.

  • Ari T 4 years ago

    what i have discovered with the growing thing is that the rate of growth in comparison with the rate of breakage is almost the same so it feels like the hair takes forever to grow. My most successful times that i’ve retained length is when i wore wigs, specifically half wigs. this works because there is ZERO hair manipulation and as you know, the more you manipulate, the more chances for breakage! let me know if i should record a vid on hair growing tips :) HTH and thx for watching!

  • AfriCaribBrit 4 years ago

    Ari T you present really well and thanks for such an informative video. I too have thin fine hair and it has taken me many years to figure this out. It was disappointing when the revelation occurred and I suppose on some level I’m still adjusting to the fact that I will never ever achieve a full chunky braid out,,,lol Another one of my problems is my hair takes ages to grow. Do you experience the same problem? Can you share your techniques on growing your hair. Many Thanks.

  • Ari T 4 years ago

    I am happy to share! beautiful girls, by the way.. thank you for watching! xoxo