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  • Becky Norris 4 years ago

    What I have found for fair skin is that we cant very well wear black eye
    liner. I used to think that brown eye liner was ugly because when I wore
    it, it made my eyes look red rimmed. I found out that very rarely you can
    find brown eye liners that don’t have that red tint to them and they really
    look very nice on fair skin. These brown liners are very hard to find and I
    have to keep buying brown eye liners and throwing away till I get the right

  • gillybeeans 4 years ago

    Tell us the products you used to we can recreate them

  • Megan N. 4 years ago

    First comment

  • Peggy Mellein 4 years ago

    Who cates not for you to jude or. Me

  • ptchokshi345 4 years ago

    U have already did the session for fair skin… Didn’t even show how to
    actually do it… Worthless to watch…

  • taylor godinez 4 years ago


  • Brittany Lawson 4 years ago

    Pretty nice.

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