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Follow me on IG: @pangfouathor Products used: Brows: Maybelline Gel Liner Brown Liquid Eyeliner: WetnWild Mega Liner Black Pencil Eyeliner: Forever21 Love&Be…

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  • Sylvia Beautycakez 4 years ago


  • AndrewsOffDay 4 years ago

    Hi Pang! You’re so brave to film so close, but your base looked flawless!
    Would love to see a foundation routine. Also, BROWS so bomb, am I reading
    that right that you use gel liner? I totally was thinking of doing the same
    thing, I mean, that’s essentially what dipbrow is right? :) New fan, girl!

  • Tina Marie Makeup 4 years ago

    Pretty lashes! Love this loook. I wish I could do this but my inner eye
    doesn’t have that flat surface..

  • lisalin 4 years ago

    Looks so amaaazing!!

  • Goasheng Lor 4 years ago

    I always wanted to do my inner eyes like that, but my inner corner is
    different from yours. So sad

  • superbang2pm 4 years ago

    Will you do an everyday foundation routine? :) 

  • SimplyYue 4 years ago

    Always flawless with you! :D 

  • Ms Lovely Nkauj 4 years ago

    What are the claims of your wetnwild liquid liner? 

  • xoShiningKrystlexo 4 years ago

    That is such a cool technique for the inner corner! I gotta try that

  • Daisy Blue 4 years ago

    Nice! Well done.

  • Vy chan 4 years ago

    Eyebrows on pointtt

  • Ashbeautyxox 4 years ago

    I can’t get over how perfect this is!

  • Broken Heart 4 years ago

    Omg u r soo good at doing it

  • Kathy Warnock 4 years ago

    just curious how you get that hair color. I too am asian and have jet
    black hair. I was wondering if you DIY or go to a salon. 

  • samantha xiong 4 years ago

    I’ve always wished to have my inner corner of my eye pointed like that!
    Mines round ;( lol I’ve always wanted to do my eyeliner like that on the
    inner corner and have it turn out like yours but it doesn’t workout lol.
    You’re gorgeous btw!

  • Caitlyn Vu 4 years ago

    This helped me sooo much!

  • Jules Ostro 4 years ago

    Please make more tutorials like this with guided voice instructions! So

  • Angie Lei 4 years ago

    Can you make a tutorial using the naked palettes?<3

  • Xai Lee 4 years ago

    Love the eyebrows Pang. Can you do a tutorial on this eyebrow look…I
    believe it is different from ur pervious brow tutorial videos. ..thanks

  • Tracy Seu 4 years ago

    Omg yesss my eyes are the same. So glad you made a video of this look. Can
    you do an updated eyebrow and foundation tutorial? Also a video all about
    your hair like how you style it and the color and everything? You’re so
    beautiful I love your videos!

  • Apple Crumble 4 years ago


  • Shekeba Nazar 4 years ago

    Wow totally gorgeous ,

  • Kim Thai 4 years ago

    OMG! We’re obsessed with the same liquid liner, I rave about it all the
    time! Glad I found your channel! Xoxo! 

  • Kalia Vang 4 years ago

    Easy Understanding Makeup tutorial ! Im going to try this, been looking for
    a video like this. Thanks (: 

  • Mai Yang 4 years ago

    THANK YOU PANG!!! This is perfect and exactly what I’ve been waiting for on
    YouTube!! You are super talented!! Keep it up Beautiful Girl!!

  • Cerasis 4 years ago

    Omg your contacts look SO NATURAL DX ITS GORGEOUS <3<3

  • J. Rae 4 years ago

    Have you tried the NYC liquid eyeliner? If so, do you prefer the wet n wild
    liner more?

  • Beautiful. 

  • kula yang 4 years ago

    Love it and You’re so blessed to have long bottom lashes!!

  • MissTallcans 4 years ago

    Girl your thumbnail pic is sideways. ..u mmmmmm? ?

  • Stephanie Xiong 4 years ago

    I’ve always wanted to do this! Thanks so much. You always look flawless.

  • Lisa Yang 4 years ago

    “That is very ugly! You dont want that.” Lol. Funny part 

  • nina lee 4 years ago

    Hi !! I would love to know where you purchased your contacts , thanks ! 

  • TheMZCHERRYb 4 years ago

    This liner used to be my ride or die, but i have really watery eyes and
    this liner runs like a mutha bc it’s not waterproof. Wouldn’t recommend it
    if your eyes water a lot. I actually like nyc liquid liner a lot more in
    terms of staying power. 

  • Kalia Lor 4 years ago

    I honestly love this video! Very helpful for me since my inner corner eyes
    are like that too. Now I know how I can get the inner corner cat eye look!

  • maiichee14 4 years ago

    Does the WetNWild liner dry as a matte? 

  • Mariah Smith 4 years ago


  • LivingElectrox0 4 years ago

    Wow. Amazing. So beautiful. I’m going to try this.