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Thanks Brainblast games! Check them out here: Next Episode ▻…

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  • luna anderson 4 years ago

    I hacked this comment so you can’t like it try 

  • KittyPieElla 4 years ago

    Pewds was born Fabulous and he will die fabulous

  • hanishshkr 4 years ago

    I love pewds, but his fans is like freaking annoying shit ever. -_- like
    seriously they need to stop with “if you don’t have something nice to say
    then don’t say anything” or “this is the reason pewds disable comments”
    someone don’t get fed? They’ll die right? So as the fucking troll. The more
    you fed the trolls the more they troll. Idk but his fanbase 85% is nine
    years old.

  • Ducky The Animatronic 4 years ago

    i like pom

    like if you thought i said porn

  • TheNinjaScope 4 years ago

    I hacked this comment so no one can give a fuck.

  • TheSilentEnder16 4 years ago

    02:07 corpse party head swap anyone realised that

  • TheFunnyguy9000 4 years ago

    Pinkie Pie

  • Jaimi Fleming 4 years ago

    Can u strut in high heels with a thong on #askpewds

  • Mylene Jennerhed 4 years ago

    1:41 is that a tattoo on pewds arm? xD

  • IONIZED KING 4 years ago

    0:59 don’t eat my babies demonpewds 

  • william schjoenberg 4 years ago

    #Askpewds whats da answer to dis? JB + Poodiepie =?

  • CrazyGamer152 4 years ago


  • Jane the Killer 4 years ago

    New Favorite Hair Color: 2:37 – 2:44 xD

  • MlpFlutterShy2015 4 years ago

    What is your phone number? *she makes creeper face* plz tell me ;) 

  • Chloe Gouin 4 years ago

    So,let me get this strait,if that’s how u laugh when it drunk poods,then it
    always drunk?!

  • Susana Johns 4 years ago

    Pewds who would you be dating if you did not meet the fabulous Matzia
    (Sorry if I spelled that wrong) #askpewds

  • Alejandro Ramirez 4 years ago

    And then kiss her. And say u love her

  • Oskar T 4 years ago

    Wwhat would you do If edgers face was on yours

  • Margarida Guedes 4 years ago

    omfg Mikey!!! 1:03

  • Yosseli Pérez 4 years ago

    have you ever licked a duck before?

  • LokiCat 4 years ago

    while I was watching this I put a sticker on my split lip. then I tore it
    off. there was dry skin on my split lip not ready to come off, but the

  • Lexi Barnes 4 years ago

    Does pewds have anisocoria?

  • johndaniel vercide 4 years ago

    4:00 WHEN YOU SEE IT

  • Johnny Bro 4 years ago

    If I could dye my hair a color it would
    Be pink to

  • swat123 Gaming 4 years ago

    pause the video @ 4:19 and u will see the meaning of life

  • Ynion Zwanink 4 years ago

    Nea sounds like nee And that means no. in the netherlands

  • Jorja Gillam 4 years ago

    Hey poodiepie what would Taylor swift and jb look like face swapped and
    what has been the absoultely weirdest game you have ever played,
    PS your sooooooo totally beyond fabulousnessly fabulous its incredible ;-]
    <3. Soooo fab

  • Nickboy566's Channel 4 years ago

    You cannot comment here, I disabled it! :) 

  • Maria orozco 4 years ago

    What’s your dogs name

  • Juliette St. Jean 4 years ago
  • Adisyn Reynolds 4 years ago

    your very sexy to me

  • Racewife2004 4 years ago

    Why u so fab and u so Faaaaaaaaab

  • Corey Rozblat 4 years ago

    You should try the game bike race

  • Russell Caper 4 years ago

    Fab on you pewdiepie pink is so fab not gay so nice hair butt head (just

  • kristina fields 4 years ago

    Can you make a video on little big planet #askpewds

  • Alex Hightower 4 years ago

    If you had another dog, what would you name it?#askpewds

  • Lindsay Wilcox-Reid 4 years ago

    what does kawaii mean

  • Ellie Strange 4 years ago

    Pewdiepie can you be a unicorn a special fabulous unicorn

  • Destiny Hutchens 4 years ago

    Pewds don’t cut your Hair because your hair is fabulous!