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PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for Watching, I really appreciate it, if you have any questions feel free to inbox me or leave a comment and I would be…

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  • Lily Softdrop 4 years ago

    Her hair’s about 4b.. not 4C.

  • KoraLynnS 4 years ago

    What version of Spectrum is this??!!????!!!

  • tairat olaide Oziegbe 4 years ago

    You sis´s hair is just like mine.African thick and strong

  • Vniece medina-joseph 4 years ago

    Kinda the same nme v’niece lol

  • nat u 4 years ago

    aww shes pretty

  • fadedtwilght 4 years ago

    my comment can be whatever i want it to be its my comment chickenhead and i dont have self estem issues like the rest of you ninnies i was simplying commenting on what i saw and why dont you go to the gym, you might see a positive change in YOURself….

  • RITLE 4 years ago

    Nice video, good job on straightening.
    I think for hair health though, perhaps for step one, a roller set is a good option under a hairdryer for about an hour. What that does is stretch/pre-straighten the hair without direct heat and then you can flat-iron after on low heat. This will give you sleeker results which also means that the style will last a bit longer and not revert as quickly.
    If you don’t have any hair dryer a blow dryer is alright as well but can be tiring on the hands :) .

  • RITLE 4 years ago

    Aren’t you a token of internet bravery, perhaps you should think twice before you type and then make the decision to not type at all if you’re going to be negative.Your comment is condescending, rude and pointless. I guess this is what you had to do to make yourself feel better. Do yourself a favor and make a positive change to yourself. Uplift and inspire instead of trying to tear someone down, you will notice a positive change in yourself as well.

  • fadedtwilght 4 years ago

    chickenhead… you should rename this video “straightening precious’s hair” lmafo your both baldheaded

  • rsadew23 4 years ago

    I neverrrrr thought about that!!!! Of course!!! Because we cook with OIL! So it COOKS your hair! LAWD! Thanks SO MUCH LADY!!! Thank you!! xoxo

  • Samanthya Laguerre 4 years ago

    When you say no products before straightening your hair does that also include heat protecting products ?

  • Chaniece Hutton 4 years ago

    You sound Jamaican or British. Love the video!!

  • taylorlaylay 4 years ago

    @sunshinesarahtv you are correct if you DONT put PRODUCT on the hair your hair will break off and become damage

  • missbebenoir 4 years ago

    What setting did you have your flat iron on?

  • gorillian7 4 years ago

    LISTEN TO HER REGARDING PRODUCT USAGE. I just used heat protectant on my hair pre-flat iron, and the sizzle did come. Sizzle sizzle.

  • Jazzmyn A 4 years ago

    I have a question, if it is unsafe to straighten after applying product.. why did u bite the bullet and still straighten her hair

  • samijo30 4 years ago

    Gurl, you should check out “KINKS DEFINED: For 4a, 4b, 4c, and 4d Natural Hair” on Facebook.

  • nakomiah 4 years ago

    ok, i see..I shouldve read all of the comments. lol!

  • nakomiah 4 years ago

    why do you prefer NOT to put product in the hair before applying the flat iron?

  • Veniece Love 4 years ago

    Yea you should put heat protectant but thats it, Put oils and moisturizer etc after you straighten. If you put the oils and moisturizers in your hair before you straighten then you can potentially fry/ burn your hair.

  • SunshineSarahTV 4 years ago

    why shouldnt you put product in your hair before straigtening? doesnt it need to be done to protect it from heat?

  • Veniece Love 4 years ago

    thanks for the comment, I will keep that in mind, that will be a video in the future

  • odiesmum2012 4 years ago

    Good point. Many hair gurus oversaturate the hair with “protective” products. I would love to see your model with a proper afro. Her hair is super rich and thick. I think she could rock the fro style. Maybe a little cornrow in the front, like your braid out look.

  • Veniece Love 4 years ago

    Yes I am texlaxed in this video and yes it was a braid out, and of course I will do a tut on it :) thanks for another video idea ^_^

  • LEE KAY 4 years ago

    is your hair relaxed at this point? is that a braid out? tut?

  • Veniece Love 4 years ago

    Heat protectant was already in her hair from when she washed her hair previously, every time she washes her hair in the summer we put heat protectant in it. Sorry I should have mentioned that

  • Akushika GoneNatural 4 years ago

    u didn’t use any heat protectant b4 straightening???