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Permanent makeup also known as semi permanent makeup and micropigmentation is a specialist treatment. Here you will see Tracy Fensome an Elite Permanent Makup Artist create permanent brows…

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  • Tracy Fensome 4 years ago

    Love Makeup? How about 24/7 makeup?

  • kerry coombs 4 years ago

    did you use a flat or a slope, im thinking a slope?

  • Tracy Fensome 4 years ago
  • Lilian Olofsson 4 years ago
  • Tracy Fensome 4 years ago

    Your welcome Jason. Good luck with your research

  • Tracy Fensome 4 years ago

    Hope you enjoy the video?

  • Permanent Cosmetic Makeup by Tracy Fensome 4 years ago

    Permanent Makeup not just for vanity! Alopecia and cancer clients want
    to look and feel good too. Hope you enjoy the permanent makeup process for
    feeling great :) 

  • Warren Chandler 4 years ago

    Great job Tracy!