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Hi Everyone, (Please Expand this Box for More Info) Today’s video is a requested natural makeup look that will look great on everyone; especially if you are …


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  • Tricia Rivas 2 years ago

    Very nice video, I would say you are a very professional and pleasant
    makeup instructor, beautiful job. Thank you

  • beautyinmotionboutique 2 years ago

    I have never spent that amount of time on my makeup, and I’m not sure I
    would, however I absolutely love all the tips and links provided. I have a
    fitness/running site for women of all ages, but truly designed for women
    over 40. I believe they will find this video very helpful. I know I have.
    Thank you.

  • Denise P 2 years ago

    I just subscribed! You look gorgeous! Cant wait to see all your other

  • Gina H-T 2 years ago

    New subscriber here… thank this video. Be Blessed :) 

  • cnith2 2 years ago

    Can someone PLEASE tell me what the heck is the story with pores? Like,
    why are people so “scared” to have pores? They help your skin breathe, you
    don’t WANT them smaller! So please, stop it with the “minimise” pores

    Or at least tell me what the benefit is to make your pores look or get

  • jenGeeJushawshee (Jen) 2 years ago

    Kim, I found your message and replied!! I’m not sure if I called you Lisa
    below or not, if so, I’m totally sorry!! I know your name is NOT Lisa!!!

  • hellojerree 2 years ago

    I love this kind of a look the best, the natural look is just the best IMO.
    U look fabulous!

  • Busbee Style 2 years ago

    Your skin looks GREAT, Kim!! I love the beauty blender too!! And, like the
    hooded eye application tip! Thanks…

  • Keelie Reason 2 years ago

    Thanks so much for posting this tutorial. It was very well done. I’m not
    over 40 just yet, but I’m only have a couple years left. :) Good luck on
    future tutorials. 

  • Michele Michelina 2 years ago

    very helpful !!

  • Marisa Reese 2 years ago

    Great tutorial, it’s a very natural pretty look! 

  • SugarPuffAndFluff 2 years ago

    Thank you for being so kind about me honey. Great job. I try every day to
    do a natural look, but then I keep adding and adding more lol what can I
    say?.. I am not a natural girl ha ha

  • teddybear123458 2 years ago

    Just wondered why you don’t seem to do your chin, it looks red compared to
    the rest of your face ?

  • LoriOver40 2 years ago

    Beautiful job Kim!!! Love it, natural yet gorgeous :) xoxo

  • MissCrystal 2 years ago

    For the LM Mineral, I use an old Smashbox Kabuki or the Sonia Kashuk 130.
    Love your nail polish and the lip color! 

  • Kristinn321 2 years ago

    Very nice, completely natural look! xoxo

  • Mary Woods 2 years ago

    it’s an old trick that’s coming back in vogue, it’s using milk of magnesium
    as a primer for oily skin or hot climates. I like that it’s only $4 as
    opposed to $30 for the Benefit 15 hour (which is equally good).

  • francescaemc2 2 years ago

    Nice!!! How do you do your hair? Is it a curling iron or hot rollers? Super
    interested as I have the same length hair. Editing is a good idea… Love
    the 2 mascara idea…. would any two work? Have several and would rather
    not buy more… though, you sold me on the Chanel pencil!!! All best! ciao!

  • SevenDaysofStyle 2 years ago

    Beautiful Kim! Xo

  • Sheribaby35 2 years ago

    This was so fun to watch! I was getting ready myself so it was like girl
    time with Kimmy! OK I could hear Jacks nose why you were talking in your
    voiceover…TOO CUTE!!! its like he was wondern whats Mom doing …whos
    she talkn too haha so freakn cute! I miss having a doggie!! XO HUGS

  • Cindy Taylor 2 years ago

    Hi Kim, question…. when you tight line are you doing the upper water
    line? I’ve heard and seen this done before, but I think I’m doing it wrong
    because it always ends up on my lower water line. Love this look I’m so
    happy that I found all the girls that do videos for women over 30.

  • Foofie2005 2 years ago

    Great go to makeup look Kim !
    I liked how you explained the way you mark out the shadow to work with
    hooded eyes ! So often you see someone do a beautiful eye look, but the
    challenge is to recreate it for your own eye shape.
    I will try that tip on my own hooded eyes ;-)
    Have a good day.. Stacy

  • Twirly Skirt 2 years ago

    Great look! I want to try that color corrector. I am a huge GA fan and I
    can’t live without color corrector so I don’t know why I haven’t tried that
    one yet. Thanks for the tip!

  • trina barber 2 years ago

    Gorgeous! You remind me of Cindy Crawford!

  • theclosetshopper 2 years ago

    LOVE that lip color. Great video Kim. xo, Tracy

  • Rosie Perry 2 years ago

    Ps. I like to use Jane Iredale The Handi brush for LM mineral powder. It’s
    very soft and works well with that particular powder when used the way you
    just did- as a light dusting. I also really like my Make Up Forever kabuki
    brush when I want to really buff it in – as in wear LM as a foundation and
    not as a powder.

  • thatsitable1 2 years ago

    Kim this is so pretty, love how natural it is! xo Lori

  • 7llazaren 2 years ago

    I wish you would get closer to the camera..

  • Makeupgalore1 2 years ago

    Pretty look

  • Busy Mama 2 years ago

    Beautiful, natural and pretty, just like you Kim! :) This is pretty much
    what I do on most days that I wear makeup, and I also love the look
    achieved by tight lining the upper water line though I favor a gel liner
    for that and just push it into the roots of my lashes.

  • DebbiAnn2 2 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing Kim

  • Erin Manni 2 years ago

    Hi! Love this tutorial! Can you tell me what color your nails are in this

  • Rosie Perry 2 years ago

    I enjoyed this so much! I agree about blending being the secret to getting
    your makeup to look good. x

  • Michele Williamson 2 years ago

    Lovely natural look, thanks for sharing! I have the Naked palette as well
    and use the same combination of colors you used today to create my everyday
    look. I just bought a warm peachy gold eye shadow from Maybelline (quad)
    that I think will really complement these colors and be a bit more summery
    and add something different to my routine.

  • Foofie2005 2 years ago

    Thanks for the link :-)
    Have a good weekend ! Stacy