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That moment when you seek a “just-stepped-out-of-the-shower-fresh” look and you end up spending an hour globbing your face with neutral tones, caking it up. …


Natural Makeup



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  • chuckieegg0901 4 years ago

    u look sooo younge wow I know this sounds terribly weird but I love ur vibrant skin tone. also were in england can I buy some of that lip stick. btw ur voice is to die for I wish 8 was like u . btw im english lol.

  • animalrabbitcarer 4 years ago

    1. Can u do everyday Italian girls make up tutorial with italian Jazz? 2. can do airport make up please? 3. can you do more video’s i miss you when your not on here as your video’s are amazing please?

  • Shannon Franklin 4 years ago

    this is the second of your videos I have watched but they are awesome the first one was the liquid eyeliner pen, that helped so much and I love the way you present the video, like an old movie or advert definitely want to see more :) Also could you pretty please do a hair tutorial for the liquid eyeliner video it looks amazing :)

  • Indigo Child 4 years ago

    we love you!!!!!

  • Indigo Child 4 years ago

    I love your videos they ACTUALLY help, unlike other makeup “professionals” you are amazing!!!!You are great at making videos for making your face look beautiful!!!!!

  • bing3966 4 years ago

    It’s been a month! We miss you!

  • Californiasun131 4 years ago

    Make a new video!

  • xxkatieloves11xx 4 years ago

    You’re an amazing editer!

  • Laura White 4 years ago

    amazingggggg video hun!!!
    Watched this and am about to subscribe!! Awesome look!! :)

  • Júlia Silveira 4 years ago

    “Garota de ipanema” on the background, hahahahaha

  • Marcela Maestrelli 4 years ago

    Loved “garota de ipanema on the background”

  • MrsHoranPayne 4 years ago

    do u like post a video every month? I want to watch more video :(

  • olivia dickey 4 years ago

    YOU SAID IT 12 times :) hahaha i counted. love you and your videos!!

  • cheezwinx 4 years ago

    BWAHAHAH “sue me”

  • Roshni Patel 4 years ago

    I love you so much can i just have a hug i mean common.

  • driscoolx3 4 years ago


  • Melisa Atak 4 years ago

    Omg make more video’s, please? I love you. k bye.

  • KayMaslow 4 years ago

    just discovered you from hellokatyxo and I think I love you

  • alexia salgado 4 years ago

    I LOVVEEE your videos! never get tired of watching them! <3 x) THERE SO INTERTAINING!!!

  • LayMaR17 4 years ago

    LOveee your videos! They make me laugh, in a good way!!!! :P Can you please list de products! I would love to get some of them! Kisses from the Dominican Republic!

  • GlitzGlamGold 4 years ago

    just discovered your channel…OBSESSED
    your personality is just so..natural (y) and glowing ;)

  • itsmeSofia27 4 years ago

    just letting you know, you got yourself another subsriber! i love your videos and TBH TBH TBH!!!!! i totally enjoy them! please make more!! heaps more!!! you’re fun to watch cause you’re funny!(in a good way) <3 yaaay

  • emmavenice22 4 years ago

    what color blush was that? looked super pretty!!

  • Allie Giraffe 4 years ago

    Are you involved in theatre / acting? You seem like you are. I’m loving your videos, so different and fresh. 

  • magicalair 4 years ago

    Love your videos! You’re so cute and funny! :)

  • xfashionbliss 4 years ago

    You are my favorite on youtube. You inspire me

  • Mariah Paulson 4 years ago

    Love your videos!

  • alexia salgado 4 years ago

    Love this!!! :)