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We wanted to show you guys how easy it is to look like you aren’t wearing makeup when you actually are! Laura and I have two different versions to show you a…

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  • pinkglitter21100 4 years ago

    I bought Bellini from Bobbi Brown after I watched this video a long time ago because of how amazing it looked on you and I love it. The light reflects off of it sooo well! It’s beautiful.

  • Carol W. 4 years ago

    Much better than to have a whole bunch of color on your face. Well done.

  • rosebose123 4 years ago

    You guys are pretty and funny, glad I stumbled upon your channel!

  • rosebose123 4 years ago

    The girl on the right looks really nice with natural makeup. I love her eyebrows too

  • Sarah Stank 4 years ago

    Just ordered my lash love mascara from Karalyn. Yay!

  • Diana Sanchez 4 years ago

    hey you were on the bachelor!

  • pinkglitter21100 4 years ago

    love your eye color, laura!

  • ohhitstheshizz 4 years ago

    What do you think the best way to apply the Makeup Forever HD on dry skin is? I feel like no matter what I do I get makeup lines and flakes on my dry spots.

  • Anna Moore 4 years ago

    that’s a natrual look, your pimples are huge and have nt been concealed…gross

  • Anna Moore 4 years ago

    the girl with red shirt has big ass nostirl I have ever seen .. bolbous nose

  • Op2misstyk 4 years ago

    Great look. A trick I use before liner or mascara and after I’ve blended in my bronzer/blush is to take a large brush spray w/Fix Plus and stipple all over then finish my eyes. It gives me a nice glo and sets everything:)

  • Heather Donahoe 4 years ago

    The first syllable of “Iredale” is pronounced the same way as the first syllable of “Ireland”, btw.

  • Krista Patriotsfan 4 years ago

    Ok girls, I really think you need to watch this video. It’s from a makeup artist that I follow in England. He says not to put blush on the apples of your cheek and I have to agree. A few months ago I started putting blush on your way and did not like it, so I went back to putting it on my cheek bones and it looks much better. Let me know what you think…………

  • laura benson 4 years ago


  • laura benson 4 years ago

    Tried this out today, i usually where think eyeliner daily, was a nice alternative, more natural without feeling nude! still felt like me but more natural! thanks! love you girls!

  • andrea bee 4 years ago

    does free shipping count for Canadians as well?? :) 

  • سوسو ستايل 4 years ago

    ودي ارقعهم ثنتينهن ياشينها ماهضمتها

  • XCfoever 4 years ago

    Why do you part your hair down the middle?? I wanna do it but I need some motion.

  • taybaby6518 4 years ago

    What color nail polish do you have on Laura? I love it!

  • Angela Nieto 4 years ago

    I LOOOOOOVE that mascara!!!!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth Loconto 4 years ago

    Soo I’ve never done this before after watching a video but I went out and bought the lash love, brow duality and the MAC eyeliner to recreate this look! I love how it looks!!! It’s perfect for work, I normally just wear mascara to work (I’m a medical student) but I’m going to start doing this instead, it looks really natural but makes me look prettier :)

  • shoppingismythang 4 years ago


  • CYndibabI 4 years ago

    please do a skin care video sOoooOOn ; ) thank You <3 ; )

  • CYndibabI 4 years ago

    seriouslY lOve You girls <3 please tell ME what blush brush laura was Using I’m dYing to buY it (OK not seriouslY dYing but reallY want it BAD, lOl) ; )

  • MarieEve Fast 4 years ago

    I love all you video ladies :) 

  • MarieEve Fast 4 years ago

    where are you located?? I also sell MK in Canada, and offer free shipping on orders of $30.

  • MarieEve Fast 4 years ago

    where are you located?? I sell MK in Canada, and offer free shipping on orders of $30.

  • Shelbsters571 4 years ago

    In the description you guys should put what products are used in the video! xoxo!

  • natalieluvsme 4 years ago

    Hi MM&L, your friend isn’t offering free shipping, she told me shipping would be $5, but she would throw in 3 free samples. I really wanted to try the mascara, but really hate that the info wasn’t correct as far as the Mary Kay promo. :-/

  • MontanaSkyBlue 4 years ago

    Thanks for tutorial of simple straight tips for fresh look – Laura, your eyelashes are fabulous! Do you use, or have you used a growth serum? If so, tips on using and also which one, or ones, do you recommend?

  • cocolateeda 4 years ago

    What color line do you use on your hair? Level and shades? Gorgeous!

  • JuicyJuice1313 4 years ago

    What brush did you use when you applied the blush? Thank you:)

  • ShaunJW1 4 years ago

    Do guys use a moisturizer? I use a toner after face wash, then a spf15 moisturizer….

  • pinknails517 4 years ago

    styling vid…with ur cute tanks and necklaces…and how to warm that up for fall!!! luv yas xoxo

  • TheChicBubble 4 years ago

    Necklace layering/accessories video!

  • Michelle Liu 4 years ago

    Laura!! Your eyelashes are soooo long!! My eyelashes don’t even get that long WITH mascara XD

  • Smileeen 4 years ago

    I love you both (in a straight woman way!)

  • lyssbri1 4 years ago

    I also would love a skin care video? Like moisturizer cleansers? And know more about BB creams does that replace foundation and tinted moisturizers. Thanks girls!

  • MACnificence 4 years ago

    Hi ., Has anyone any idea of a good substitute for the johnathan product they always use, dirt its called this product isnt available in Ireland

  • MACnificence 4 years ago

    Is this only for people in the US ? do you offer international shipping ?

  • MrsGxoxo 4 years ago

    Michelle I LOVE that necklace you have on!

  • Twirlgurl22 4 years ago

    Necklace layering video pleeeeeeeease!! You girls always have the best jewels :)

  • sugarplumaliscious 4 years ago

    Michelle is beautiful!!!!!!! :O

  • slm271985 4 years ago

    What brand is the pale pink blush that you used?