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  • deathstroke217 4 years ago

    You scared the fuck out of me pealing your skin off

  • Sherwyn Toh 4 years ago


  • Sherwyn Toh 4 years ago

    Yeap……… What if you fall on your face??..

  • SheepTimeProductions 4 years ago

    Why are you calling pinhead?

  • jgordonjg91 4 years ago

    jmvery nice

  • Jlin Bailey 4 years ago

    Wat would do if you woke up next to dat

  • Ckeeks MKUP 4 years ago

    visit my channel please :) 

  • jermaine barron 4 years ago

    Your really pretty

  • wayne king 4 years ago

    Or you could save yourself a lot of time and effort and expense to achieve a much more realistic effect by hammering a load of pinhead nails into your head.

  • Abby Capay 4 years ago

    i started laughing at the end, just pulling the nails out, and pulling your face off! lmao.

  • MsLollipopQueenie 4 years ago

    Probbly another evryday look for me when people pick me ill pick them with the pinz LAWLZ TIMES 2

  • 5inchnails 4 years ago

    One way to make the nailheads pointing out instead the points needs some preparation. 1 buy soft metal not steel nails, 2 clamb them together point up in a bankscrew slightly seperated (1 nail apart)-a heavy one bankscrew since you need hammer force, 3 use heavy hammer to make flat ends where nail tips where.
    4 ready.

  • xYellowFangx 4 years ago

    uh not ew! this is awesome!

  • galbas78 4 years ago

    this was an excellent tutorial. i have already tried this out with the help of a makeup artist friend of mine. i am also fortunate that i maintain a smoothly shaved head as well so i was able to get away with not using the bald cap. i just applied the liquid latex over my entire head in about 6 coats then proceeded as normal. one thing i did for the nails was to snip them with metal shears. it makes the base more broad and the head of the nail can be used correctly to face outwards.

  • Jasia Kazmi 4 years ago


  • mittparadox 4 years ago

    i would not want to make out with you :P

  • Draoius 4 years ago

    What if your friend tap you on your head hard?

  • Antonio Acevedo-Montano 4 years ago

    how many pins did you use?

  • MagentaAJ 4 years ago

    Only one question how the hell did you that off?

  • Cameron Bonds 4 years ago

    it alredy said in the video that if u fall the nails will just go to the side

  • ilsamiri7 4 years ago

    It’s in the 5th one. You know, in the massage parlor. 

  • ilsamiri7 4 years ago

    I saw that in Final Destination 5 haha.

  • ilsamiri7 4 years ago

    You know what they say, sometimes too much detail can detract from the mystique of a story. That applies with Hellraiser II, I feel.

  • ilsamiri7 4 years ago

    According to the events of Hellraiser II, Pinhead was/is Eliot Spencer – a WW1 soldier who became disenchanted with the war after it ended. Spencer ended up transforming into into the lead Cenobite after he opened the Lament Configuration. As a result of this process his memory was wiped and he was under the influence of Leviathan – the supreme ruler of Hell. I don’t like Hellraiser II. The original and Hellraiser: Inferno especially are masterpieces. The rest are really corny.

  • ilsamiri7 4 years ago

    Strangely arousing. o.O lol

  • Michele Styles 4 years ago

    I wonder if you like put it into your face? lol all that for Halloween?

  • Michele Styles 4 years ago

    wait….. i mean no hate in this but, wouldn’t you call that a “Death Hazard”

  • Michele Styles 4 years ago

    ha ha

  • 5767921c 4 years ago

    U wouldn’t. Get hurt dummy’s,

  • sierra3daction 4 years ago

    Sensational job! You just need black contacts and you’re set!

  • Jieava 4 years ago

    then you won’t wear latex!

  • Rahel Elias 4 years ago

    If you fall though oh dear -.- but other than possibly killing yourself its really cool :)

  • genevieve j 4 years ago

    Hey! I just uploaded a checkered board game with 3D pieces nail art tutorial!!! It would mean the most if you and everyone else could come & support me! Thanks so much!

  • elmoandyou 4 years ago

    what if you have a latex allergy?

  • JiSonsGirl 4 years ago

    use spirit gum to stick the bald cap down

  • xishortbreadgummy 4 years ago


  • Hx Ee 4 years ago

    well! i will think twice b4 slapping that face, datsfoshur!

  • Ellis Meehan 4 years ago

    IM DOING THIS IN 2 WEEKS :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • melissasanchez0707 4 years ago

    I thought she was bald

  • Angelcupcake44 4 years ago

    That’s cool! The best part was when u started pulling the makeup off!

  • fatma ali 4 years ago

    الحمدالله على نعمة الاسلام

  • TheNakosArco 4 years ago

    is it possible to take it off and where it as a mask? and then you just have to put nails back

  • rosa ramos 4 years ago

    i likeyour video but do every thing step by step

  • mumujk 4 years ago

    9:14 Shit you scared me! xD i skip to the end after i seen the first part :..O

  • xxawsome88xx 4 years ago

    If you fall down on your head your fucked up nailes on your haid bitch

  • MrSkittlez34 4 years ago

    its funny when she takes it of

  • GrOoVehOOves 4 years ago

    What happens if u fall on your face?

  • Robert Dordi 4 years ago

    It’s awesome but such a dangerous thing to wear…. Especially to a party