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In this party makeup video the bride is wearing a pink gown with gold embroidery work. The makeup is minimalist with emphasis on eyes. The hairstyle is also minimal. Two rose buds have been…

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  • Amita Kumar 4 years ago

    I dint like this makeup. Too much of colours thrown on her face Which makes
    her look quite old! She looked better without makeup. The eye makeup could
    have been subtler. 

  • zaimah Diamond 4 years ago

    I love the eye make-up. So relaxing watching all your posts. Hello from

  • Tanzeela Rauf 4 years ago

    a.a i love the way u makeover and make beautiful plz give me ur no. m from
    NKS pakistan and i wanna try ur makeover plz its urgent thanku. Tanzeela

  • Rodel Pardilo Ando 4 years ago

    Maybe they are from middle east because that’s the style of makeup
    somewhere in Arab country. Very different styles of makeup but I respect
    your style on how you apply makeup coz every country has their own style
    and trend. 

  • msfallen angel 4 years ago

    two words to describe this makeup tutorial Caky and Brutal!. lol overall
    she looked good in the picture but in real life …o man I can only

  • PolycrystallineLace 4 years ago

    Minimalist? No most people would say this is very strong makeup.

  • Amanda Masteller 4 years ago

    Can I get my makeup done like this! Wow!

  • Anna Singh 4 years ago

    Most of all your brides look like Drag queens once your finished!!!! No
    need to apply so much makeup!!! You don’t even gave that much on your face!
    So why make your brides n models look horrible? 

  • Marea khan 4 years ago

    Nice wat eyeliner did u uuse plz tells

  • Nusrat Jahan 4 years ago

    mam u r using MAC gel eyeliner? m also using mac gel eyeliner bt my
    eyeliner is not dark like ur eyeliner ……. y mam? could u tell me the
    that eyeliner which u r using….

  • D.Teesha Cawroo 4 years ago

    Hi dear can you show us a video tuto for the hair do thx from Mauritius.

  • Shiwani Gupta 4 years ago

    Hi dear plz do rply which lip pencils u r using

  • bullyonfire 4 years ago

    hi which make up u used

  • Shiwani Gupta 4 years ago

    Hi dear plz do rply which lip pencils u r using

  • silpzz77 4 years ago

    nice job!

  • Mona Hassan 4 years ago

    Ur perfect.plz tell what is that called the guy rolled the hair with

  • Maymuna Zahid 4 years ago

    Lol… I dun knw y i m watching this… She looks like a horrible clown

  • Syed Bacha 4 years ago
  • Rizwanah Shams 4 years ago

    Who is your photographer

  • Vijaya Samundeeswari 4 years ago

    Very nice, and cute make up;I can find no words to explain!

  • Pooja Dahari 4 years ago

    i watched all your videos. your works are fantastic. great job. keep it up!!
    i wish you could do my makeup for my wedding. but you are too far..

  • Shweta Shrivastava 4 years ago

    Hi…plz tell me the brand of eye shadow….and 1 more thinhg is it cream
    eyeshadow of pigmented eyeshadow…bcz it is looking awesome

  • Ratna patel 4 years ago

    Mam my hairs r short like shoulder pls can u suggest me any
    hairstyle for my marriage…I m living in madhya pradesh

  • Sadiya Khodabuccus 4 years ago
  • angélique 4 years ago

    Superbe makeup comme toujours et je suis abonnée bien sur 

  • Sez LaK 4 years ago

    So very dry :( 

  • OjanaTara 4 years ago


  • Ratna patel 4 years ago

    Awesome mam…..I m a big fan of urs…

  • Beauty Mantra 4 years ago
  • syed mukarram 4 years ago

    Wow mam I like it which kajal is used

  • Lubna Khan 4 years ago

    what is the base that u use
    concealer and foundation brand
    plz do reply

  • Pushpa Latha 4 years ago

    Hi can you tell me what is brand of the foundation and powder you use?.

  • Norin Kayani 4 years ago

    Hi,can i know what shadow u used for her brow bone and what glitter u using
    all the time its just amazing loved it ur brilliant;-)

  • SuperRicha26 4 years ago

    Hi everyone the base is Inglot eye base !!! Foundation and bronzer are Mac