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Hi beautiful! Thanks so much for watching :) Thumbs up if you enjoyed! Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing a video using some of these products. Will practice using these loose eyeshadows…


Primer Makeup


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  • Billythachikk 3 years ago

    Does anyone know of any more natural primers? I mean, that’s the first
    thing going on your skin, so I feel like that should be the most “natural”!

  • sarahhtranTV 3 years ago

    Great vid +AnnieJaffrey :) I’m from Canada and so far I have found a
    natural mascara. Still trying to find Canadian companies that are known for
    natural products. However, I have been no-poo since January 2014 and that’s
    what kickstarted my whole natural hunt! Just curious as to what you use to
    wash your hair? :) I have been on a honey method and I just purchased
    shampoo bars (natural) from Chagrins Valley for my future backpacking

  • MarilynFinland 3 years ago

    You look better than ever! Hope to be following along lol :-) I’m also
    looking to replace some of the cosmetics I use to vegan and cruelty-free
    brands. Any ideas for chemical free toothpaste and deodrant alternatives?

  • Amiee Ann 3 years ago

    I love 100% pure for natural cosmetics! They use fruit pigments!

  • Demi Papa 3 years ago

    So gorgeous! I have a question though, do you still wear the same lip
    products that you use to or do you not use them either? Eg, mac, NYX, all
    those!! Love that bronzer!! 

  • Melanie Murphy 3 years ago

    Looks like a fantastic brand! <3 Thanks for sharing with us, sweet! I’ve
    been using some makeup from Lush recently and it actually gives such a
    beautiful finish to the skin, and it’s all natural/vegan etc so certainly
    something you’d probably enjoy a lot! 

  • Jane Rominou 3 years ago

    Is this brand cruelty free? +AnnieJaffrey 

  • Amenakin 3 years ago

    I’ve never used them before but have added to wish list! Ps You are
    glowing, and darker hair is beautiful on you!

  • Nanelli Bravo 3 years ago

    I would loved to see a full routine makeup video using the new products you
    got…. I did purchase 100% pure foundation and love due to the natural
    ingredients used

  • Terry Hasty 3 years ago

    Just found your channel and I’m so in love! I’ve been looking for vegan
    beauty and diet youtubers for a while and I have to say they’re hard to
    find! I was wondering if you could make a video going over all your
    favorite resources (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc) it would be greatly

  • BabiTeexo 3 years ago

    You always have such an amazing glow. You’re so beautiful ❤️

  • lovebeauty019 3 years ago

    Is that your natural hair color? I have been wanting and obsessing over
    that color for the longest time :) 

  • Rosalita Roderiguez 3 years ago

    You look SO SO beautiful girl! & I love your background, super cute. xoxo

  • Kelly Houth 3 years ago

    Hi Annie, I’ve recently become vegan, it’s been just about a month, just
    wondering if it’s normal that I’ve been breaking out

  • yayalover123 3 years ago

    I love alima pure! Ever since sunkissedalba introduced it on her channel.
    thats the only make up brand ive been using.

  • Jolie Rose 3 years ago

    Skincare routine please !!!

  • Jenn V. 3 years ago

    found your channel love it I am trying to have a lifestyle that is natural
    , organic and clean

  • Stephanie de Bourmont 3 years ago

    Annie I just purchased the foundation sample kit! I can’t wait to test it
    out :D 

  • rocco alex 3 years ago

    could you do a video using these products please

  • CleanEcoStyle 3 years ago

    You look absolutely beautiful! Love the new hair style! And, definitely
    looking forward to try Alima Pure! Thanks gorgeous!

  • xoLoveLeti 3 years ago

    Love this :) I feature natural and cruelty free only as well so I really
    appreciate this

  • Jennifer Rangel 3 years ago

    Hi Annie, just curious did you get rid of all your makeup that wasnt
    vegan/all natural ?? OR do you use a little bit of what you loved from
    drugstore or high end ? 

  • Kristen Graham 3 years ago

    Hey Annie, great video. I have heard a lot about Alima Pure but have never
    purchased any mostly due to the fact that I have to try on makeup before
    purchasing, at least when it comes to foundations. Im a fellow natural non
    toxic gal. Im in Australia and have used brands like Zuii, Adorn cosmetics,
    Jane Iredale. We have a few great natural and Organic Australian companies
    here. May be worth checking out Adorn, Inika and Zuii.

    Much love. 

