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This is a simple look for those of you who want the basics. Let me know if you want me to do any reviews or more tutorials! I’d be delighted to answer any qu…

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  • Directioner4ever616 4 years ago

    shes 18!!! NOO SHE MUST BE LIKE 12

  • You’re gorgeous.

  • xxmissbubzxx 4 years ago

    1:32 you look bored lol

  • salmadirectioner99 4 years ago

    I forgot about the make-up cause i falled in love with your eyes <3 * I know that sounds creepy but I just love your eye <3

  • cupcakexcake 4 years ago

    Isnt this supposed to be for beginners? o_o
    I see lots of expensive make up there lol

  • Roxanne Lacdan 4 years ago

    she reminds me on anne frank

  • theenpointegirl 4 years ago

    wow you have like perfect lips

  • Ariel Green 4 years ago

    Check me out guys I made an account awhile ago and need some tutorial ideas!

  • EveGamy 4 years ago

    Which CAmera does she use?

  • LifeIsKhu 4 years ago

    well dont put on so much if u feel thats the case c=

  • kingtigertank2010 4 years ago

    Your so beautiful, almost like an american Marion Cotillard <3

  • flyingkittenarmy 4 years ago

    Woooooooooah, no need to pull out the “N” word there brothah.

  • fran27m 4 years ago

    CHECK out my NEW MAKEUP CHANNEL everyone!! click on my account name! please and than you!!

  • blondechik1000 4 years ago

    the way she talks a and looks is freaky

  • blondemomentier 4 years ago

    Your eyes are so gorgeous & so is your face!!! I need to learn how to do my makeup so bad, i’m 18 & still haven’t been able to do my make up because well I wont go into detail on that but I really need to learn & this was a GREAT tutorial for beginners(: so thank you!

  • Gabbi Zampirri 4 years ago

    this is so pretty, thank you!

  • misha40165 4 years ago

    Why do people have to be so mean! She said it was her first makeup tutorial come on!!

  • Đurđa Đurić 4 years ago

    learn how to talk you “wonnabe-nigger-ugly-bitch”. i didnt mean to offend, i just told what i see; SHE IS UGLY, HELLO, U KNOW THAT TOO. the problem is cuz she obviously doesnt know that, so i made a point. peace out :)

  • Cutiie Piie 4 years ago

    Yo Momma Bitch

  • Đurđa Đurić 4 years ago


  • Xinjectxmexsweetly 4 years ago

    This video makes me sleepy……

  • Leslie Stevenson 4 years ago

    only at the beggining

  • Leslie Stevenson 4 years ago

    you sound like a robot….sorry

  • myeazeh 4 years ago

    I get most of my make up from Dollar General, Rite Aid, ANY drug store. I do that because i’m young.. So I don’t have a job, So I don’t have that much MULA! And i’m a beginner I shouldn’t have makeup that is a lot of money. If your friends have makeup that was a lot of money, WHO CARES! *REMEMBER* Always ALWAYS wash ALL makeup off before you go to bed. Because you will have lots of acne, pimples, red spots, unusual blimishes, EYC.

  • CarrieAndJill 4 years ago

    Okay I don’t want to be mean but your cute and beautiful but all of that “contour” makes you look like you played in the dirt all day. Sorry, but it does.

  • meme ladya 4 years ago

    she scares me

  • LadySov109 4 years ago