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Hi I wanted to share my everyday simple natural makeup look! This look usually takes me about 15min to apply ^__^ contact lens Im wearing: seeshell cat eye l…

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  • yt0lover 4 years ago

    u don’t have to apologize, and ur definately not scary !! :) Nice tutorial
    I have a medium complexion and if i put light colors like silver/white in my inner corners they look out of place. Can u suggest other colors?

  • WaveOne11 4 years ago

    iHerb(dot)com discount — Use code BIM072 to get $5-10 off from your first order :) 

  • TheMessanjah 4 years ago

    dat girly voice

  • tycty31 4 years ago

    so nice :)

  • rockyourbodyfull 4 years ago

    You’re so cute, and this makeup is now my favourite ^^

  • 07chaos97 4 years ago

    We’re did you get that curler ???

  • Mikka Noroña 4 years ago

    You are so prettyyyyyy. <3 *Q*

  • massikeur1 4 years ago

    try bobbi brown (because ALL her foundation colors has a SLIGHT yellow undertone) or try makeup forever (mind you it has a dewy finish) or bare minerals (they have yellow undertone makeup, and it doesn’t break you out) and MAC (which I personally use, it doesnt break me and I use pro longwear in NC25. when you go to NC30, it has a great increase on the yellow undertone, but NC25 has a settle yellow undertone) :) hope it helped.

  • missprettysure 4 years ago

    Whoaaa…simple but looking good to see…>_<

  • Sofie Solvang 4 years ago

    Its actually “kawaii”

  • Sofie Solvang 4 years ago

    Its actually “kawaii”

  • vitC4life 4 years ago

    ur voice is cute

  • Aitana Pacheco 4 years ago

    nice makeup :)

  • almireefoshiezee 4 years ago

    Eki we miss you!!

  • Bothvong 4 years ago


  • LynZ619 4 years ago

    You sound like an old woman sorry but pretty

  • Xinjie OO 4 years ago

    pretty !!

  • beamiezz 4 years ago

    Very cute ><

  • j u d y 4 years ago

    please be confident with your bare face, you look beautiful with and without makeup! i clicked on your video because i usually do my makeup very similar this (except i wish i was more pale :( ) , even the contacts LOL well i use the adult brown ones, anyway nice tutorial :)

  • Katya Hawkins 4 years ago

    Your voice is scary

  • STEFIBEAUTY 4 years ago

    Never stop making youtube videos! You have an awesome video here! I will always belive in you beautiful, Keep on inspiring ♡

  • yadi liu 4 years ago

    whats your color contact lence ? Its really pretty

  • ladymo37 4 years ago

    To much!

  • itsmariasarah 4 years ago

    you’re so pretty!
    i think i can try this for school!

  • Cathy Kimlee 4 years ago

    Pretty~ you should buy some makeup brushes kekeke~^,^

  • blackjackcl12 4 years ago

    Beautiful :) 

  • fitrikurniawati316 4 years ago

    Pede amat -_-

  • Shana Gernandizo 4 years ago

    you look like Seohyun from Girls Generation. but, ahehehe, maybe, i’m a little bit dizzy xD

  • Shana Gernandizo 4 years ago

    you look like Seohyun from Girls Generation.

  • pisia001 4 years ago

    i love ur look ur so beautiful wish i was u. everyone ignores me since i dont wear makeup any tips for beginners?

  • glammyglamglam99 4 years ago


  • 0427destiny 4 years ago

    So cool and so pretty

  • nagelly71 4 years ago

    You aree B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L ♥♥

  • floatingkiwi12 4 years ago

    Your eyes are beautiful x

  • moryang89 4 years ago

    does anyone know who plays the bg music for her video??? love the piano in this video playing in the background!!!

  • Deerfluff 4 years ago

    This make up look is so pretty!

  • Miku Hatsune 4 years ago

    Kawaii makeup hina ;3

  • Muxium 4 years ago

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  • sunshine loliepops 4 years ago

    aww so hawai ill have a go tommorow

  • myra beltran 4 years ago

    i love the color of your lipstick do you have any dupes for that? :)

  • erk goat 4 years ago

    oh shit…the before looks so different..

  • rawan alanzy 4 years ago

    Where are you ekki ?? :’(

  • Assel Imangazy 4 years ago

    the bb cream look like a mask in ur face