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Information and Procedure for Lip Permanent Makeup.

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  • Dawn Percer 4 years ago

    I switch machine for each client. I wear gloves and I believe plastic wrap
    is over kill. But thanks for asking. This is a newer form of protection
    for the client. It is so easy to protect them as well as myself. I have
    done well for 29 yrs and helped the health dept. create their criteria for
    health inspections

  • Dawn Percer 4 years ago

    There are many ways to remove color. But it is never as important as
    choosing the right person for the job. Do your homework. Then re do the
    color and communicate what you don’t want as much as what you do want Don’t
    assume she knows you.

  • Richard Hanna 4 years ago

    Very nice result Dawn. Perplexed that there was no barrier film on the coil

  • cherry mae 4 years ago

    do you have this branch in MC state?????????

  • Rosa vany 4 years ago

    My permanent make up artist went to high above the top lip.What can i do?

  • Pierre Chamli 4 years ago

    I want to have sex with you

  • Sue Newton 4 years ago

    how much?