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  • Summer Breezes 3 years ago

    The model is gorgeous. Her eyes are so pretty. The make up look is
    perfect for her. I enjoyed it.

  • LAKENDRIA LEAH Gibbs 3 years ago


  • Honor Martin 3 years ago

    Shes 15?! I’m 15 and I look 3 compared to her. And she’s absolutely
    flawless btw.

  • Mblessed7 3 years ago

    You do good work with the makeup and I have fallen for your channel.
    Thanks for sharing:-)

  • blah blablah 3 years ago

    THANK YOU been looking for something this simple f for school and she’s

  • Gina D 3 years ago

    She looks like Ashanti

  • Seed The Experience 3 years ago

    great job, this so helpful for me. i also have colored eyes and am the same
    color as the model.

  • ijerkengland 3 years ago

    So pretty, model looks abit like Ashanti 

  • Ange♥ 3 years ago

    Soooo pretty! I love you showed makeup on a girl of color. It’s so

  • Eboni Jones 3 years ago

    I don’t see the items in the description bar

  • Porchia Barrett 3 years ago

    15 omg…. She look all of 22-25….. She so pretty 

  • Moosh oox 3 years ago

    She’s soooo pretty*.*

  • Simmone Ashley 3 years ago

    She is beautiful!

  • Becky woww 3 years ago

    She is gorgeous.

  • MSladeezoe 3 years ago

    Why couldn’t I have looked like her at 15? Gorgeous model & nice tutorial. 

  • Rocio Gonzalez 3 years ago

    She’s 15?! Omg, she looks so mature and gorgeousa

  • Dorothy Armand 3 years ago

    Wow!! Yana’s eyes are gorgeous!! :) And I love the makeup<3

  • Evelyn Indi 3 years ago

    She’s so beautiful she looks like Ashanti

  • Patti Wu 3 years ago

    that model is really pretty ,nice skin

  • Monika Amšiejūtė 3 years ago

    what a skin!

  • luna borges 3 years ago


  • Aatikah Kouthrapali 3 years ago

    This girl is absolute beauty <3

  • deena maitre 3 years ago

    she is really pretty

  • Gabriel Ebony 3 years ago

    Her eyes are so gorgeous! 

  • Aleuxs Williams 3 years ago

    Shes beatiful. 

  • MONEYisTRILL_MJ-25 3 years ago

    Nd she only 15