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Hey My Loves!! Im back with another Video! I Hope you guys like it xoxo Products Used: FACE: Tarte oil Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cr…

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  • Rikyela Jean'e 4 years ago

    Love the look and I love your spirit too you’re so effortlessly beautiful.
    When I watch your videos it makes me feel like I know you personally. Is
    that weird? Lol thanks for sharing :-) 

  • Alex Faction 4 years ago

    When Chrisspy yelled “LAURA” I jumped no joke. Idk why that scared the shii
    out of me lmao. 

  • Jess Louise 4 years ago

    your skin before foundation is perfec 

  • Jaclyn Hill 4 years ago

    I love you & you’re perfection. But if you don’t do the tutorial I
    requested, we’re done. HAHAHA! love youuuu!

  • Jessica Brown 4 years ago

    Let me say I just love how real you are and you seem really down to
    earth!!!! Can you do a video on how you pack your makeup when you travel? 

  • Tracy Timberlake 4 years ago

    oooh i actually love the dark lip :-) that makes it more “fallish” lol.
    Gorgeous dei des!!! 

  • Beautymarqued 4 years ago

    It’s just one of those eyeliner days Jaja… I had one the other day
    smeared all over Tried to clean it made it worse … was like screw it I’m
    just not doing my makeup today washed my face and bummed out the whole day

  • Noemi Espinosa 4 years ago

    I was having a lot of trouble with the nars concealer creasing on me and
    just not doing it for me so I’d been on the hunt for a new 1 as well. I saw
    Wayne Goss talk about the Dior star concealer and he praised it so i
    literally ran out the next day and bought and let me tell you… I’m S O L
    D! I’ve been using it for about a week now and am having none of the issues
    i was having with the nars. The only downside I’d see is there’s really
    only like 4 or 5 colors so i can see where some might have trouble finding
    a match, but luckily i was able to. Good luck!

  • Claudia Peccorini 4 years ago

    Hey Desi, I luv your quirkiness and how your personality shines through ea
    of your videos, its that much more entertaining.

    I would like to see you do another About Me video and possibly talk about
    how you met your hubby, your ethnicity/background, what you did before
    YouTube, what got you into makeup, or what you would be doing if YouTube
    didn’t exist….kinda like a Draw My Life video, but minus the drawing lol..

    Other video suggestions: a day in Desi shoes (vlogs) and an apartment tour

    Anywho, keep doing what you do because you’re very talented and doing an
    awesome job.

    Get it girrrl!

  • Jade Favis 4 years ago

    i love u! i wish we were friends in real life!

  • vintagebloom8 4 years ago


  • Ana-Maria M 4 years ago

    If you and chrisspy aren’t such good friends anymore i’ll cry the hell out
    of me 

  • beautybypn 4 years ago

    very often I watch your videos, but I have never subscribed !!!! FINALLY IT
    HAPPENED !! I LOVE YOU <3 kisses from POLAND

  • krystal mejia 4 years ago

    I’ve never been that type of girl that wears makeup but after seeing your
    video I want to start. Especially I want to learn how to do eye liner and
    fill my eyebrows! I love your work

  • Ruth Cardenas 4 years ago

    Love this tutorial :) the bottom eyelashes are named after me :) 

  • Tina Miller 4 years ago

    I love watching your video’s. you remind me of home (NorCal). Anyways –
    loving all the silliness and makeup tips, not just for me but for my 20 yr
    old daughter as well. I just love playing with makeup colors! What girl
    doesn’t like makeup?!? Thanks again! 

  • Amanda 4 years ago

    This look is so beautiful! I prefer the dark lip for this look but they’re
    both very pretty on you. Love your channel :) 

  • Mayra Mendoza 4 years ago

    Desi! You really make me laugh! What happened with the tutorial yiu were
    going to do with the look in your “how to fake big lips” video? Do it ,
    please! Besos!

  • monique Ricci 4 years ago

    Desi Perkins is an awesome makeup artist and she’s absolutely adorable.
    Love her tutorials

  • EBONYMONiQUE777 4 years ago

    you seem sad or something but regardless great video 

  • Abril Martinez 4 years ago

    This Is Gorgeous Love This Look !!! Bye PLEASE DO A Hair Tutorial Of This
    !! Love How Your Hair Looks Here <3 !

  • Bianca Uy 4 years ago

    Peachy Cat eye makeup Tutorial/ Desi Perkins:

  • Bluewillow 4 years ago

    You probably won’t even see this but if you do a nifty mascara for you
    since you have shorter lashes would be the younique fiber lashes. You do
    put a base coat of your favorite mascara and then you put on their formula.
    My sisters lashes are almost non existent and they work magic for her. Btw
    I do not sell this product so I don’t have a link but I’m sure it can be
    found on google :) 

  • Maria Manassi 4 years ago

    You look like… ohh my God so much like JL… your eyes!! all your
    face,like twins… 

  • Vanessa Amaya 4 years ago

    wow i am just seeing this !

  • Sara .Tajalli 4 years ago

    Your eyes look like almonds Jesus planted himself. 

  • Аня Багалика 4 years ago

    Try Clarins consealer in a tube, it’s perfect

  • TheSceneface 4 years ago

    Love the hair 

  • Emily DeCelis 4 years ago

    Can someone please tell me what brand the pink brushes are she is using?? :

  • look2beyou 4 years ago

    hahahahahaha no picture please no picture