  • ohscrewthename 3 years ago

    Oh my goodness Annie you’re absolutely glowing! The lifestyle change of
    going vegan really shows your natural radiance <3

  • BeautyInAmin 3 years ago

    Alima pure is a nice one I’ve been using bellapierre very similar but
    extremely minimal ingredients! It also has a nice matte finish and is
    buildable, only downside is the price. A little goes a long way so I’m
    loving it! Another brand I’m loving is 100% pure, I’ll be working with them
    part time so if you’re interested in seeing reviews, stop by! Great video.

  • Alicia Mendsey 3 years ago

    I love your eyebrows. I like learning about natural brands. About three
    years ago, I talked about organic skincare in a video. Thank you for the
    information. You are so pretty. I will love to try this brand.

  • Sarah M 3 years ago

    you’re in Dubai? you live there o.O

  • kaylee davis 3 years ago

    What kind of career do you have? You seem happy with life and you get to
    move all the time!

  • Annette Rivera 3 years ago

    Excited to hear an update on how the products held up and if the mascara
    works well. The cooler toned bronze/contour powder is more for sculpting
    and defining your bone structure. It really made your left side of your
    face look way slimmer. Thanks for sharing these products with us. Good luck
    and take care. ♡

  • IheartLOST06 3 years ago

    Omg those products look amazing!! Would love to see more makeup tutorials
    using this goodies!!

  • buniebum 3 years ago

    I miss your videos!! Thanks for sharing this! I am trying sook hard to buy
    cruelty free, and toxic free makeup, but it’s so hard to find! ( in stores)

  • Rosario Patño 3 years ago

    Un video cada como un año 

  • lizzlybear 3 years ago

    you’re so beautiful

  • Tracy Johnston 3 years ago

    I ordered a few samples from Alima Pure and loved, loved, loved both the
    colors and the company. However, do you find using the loose powders messy
    or have any suggestions to keep them from going everywhere?

  • Julia Lawliss 3 years ago

    Do you have a Tumblr, Annie?:) I’d love to follow you! 

  • Madiha W 3 years ago

    Annie, can you talk about living in Dubai as a Western woman. 

  • Bianca T. 3 years ago

    Waw, they look so good and the color variety is amazing! Please do a
    tutorial with these products <3

  • Nafisah Atcha 3 years ago

    Beautiful! Will be giving Alima Pure a go! xxx

  • coffe8300 3 years ago

    alima is so expensive :( 

  • Kelsey Rawlings 3 years ago

    The natural definition mascara and lip tints are not vegan. In case anyone
    was wondering. All the powders and brushes are though :) according to Alima
    pure. It’s all on their website 

  • Cindy smith 3 years ago

    this looks like a great brand of make up but does it stay all day? has
    anyone tried it yet

  • Myra Chaudhary 3 years ago

    Where is that mirror from that’s standing on your table?(:

  • Denise Foltz 3 years ago

    I love Alima Pure as well but it’s a bit harder to find here in Singapore!!
    Glad you were able to have it delivered to Dubai. Lucky girl.

  • reynelle87 3 years ago

    Hi Annie :) Great informative video!! I’ve been making the switch to a more
    natural, earth friendly lifestyle too :) so far I’ve switched all my
    cleaning products (laundy, dish soap, all purpose spray, deodorant, skin
    care, etc). But I’ve still yet to make a complete change into natural
    makeup. Thanks for making this awesome video!! I’ll definitely have to
    check Alima out :) 

  • Tamara Austin 3 years ago

    I’m trying to switch over I’ve been looking at their products and also 100
    percent pure I have been wanting to start a makeup and hair channel but I’m
    so nervous I’m a stay at home mother of 2 any encouraging words that you
    can spare good luck on your journey of natural products I’m trying to start
    one of my own and you look gorgeous 

  • Frederikke Sofie 3 years ago

    You look so great!

  • Andrea' M 3 years ago

    Sound is not the best 

  • Nina Bee 3 years ago

    House Tour, please!!!

  • Lovex021 3 years ago

    i absolutely LOVE alima pure! a majority of my makeup collection is from
    them, and they are my favs. everyday minerals also make great products,
    especially their finishing powders. lily lolo has wonderful blushes, with
    exception to the ones that contain carmine. i’d love to see more natural
    beauty videos like this! :) 

  • Tsvety Atanasova 3 years ago

    Annie, you are gorgeous, as always!! <3 I was just wondering, not trying to
    be rude or anything, but are you living on your own, or with your bf? I am
    just asking, because I think having a lifestyle like this may be a little
    challanging to share with someone else. Much love xxx