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Basma Hameed Training Academy. Training for permanent makeup and scar camouflage Basma Hameed North America’s Semi-permanent and Permanent Makeup expert. Mod…

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  • Debbie Reedy 4 years ago

    What product do you use to deaden or “freeze” the lips?

  • Reem A.A 4 years ago

    yea she does look like a doll

  • ndayima 4 years ago

    how much did it cost? did you do your eyebrows too? Cuz am very interest in
    doing lip eyebrows and eyeliner. how much would all this cost?

  • Get it Girl 4 years ago

    she looks like a doll!

  • marymary9308 4 years ago

    hey does anyone know the names of the two songs being played?

  • LavenderLites 4 years ago

    very nice :)