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Shu An learns how to do the natural makeup look in just 10 mins!

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  • waitingformypopcorn 4 years ago

    Really? Something tells me she’s not his type lol

  • Taeyangismine 4 years ago

    4:24 I can’t get enough of that. OMG they were in harmony LOL

  • Matsu Chan 4 years ago

    LOL i realized in other vids too, she’s always scared when it omes to the part of eyebrows XD She’s so funny <3 ^^

  • bugielove 4 years ago

    lol she makes me laugh

  • PurpleNymph 4 years ago

    why no mascara? do make up brands sponsor these videos? a lot of products from maybelline..

  • Ariana Dourre 4 years ago

    What’s he doing at 2:03?? LOL!

  • Faith Well 4 years ago

    Are they dating yet? Hahaha. Good ep!

  • MDOffred 4 years ago

    And he’s a professional. If you think you can do better, feel free to post videos about it.

  • MDOffred 4 years ago

    Ever heard less is more? This is a natural makeup look, remember? Not all women want to be caked in so much makeup. And guys don’t like to see too much makeup on a girl’s face either.

  • l huixuan 4 years ago

    She looks.. old.

  • Divya Depp 4 years ago

    concealers need to be set or they’d crease!!!

  • Divya Depp 4 years ago


  • Divya Depp 4 years ago

    just one eye shadow??? oh come on, in ten mins, you can add a highlighter, eyelid & crease colour! he’s ridiculous!

  • SparkzMxzXZ 4 years ago

    omgg the moment when she finished putting the makeup and they are sitting on the bed looking at each other *____*

  • SparkzMxzXZ 4 years ago

    A SHIP

  • Lisa Lor 4 years ago

    So Happy I found this channel!!! :D I’m watching all of your videos!! :D

  • Katia Stark 4 years ago

    But if it’s $50 then it’s not a CHALLENGE ;)

  • onedirectionvip 4 years ago

    they look like a super cute couple ;)

  • jayzer101 4 years ago

    couple face

  • TheAerialgreen 4 years ago


  • perfectrecord28 4 years ago

    I love everything about shu an, so funny

  • nbridas96 4 years ago

    Cuncila = conceale

  • ViennaLaughs 4 years ago

    I ship them so hard omg.

  • kaemincha 4 years ago

    4:24 though. ilu larry

  • Philomena250 4 years ago

    No offence but your eyes are quite wrinkled, I still love you!

  • mariyah marte 4 years ago

    hi shu an you are my fav person on youtube i would like to work with u some day bye

  • Anusha Reddy 4 years ago

    what about mascara???

  • Springrollchan Poop 4 years ago