Added by on June 4, 2013 Permanent lip makeup done to perfection by expert artist Sally Hayes is easy to get. As you’ll see in this vi…


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  • lipstickmee 4 years ago

    If you have dark pigmented lips will it still show up that color if u got the same color

  • mommyg05 4 years ago

    If the client doesn’t want to change the initial color, would they still have to come back in 3 weeks?

  • jenn reay 4 years ago

    i was just gonna ask that lol

  • sara sanchez 4 years ago

    i finished watching the video and yes you also use the slope needle but what needle did you use prior to that . thanks

  • sara sanchez 4 years ago

    great video. i see you are using the noveau contour digital machine , what needle would you recomend . i curently use the slope needle, thanks for posting such educational videos

  • TubeAmal 4 years ago

    thanks for the vid <3
    how to know the perfect color for my lips??

  • meschastar 4 years ago

    do you ever come to Toronto?

  • Theresa kemp 4 years ago

    Beautiful may I ask what color is the pink on the salon lady I believe her name is Sally ;) I want my lips done like that in a pink like that

  • Sally Hayes 4 years ago

    I come to the Los Angeles area. Please contact me.

  • MyCityOfBeauty 4 years ago


  • LavNglam 4 years ago

    Beautiful work..not overdone at all. Thanks for sharing. Can we see more?

  • reenachitra 4 years ago

    thanks for your reply! I live in orange county do you have any salons nearby?

  • Sally Hayes 4 years ago

    Thank you

  • Sally Hayes 4 years ago

    Please contact me directly. I’d be happy to see how I could help you.

  • reenachitra 4 years ago

    my upper lip is dark pigmented than my lower one how and what would you do to make it even?

  • slfmade87 4 years ago

    this is great