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Hi Guys!!! Here is my twist out routine that I do ALL the time!!! I hope you enjoy!!! Don’t forget to Like, Comment, & SUBSCRIBE!!!!! S T A Y C O N N E C T E…




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  • mswtaz94 4 years ago

    Hi I enjoyed your video and your hair is beautiful. What did you sent your twists with? Yeah, the two are different. I have fine and sort of thin hair.

  • anita4168 4 years ago

    Your hair is of perfect density, I have really thin hair, but I know how to make it look not so thin, Idk what my hair type is because after literally watching over 5000 vids, I’ve never seen anyone with hair of the same density or type as mine, my hair is unique and the more it grows the more I fall in love with it, I hate to wear that same old boring twistout that every natural thinks they have to have, I keep mine in an Asymmetric bob cut cause I never see any naturals with that cut !

  • CharminaeNicole 4 years ago

    Hmmmmm to tell u the truth, I always thought those words were interchangeable. I’m gonna have to def research the difference so I can be accurate concerning the type of hair I have. Thank you! Oh and Thanks for watching hun!! :-)

  • mswtaz94 4 years ago

    Are you sure your hair is thin? Looks fine maybe but not thin. Not the same thing. If it were fine, you would have much more difficulty covering your parts and it would be somewhat or totally see through at the end of the lengths

  • CharminaeNicole 4 years ago

    Hey there girlie!!! Only if I want similar definition the next day, but the twist will be bigger! Sometimes I put it in a low ponytail and just tie it up!! Hope that helps! Thanks for watching!!! :-)

  • CharminaeNicole 4 years ago

    Yes some people feel that way, but it’s considered to be thin I promise!! :-) Some people just have thinner hair than me. Thanks for watching dear!! :-)

  • CharminaeNicole 4 years ago

    Thank u and u r very welcome!! I hope it works my beauty!!! #thinhairisthebomb!!! LOL :-)

  • CharminaeNicole 4 years ago

    Yes I am basically!! Like I said…. gotta do an update vid soon huh?? LOL Thanks for supporting dear. super sweet. Oh, and thanks for the compliment!!! :-)

  • CharminaeNicole 4 years ago

    Hey Nada!!!!! Thank you dear!!! Means a lot to me!! #smilingbig #blushing LOL Girl u know your hair is gonna be the bomb dot com!!!So stop with the tom foolery LOL Let me know when you cut it. I wanna c!!!! :-) If u don’t I’m gonna be mad!!! LOL

  • CharminaeNicole 4 years ago

    Thank u hun bun!!!! Toooo sweet!! I hope they helped ya kinda!! LOL Thanks for watching!! :-) 

  • MsNotforsale 4 years ago

    Hi, do you retwist everynight?

  • sdw3485 4 years ago

    Your hair is pretty thick

  • blessedone337 4 years ago

    Very cute! I have thin hair in the front so this would be a good technique. Thanks!

  • sylviaadk 4 years ago

    Your twist outs a re awesome and your hair is so healthy! Are you still using the same products as your last twist out video?

  • renadaphipps 4 years ago

    Hey Charminae!!!!
    Love your videos & pics!! Absolutely flawless. Im 1 year in without a relaxer. Trying not to do the big chop just yet, trying a few protective styles to help. Great job, hopefully mine will look as good as yours!!

  • ttrammell9 4 years ago

    Hey Charm I’m following you… I love your videos!! Keep up the good work!! #GramFam

  • CharminaeNicole 4 years ago

    Thannnnkkkkk yyyyoooouuuuu!!!! So sweet!!! U just made my night (seriously)!!! Thanks so much for watching dear!!! :-) 

  • CharminaeNicole 4 years ago

    Thank u very much!!!! Means a lot!!! :-)

  • CharminaeNicole 4 years ago

    Awwwwh!! Thank u!!! Yay!!!! I hope it worked for u dear!!! Thanks so much for watching!!! Stay tuned!!!

  • LoveMakeUpwithLove 4 years ago

    Alright now! Go girl, your on fire! Love your look and your hair!!!

  • enaruvie 4 years ago

    Love your hair

  • Kyo Thomas 4 years ago

    oh, it’s so nice to see someone with hair like mine! great job. off to try it now.

  • CharminaeNicole 4 years ago

    Thank u BB, my fav cuzzie!!! That rhymes!!! Love u boo!!!

  • CharminaeNicole 4 years ago

    Thank u soooooo much!!!! Thanks for watching!!!!! Means a lot!!! :-)

  • BrittNBee 4 years ago

    Live your signature look!!!

  • nulytnaturalgirl4 4 years ago

    Your hair is so pretty. Lots of body! Love the technique! Thanks for sharing!! :-)

  • CharminaeNicole 4 years ago

    Thankies boo!!! Yeah I agree… I absolutely hate sleepin on perm rods. I did it 3 times and Never again!!! LOL Thanks for the welcome back hun!!! Take care!!!! :-)

  • CharminaeNicole 4 years ago

    Y thank u hun!!! Much appreciated!!

  • CharminaeNicole 4 years ago

    Thankies!!!! Yay!!!!!!! U are the second person to say I’m their hair twin!! That totally makes my day!!! Us twinsies have to stick together!! LOL I’m still tryin to figure out that messy bun….. u might have to share your secrets ASAP!! ijs Thanks 4 watching and supporting!!! :-)

  • CharminaeNicole 4 years ago

    Yay!!!! Well I hope you enjoy all the things to come my dear!!! Stay Tuned!!! :-)

  • naturallypeaceful 4 years ago

    Way cute, boo! I love the idea of pin curling the ends. Sometimes those hard perm rods can break your hair and they’re not fun to sleep on. Glad you’re back!

  • befashionista09 4 years ago


  • FOXYJ84 4 years ago

    Selfies….lol that’s cute! You are welcome! I see you have a fb…im going to add you!

  • melissa bob 4 years ago

    Love it! I really enjoy ur channel cause ur Lille my hair twin so all ur hairstyles actually work on me. My fab style is the messy bun

  • CharminaeNicole 4 years ago

    awwwwh!! Thank u so much!!! Girl I love selfies!!!! LOL #SHAME Thanks for watching!!! XoXo

  • FOXYJ84 4 years ago

    Super cute…love the pictures at the end!