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One Brush Eye Makeup Tutorial + Beginner Tips Get the brush here : How to apply eyeshadows with one brush, step by step eye makeup tutor…

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  • Ma. Elka Bungay 4 years ago

    Always the BEST TUTORIALs! Hands down, Sinead! Keep em coming please. ♡♡
    PS. Could you do a video on application of blush without me looking like a

  • Cindyslookingglass 4 years ago

    +TheMakeupChair hands down the best eye tutorial I have ever seen. Easy,
    simple and clear. Great tips for n holding the brush for different
    application!!! In love it!!!! 

  • TheMakeupChair 4 years ago

    New #MondayMakeupLesson One brush eye makeup tutorial + tips!

  • BiPolarBear 4 years ago

    Can you do a video about how to use the real techniques buffing brush or
    something like it? I never seem to get an even coverage with it.. Great
    video :) 

  • Amy Gomez 4 years ago

    Thanks so much for teaching me how to hold the brush correctly for
    different results. I didn’t even notice that! That’s why I love watching
    your videos because you not only teach us how to do the look but you give
    us awesome tips! Thanks girl we love you! 

  • Sunny Jang 4 years ago

    You are AMAZING :) 

  • Erin Fearns 4 years ago

    Can you do a video on how to keep lower-lid makeup from sliding down the
    under eye area and giving you raccoon eyes by the end of the day? I use
    primer, and I looked over your old videos but didn’t see anything on this.
    Also- fine line masking for under eyes too! Thank you, you’re fabulous! 

  • Bo-min Weon 4 years ago

    So glad for the video, was looking for something like this! 

  • Emma Boyle 4 years ago

    What a great simple tutorial, thanks for this, really appreciate these
    techniques xx

  • Shaden Alf 4 years ago

    What’s on your teeth?? I am sorry

  • Emily Lewis 4 years ago

    There are some great tips in this video. Loved it! ❤️

  • Joyce Imperial 4 years ago

    Having a marathon with your vids :) love it

  • Amna Baig 4 years ago

    what fake eyelashes are you wearing, they look super natural <3

  • Zane MUA 4 years ago

    My goal is to only need 3 brushes for my full face of make-up! :D Seems
    doable, doesn’t it?

  • Savannah B 4 years ago

    This was super helpful since i dont have many brushes! Also it was a really
    pretty and simple look, Thank you for this!

  • Suncameout 4 years ago

    Wow i don’t think i’ve ever seen a tutorial like this before. Way to go!!
    Very creative and informative!! Pls keep making more videos!

  • Priya ydv 4 years ago

    Awesome video…hey ilive in india i dont get these brushes here…can u
    pls suggest me smthing similar in zoeva coz we get zoeva brushes online..n
    i m looking for this brush since long time ago…pls help ☺

  • DramaticMac 4 years ago

    Amazing girl this is incredible xx

  • GioiaFede 4 years ago

    this is one of the best make-up tutorials ever. I’ve always loved you, you
    seem simple and down to earth, you look beautiful with many different looks
    and you are Great in explaining things in short informative videos, you are
    probably the best in teaching on youtube and i wish you an amazing carrer
    in the beauty education field. this video made me feel sooo much better,
    then i’m not the only one who doesn’t use tons of different brushes for one
    look and now i know how to do it correctly not to dirt it all,always
    wondered. keep it up and thank you!

  • jcjccmz 4 years ago

    such a helpful video! thank you

  • Alyssa Edwards 4 years ago

    I love this! Could you maybe do a video about how to select eye makeup
    colors for your skin tone and/or eye color? Something that maybe uses 2-3
    shades that is toned down enough for everyday wear? I need some diversity
    in my makeup but I have no idea where to start. Thanks! :) 

  • PetitteandBeautiful 4 years ago

    other suggestion for cheaper brush? its still quite expensive for me, also
    a beginner ;(

  • Jessica p. 4 years ago

    p.s the Stay Matte long lasting powder is what I use to dampen down the
    shine also.. and to keep everything in place but it is in Sand which is
    different to my liquid foundation colour which is Ivory.. the mix I use
    doesn’t look bad but it takes me so long to apply all 3 things (Liquid,
    Powder, Concealer) 

  • wondernessful 4 years ago

    When you look down, you totally look like your mama :-) 

  • Jamie Killick 4 years ago

    What were the other eyeshadow colours? I see you put lace and strike a pose
    in the description, just wondering about the other two?

  • navygirlist 4 years ago

    Genius xo

  • Nin R 4 years ago

    amazing tips!! what are the name of the other eye shadows used??? x

  • Lisa Billson 4 years ago

    Perfect! Whenever I’m at work I alwaysssss show my clients that all the
    need is a MAC 217 Brush, or anything like that kind of brush, you can do SO
    much with a blending brush like that it’s amazing and essential for

  • kristiekat 4 years ago

    One thing I would like to learn is how to apply the dark shadows like black
    in the crease and outer corner and not look like you have a black eye. I
    fear black shadow because I have really light skin. I want to know how to
    pull this off without being really out do you do it making it
    look naturalish without looking overly made up?!

  • Mirabelle Wang 4 years ago

    This is super helpful and I love it! I’ve always wanted to buy a complete
    set of brushes but they’re an investment for me lol

  • LoAnnKing 4 years ago

    I think this is one of your best tutorials because most people only own one
    type of brush for the eyes and with this video, they can make much more
    looks they would before ❤️
    Please continue to do this types of videos ☺️

  • Veronica Vesa 4 years ago

    Great ideas! I watch your videos for so long now and I really apreciate you
    because you actually teach things, which is very useful and your videos are
    not too long and sooo not boring. You are awesome, keep up the good work!
    Romania salutes you!

  • AlexaOrchid 4 years ago

    Really great and unique video here on youtube! Thank you!

  • Ella-Sarai Seraphin 4 years ago

    I love this ❤️

  • Sang Nguyen 4 years ago

    I have syringoom (hidradénomes éruptifs) under my eyes, can you please help
    me with tips for using the right foundation and concealer for A flawless
    effect? My normal make up doesn’t make it disapear… Much love from the

  • frizopon 4 years ago

    Hello! I just discovered your channel and I really enjoy all your videos!
    You’re just fantastic :) Many thanks!

  • miss Jannat 4 years ago

    Wow love u vids …love how u kept it short and simple and not going on and
    on like some youtubers x

  • Melissa Riddell 4 years ago

    I am showing this to ALL my friends! You literally covered everything in 3
    minutes! How did you get so much information out in such a short space of
    time? – seriously impressive! Love your videos! Xxx