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PLEASE EXPAND THIS BOX FOR MORE INFO!** Thanks so much for watching everyone! More information on QVC’s ‘British Beauties’ feature:…

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  • SouthLaMeg 4 years ago

    would you recommend the bare minerals foundation? …meaning, would you actually use them for other than the videos, I’ve never tried any of their products and i’m interested!!

  • got2bfree551 4 years ago

    how do you keep your eyebrows so perfect ?

  • Marissa Duncan 4 years ago

    uploaded on my birthday!!! :D

  • kaaitaay 4 years ago

    i love the way you say nasty! LOL! <3

  • marib16 4 years ago

    u should have used a blue eyeliner. i heard she always wore blue liner underneath the lower lashes?

  • LittleMissDreamero 4 years ago

    shes not british…

  • Kristina Wei 4 years ago

    I love how sweet you are!

  • Julia Zheng 4 years ago

    this didn’t pop up in my subscription box =’[

  • Polly Ovenden 4 years ago

    Please could you do a reveiw on ELF products in general – they seem too cheap to be true!

  • mig189189189 4 years ago

    Princess Diana should be alive…
    If she was driving an MG/Rover she would be!
    Cool tips!

  • Vilte F 4 years ago

    i havent seen anyone do dianas makeup before :)

  • maggieex02 4 years ago

    you have amazing eyelashes!!!!

  • Skiiinnybiitch 4 years ago

    i figured you would know the answer to this fleur.. how come Diana was “princess” diana and Kate isnt “Princess” Kate but rather just Dutchess ?

  • yourthetube100 4 years ago

    love diana <3 gone but not forgoting x

  • loulislaterx 4 years ago

    i was only 3 when she died & my mum told me that i cried my eyes out for a week when she died:-( R.I.P princess diana:’(

  • icecreamsoda117 4 years ago

    wow, more people like the top comment than the video itself. I think that’s a testimony to how beautiful you are, fleur :)

  • Backstroke96x 4 years ago

    Woah, you are gorgeous

  • itshannaah 4 years ago

    you should have done bright blue eye liner! she ALWAYS wore it!

  • itshannaah 4 years ago


  • FrannyLuvsAll 4 years ago

    I love the color of that gloss! After watching this, I’m rethinking giving mineral make-up a try. I’ve always been opposed to using a mineral powder foundation, but I really like the look it gave you in this video.

  • 22MJFan 4 years ago

    I bet Elizabeth Taylor is number one

  • dancexxcutie 4 years ago

    you look gorgeousssss in this video.

  • Holly O'Driscoll 4 years ago


  • trippysophie 4 years ago

    This is such a gorgeous look!

  • DanielleDiLorenzo 4 years ago

    hey fleur! i was in love with your birthday haul last year and i was wondering if you’ve decided to do another one for this years birthday! haha oh and happy late birthday! :)

  • lisainlalaland 4 years ago

    hey fleur,
    random question, a couple of months ago you talked about a hand cream that enhances nail growth. would you still recommend this?!
    ps. loove your channel+blog!!;)

  • roxidaaa 4 years ago

    Could you please do a video on elf products? i would really appreciate your opinion :)

  • PowderedPeach 4 years ago

    That lip gloss reminds me of Clinique Black Honey. Beautiful look, Fleur!

  • KayBeautyL 4 years ago

    good makeup and everything but i seriously wish youd start to do more of a variety of videos again maybe you could spread to different looks out abit so they dont become tedious no offence or anything cause i do love your videos <3

  • TheEiffelTowerGirl 4 years ago

    This video didn’t show up in my subscription box :(

  • MissAstrid17 4 years ago

    Diana was so beautiful!

  • Lauren B 4 years ago

    This lipgloss looks great on you!

  • Lauren B 4 years ago

    This lipgloss this great on you!

  • Tesia Yang 4 years ago

    its a bit redundant how people say “you should be on the top ten most beautiful british women list”… you guys say that every video. quite annoying

  • Allie Avila 4 years ago

    okay im not saying this to be rude i feel as though the latest videos , the top ten women are very similar.

  • Kiranzya 4 years ago

    If Princess Diana is Number 3, then I wonder whos number 1 and 2?

  • Sparklebarbixo 4 years ago

    so beautiful

  • Foifede 4 years ago

    I have a feeling that Catherine the duchess of Cambridge is going to be number one

  • furlilicious 4 years ago

    Number #1 is Fleur HAHA ;)

  • TheMichelley333 4 years ago

    love this! x

  • richarldluva124 4 years ago

    i knew it….. diana had to be on the list!!! you did it very very well :)

  • BlitzAndGlitz16 4 years ago

    This look is gorgeous