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Short Hair


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  • msroshposh 3 years ago

    Check out my newest video- Natural makeup Look 

  • Kamilla A. 3 years ago

    Yes, cuz everyone knows using 12 different makeup products on your face is
    completely “natural”.lol not

  • EmmaNorgaard 3 years ago

    Man, it’s so gorgeous! You look absolutely stunning! <3 x

  • yaaharriott 3 years ago

    It’s amazing how captivating your eyes still are with less dramatic makeup.
    They jump out at me! I LOVE all your looks, but really appreciate this one!
    Soft and beautiful diva!

  • pabritova 3 years ago

    Neutral look? Bc this deff doesnt look natural, looks very “done” 

  • Dee Cummings 3 years ago

    So very beautiful n flawless

  • Luvv Toi 3 years ago

    Love this look! What I’ve been looking for. Thanks! What’s the brand of the
    blush you used? Did you say NYX? And what type of brush did you use to
    apply the eyeshadow to your crease? 

  • PeachPretty28 3 years ago

    Do dark hair more often! Look amazing on u!

  • Denise Swift 3 years ago

    Wat Is The Song On Your Video?!??

  • Sassy Moi 3 years ago

    Gorgeous!! My make has improved so much by watching ur videos. I had an eye
    exam & the doctors assistant said I did not look like I had any make on. My
    face was caked!! but looked very natural. This is my everyday look. Don’t
    have time for eye shadows.

  • Xtina Buelna 3 years ago

    Attention everyone don’t like it , jump to another video.I love everything
    about this look.

  • Tasha Nicole 3 years ago

    you are absolutely gorgeous and i loved this makeup look! xo

  • KizzyyB 3 years ago

    Gorgeous :) 

  • PeachPretty28 3 years ago

    I’ve been looking for a tutorial like this! Awesomeness! Thanx for sharing!

  • Duania Respes 3 years ago

    You look amazing as always

  • Lele Chiduba 3 years ago

    love your look, and accent! you look great!

  • Talisa S. 3 years ago

    Love this!!

  • Anjoli Maloney 3 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful I love this look. You look amazing I’m gnna try this

  • AuzenaMaree MUA 3 years ago

    gorgeous! What software do you use to edit? I

  • Ana Raquel Lopez 3 years ago

    +msroshposh I love black hair on you.

  • ariewatts 3 years ago

    My goodness, you are amazing! Love this look- super pretty babe! +msroshposh

  • deeeee 3 years ago

    you look so good !! did you get light medium or medium dark in the pressed
    powder ?

  • hey msroshposh, do you find the Anastasia beverly hills concealer looks
    ashy in pictures or even in real life? (hope that makes sense!) I’m NC45
    and I find it so difficult to find the perfect highlighter that doesn’t
    look too white. Could you recommend some other good highlighters too
    please! I prefer liquid/cream.

    And of course, I love this tutorial!

  • msboydrn 3 years ago

    Do you prefer the NARS foundation vs MAC? If so.. do you mind explaining
    why? Thank you

  • shanna booskie 3 years ago

    Who won the giveaway? 

  • Taiwo Oguntoyinbo 3 years ago

    You are absolutely beautiful with and without makeup and
    Btw I love your video’s

  • Viktoria Berry 3 years ago

    wow! just wow! you look flawless. love this look :) 

  • Belen Delgado 3 years ago

    I have a random question. I posted a makeup video myself and added some
    music. YouTube sent me a message saying it was copyright. I see you put
    songs on your videos. How do I go about it? 

  • MAMaha26 3 years ago

    Nyx blush what was the name, mope? Sorry it’s a gorgeous blush and I want
    to get it, couldn’t get what you said there

  • breshia wells 3 years ago

    I can’t even handle how fine you are!
    Beautiful. Love you tutorials. You look exactly the same with or without
    Love it. 

  • free2rimeanytime 3 years ago

    What is the nail polish color you are wearing?!

  • dkcmusic 3 years ago

    What blush brush is that? It’s a good shape. 

  • tenishahill 3 years ago

    You are so gorgeous. Love every single video girl!!