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Natural Makeup


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  • kalia cash 4 years ago


  • MeganNicoleFan98 4 years ago

    Pretty without makeup

  • Meera Surampudi 4 years ago

    You sound exactly like your sister! :D

  • ViesteLook 4 years ago

    Great tutorial! I also have a natural makeup tutorial.

  • Kaytlin Coleman 4 years ago

    Omg is that your NATURAL hair? It’s gorgeous!!

  • Kaytlin Coleman 4 years ago

    Maybelline BB cream is really great! It’s light and airly plus it doesn’t come off when you rub your face. (I don’t that a lot) but if you have a lot of acne it probably won’t work too well.

  • Alexis M 4 years ago

    You’re so pretty ahhhh

  • alba cruz 4 years ago

    you look beautiful without makeup :)

  • SmashboxInfinity21 4 years ago

    your eyes look exactly like your sister’s lol you’re both so beautiful!!!

  • damarisurrutia7 4 years ago

    follow me on Instagram! (damaaa_)

  • banananna14 4 years ago

    Your hair.. So pretty!

  • Megan Archbold 4 years ago

    Love it

  • Tara zand 4 years ago

    u don’t even need makeup! u r beautiful!

  • Yulisa Arzate 4 years ago

    I like ur videos yuhh tell how to do everything step-by-step

  • NFMsabah 4 years ago

    haha i see :P

  • The14troubles 4 years ago

    Can you show us how you did your hair like that?

  • Macdadz67 4 years ago

    okay, no hard feelings lol :)

  • justinbieberxoxo0208 4 years ago

    happy bday ps i love ur hair xx

  • myfakename mysecondfakename 4 years ago


  • aisha rivera 4 years ago

    Dude, I may have come off as rude but I’m not hatting on you lol. I was just pointing it out.

  • BeautyJulii98 4 years ago

    Happy Birthday <3

  • myfakename mysecondfakename 4 years ago

    wow @makeupbyal is going to be 15 in 7 hours and 6 minutes

  • makeupbynoemy 4 years ago

    can you do a spring tutorial

  • Macdadz67 4 years ago

    Well, I watch a whole bunch of random things when I’m on youtube. I guess it’s just habit..I’m kinda OCD

  • Ashley Peters 4 years ago

    Gurrrrlll you don’t need makeup are you kidding you are gorg.

  • Vivian Lo 4 years ago

    What shade is your maybelline bb cream in? (:

  • Denise Lopez 4 years ago

    Your skin is gorgeous;)

  • TheFrenzieBears 4 years ago

    theres a reason the title is called no makeup MAKEUP -.-

  • prettypurpleladybug5 4 years ago

    Your hair is very similiar to mine, could you do a hair routine vid?

  • OoBrendaOo1 4 years ago


  • OoBrendaOo1 4 years ago

    This is exactly what I do in a school day except for the eye shadow :)

  • Philomena250 4 years ago

    I would suggest tinted moisturiser, tinted lip balm, lip stain (optional), and mascara

  • NFMsabah 4 years ago

    lol, why are you watching a makeup vid? :P (not being mean or anything, im just saying :P )

  • Macdadz67 4 years ago

    Yep, smart people like yourself would actually pay more attention to the title and the video before bad

  • Macdadz67 4 years ago

    I’m a guy and a douche..should have read the the title properly before making a rash comment like that.

  • Ashley Mehling 4 years ago

    no its the original naked palette :)

  • Lauryn Potter 4 years ago

    You look so much better with less makeup!

  • paola nunez 4 years ago

    i cant were mak up

  • Sheila Gonzalez 4 years ago

    I can’t were makeup no if and or but but I still do

  • Purplekitty03 4 years ago


  • Purplekitty03 4 years ago

    Hair tutorial i this look!(:

  • creativeandbeauty610 4 years ago

    No she used the original Naked pallet

  • Citllali f 4 years ago

    Used the naked2 palette right?