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Eyeshadow Dupes! NYX vs MAC… Neutrals! I hope you find this video helpful! Thanks for watching! xoxo Christine NYX Hawaiian Coffee vs MAC Handwritten NYX V…


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  • Andrea Blassingame 4 years ago

    you did a lot of work for this. but thank you! i mean this has helped so much!

  • Devilsinspiration 4 years ago

    For them to sell in Asia, yes, they in fact do. Now, with the EU passing a ban on animal testing, MAC has to choose their markets. Lose Asia and stop animal testing or lose Europe and continue animal testing.

  • Iamhappy149 4 years ago

    great video!!!♥

  • fan4ushergirl 4 years ago

    Guys!! GO TO THE OFFICIAL PETA WEBSITE. They will even give you a list of cosmetic company’s that test on animals.. AND M.A.C IS ONE OF THEM!

  • Simone de boudoir 4 years ago

    Your videos are so informative. I just discovered you today when I searched for a natural skin care routine. Well done. I love that you are into natural skin are but still I makeup junkie! I can absolutely relate!

  • m.s. mary 4 years ago

    Great video, and I really appreciate the info on animal testing.  I had been thinking about investing in a MAC pro pallette but I won’t be now.

  • whutzat 4 years ago

    I wish what you said at the end wasn’t true.

    But it is.

  • Ronnielen Cabales 4 years ago

    do your research guys mac does test on animals if required by law which china does. all products sold in china are tested on animals. it is their LAW. so yeah. i pretty much hate china. a lot, for that and killing dogs and rabbits for fur while they are still ALIVE!!

  • ivyhallehelena 4 years ago

    Mac does Not test on animals :)

  • ivyhallehelena 4 years ago

    I agree Mac does Not test on animals

  • Michelle B. 4 years ago

    Yes, do more of those. Very helpful!

  • EmilyLovesMacXO 4 years ago

    Mac does NOT test on animals

  • Maria garcia 4 years ago

    Could you do a video on NYX dupes for the urban decay naked palletes? :)

  • JPPT1974 4 years ago

    Really a great collection. You are so lucky!

  • Victoria Barrientos 4 years ago

    You do a great job. Would love to see more Mac and NYX Dupes. :)

  • Linda M 4 years ago

    im ordering some right now esp the hawaiian coffee and volcano. for the nyx taupe theres two kind the frosty and matte one, which one did you have here?

  • Kimberly Smith 4 years ago

    New subbie from Big Island :)

  • Kimberly Smith 4 years ago

    Can you do some eye tutorials with your Nyx shadows. I love Nyx shadows.

  • Alana M 4 years ago

    Would love to see a full swatch video on your nyx eyeshadows…and any nyx products you own :)

  • LuxeandLush1 4 years ago

    More dupes!! :) 

  • epicafan911 4 years ago

    NYX’s Iced Mocha is also in one of their trio’s… I own that trio. Seems if you have the Iced Mocha out of that trio, it seems to be more the dupe for MAC Satin Taupe :) At least, that’s my opinion :)

  • engelneen 4 years ago

    AWESOME video.
    you rock

  • SHOPAH0LIC 4 years ago

    thanks for the awesome video. i’m slowly building my nyx collection.

  • ROCKELLY TAMAY 4 years ago

    Can you lipsticks dupes pleaseeee

  • crsfoto 4 years ago

    This is fantastic! I’m going straight to watch the others as well!

  • Karen Cas 4 years ago

    Good vid. I have plenty of NYX e/s and with my entire e/s collection, I don’t wear them enough. Thanks to you, Im going through them today. And btw-you have a new subscriber…yay me!

  • 1DazzleDiva 4 years ago

    love the video. I love to see the rest of nyx shadows

  • pinkglitterglamer 4 years ago

    Love these videos. Ur so pretty, and awesome.

  • Lakota505 4 years ago

    Thanks for filming…I needed this one. I am addicted to your videos

  • HelloI AmAwesome 4 years ago

    Watch out for the ingredients in NYX Eyeshadows

  • Yuridia Saavedra 4 years ago

    I use Golden as a dupe for Mac’s Amber Lights

  • TheMalleriek 4 years ago

    It would be super helpful to post the links to the other parts of the video in the down bar. Just sayin’!

  • maribelmachuca76 4 years ago

    Wow its amazing how similar they are

  • JackyGFF 4 years ago

    Great video very helpful I’m going NYX shopping