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Hello everyone! This is my Natural Makeup Tutorial For Beginners vid. Hope you enjoy ! Products Used: Elf foundation and eyeshadow brush…

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  • jeffersonstairship 4 years ago

    i love the look! I have lots of makeup but don’t wear very much

  • ClipPerry 4 years ago

    you are so pretty and thx fot the tutorial, im a beginner and this really helpful! u have clear skin :)

  • Farmoomoo Moore 4 years ago

    Still helped

  • Farmoomoo Moore 4 years ago

    No eyeliner

  • blasianquita 4 years ago

    Great look for beginners like me!

  • Kat CH 4 years ago

    S filthy gorgeous :) thanks.

  • Gracielyn Musni 4 years ago

    so pretty thanks for this :)

  • Gracielyn Musni 4 years ago

    so pretty thanks for this :) 

  • Gracielyn Musni 4 years ago

    so pretty thanks for his :)

  • Mariamontogomery 4 years ago


  • itsphoebec 4 years ago

    if u don’t mind, watch my tutorial on natural beauty. i didn’t use any eyeshadow at all. :)

  • noemi mejia 4 years ago

    finnally wat i was looking for,thanks very specific and preeaty

  • jaeventuellt99 4 years ago

    omg I love this! I like that you filmed it professional so it’s nice too look at! Really great advices! :)

  • Yingjie Wong 4 years ago

    Oh, it looks really sweet, thanks =)

  • shiela ann cruz 4 years ago


  • nour galal 4 years ago

    i really love this tutorial! diffidently gonna try it out :)

  • alyssapanda8 4 years ago


  • miniya hinson 4 years ago


  • eplejuice99 4 years ago

    u are very pretty! love your eyebrows :-)

  • talyorswiftf1 4 years ago

    Hi, Im a subber and have arequest im only 14 and the only makeup i have is a light skin makup and some VERY sucky eyeshadow ( Very Strict parents) (Barbie Eyeshadow) -.- Some mascera and thats all… could you do a video on that? Im sorry to bug you!!!

  • JoyfulFreckles 4 years ago

    This is great, I just decided to buy the bare minerals foundation & have been looking for alternative ways to apply it (other than the brushes they provide) :) what MAC shade are you approximately just for interest’s sake? x

  • The123cello321 4 years ago

    wow, i use the same bareminerals and apply it the exact same way, an dim just starting to wear eye makeup and this is sooo helpful and gorgeous! this is exactly what i was looking for! thank you!!!

  • missKwebster 4 years ago

    hey your video is great please check out missKwebster for more tutorials and please subscribe i would appreciate it allot. BTW the makeup look you are doing is very pretty!

  • S0filthygorgeous 4 years ago

    Oh thank you! I wanted to make sure it was easy for everyone :)

  • S0filthygorgeous 4 years ago

    thank you !

  • S0filthygorgeous 4 years ago


  • S0filthygorgeous 4 years ago

    thanks! I’m currently sporting BB cream right now! xoxo

  • S0filthygorgeous 4 years ago

    I’m a tad addicted to them! ha xoxo

  • S0filthygorgeous 4 years ago

    Aw thanks she is a cutie pie! Poppy is actually a shitzu/papillon mix! But i love yorkies too!

  • BRTCstore 4 years ago

    A natural look is great for the summer. You can also achieve a great natural look by using a tinted foundation, moisturizer or bb cream for a more lightweight feel. Thanks for sharing your video.

  • 3layerzdeep 4 years ago

    oh i noticed u have a yorkie!! i checked out ur blog…i have one too!! aren’t they great..i have a female, what sex is yours?? soo cute!

  • 3layerzdeep 4 years ago

    wow..looks really good…very, very natural…

  • TheLeothegreat15 4 years ago

    Lovely look! Perfect for beginers:)

  • bellaanditsy 4 years ago

    Great video

  • Rose Kimberly 4 years ago

    pretty girl!

  • lindsaylovesbeauty 4 years ago

    Love this!

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