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Get SKINNY DIP pigment now! In this “PRO MAKEUP TUTORIAL FOR BEGINNERS” going to show you how to achieve a m…

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  • stillGLAMORUS 3 years ago

    New video is now up <3 Budge Proof: Club Makeup ♡ Get ready with me!

  • bella eaglemountin 3 years ago

    I want to watch Barbie too:(

  • Jasmine Bethel 3 years ago

    Good but who has all these products…

  • Aleesha Kaylah 3 years ago

    she looks like Kylie Jenner 

  • Feight Tejada 3 years ago

    She looks like Angelina Jolie

  • gloria aldana 3 years ago

    when you contour do you blend upwards or downwards?

  • Nichole Hillson 3 years ago

    It is so amazing, and refreshing to see that woman as beautiful as you
    still have skin problems like the rest of the woman of the world! Your
    confidence really shows! What would you recommend for dry skin? I have used
    $100 moisturizers but I still get the flaky skin on my nose and forehead
    when when I apply foundation. frustrated!!

  • missy pentecost 3 years ago

    How come you do the bottom half of your face before the top in foundation?
    Just wondering.

  • Daniel loves 3 years ago

    we cant afford this bitch we use drugstore makeup so i dont recommend this
    for u beginners 

  • Meenakshi Sharma 3 years ago


  • Samanthao49 3 years ago

    Brilliant, loved it and learned a couple new steps. Thanks for sharing.

  • Zaneta Sammler 3 years ago

    whit this make-up you look like Rihanna super gorgeous :) !!

  • Ardillita Nini 3 years ago

    awwww when your daughter interrupted I melteddd

  • Kelcee Guill 3 years ago

    You look so much like Kylie Jenner

  • V Cor 3 years ago

    Omg I am like in love with your eyes and hair

  • Ayah Azzawi 3 years ago

    She looks like Kylie Jenner 

  • Dolores Gaona 3 years ago

    Check out my new YouTube channel please no mean comments I just started

  • Paola Bittencourt 3 years ago

    Awesome transformation!

  • monica cruz 3 years ago

    You look like that actress from law & order Mariska but I dont know her
    ladt name

  • Victoria Vaden 3 years ago

    OMG this is a gorgeous look. 

  • mackenzie dunn 3 years ago


  • jess jesse 3 years ago

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    collections ? your are so pretting comment reply send reactions or what
    ever you label the words?
    2. do you wanne changed the world go to that are people working
    hard for your freedom ! shame you all ! womenside did loost their skill +
    dignity yicks

  • vidave matthew 3 years ago


  • Angelina Ramirez 3 years ago

    Your so gorgeous :) 

  • Devon Reynolds 3 years ago

    You are so gorgeous and I love the makeup 

  • jorge nolasco 3 years ago

    Wow I like it

  • Whitney Seiler 3 years ago

    That’s cool… and not gay or anything but ur really pretty haha

  • Kerry Moan 3 years ago

    You’re so gorgeous! And amazing with makeup. Definitely subscribing ^^

  • ceasar guerrero 3 years ago

    that’s amazing love the makeup

  • Jessica Munoz 3 years ago

    i wanna watch barbie!

  • Sanjida Yasmin 3 years ago


  • spanischeKoenigin 3 years ago

    you look amazing with your make up

  • Miss Erin 3 years ago

    I love your hair ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Nakidia George 3 years ago

    Ur make looks great 

  • Rowena Tampos 3 years ago

    nice easy to follow i love it

  • fatunbi temitope 3 years ago
  • Skyler Gildersleeve 3 years ago

    You’re so pretty oh my gosh

  • Iris Van Den Hurk 3 years ago

    thanx for sharing this …. now i can finaly put make- up on :$ :$ *shame*
    but which products do you use? and how will you know with type of collor
    foundation you must use?
    i have try it home with the stuff i had , but it wasn’t that beautifull
    like youre make-up.


    ps sorry for my verry verry bad english :(

  • 77lunalinda 3 years ago

    I lOVE your hair cut!! You are very pretty !!!!!

  • christine tañega 3 years ago

    loved it! i will try this…..

  • maddonce 3 years ago


  • Mahjabeen ali 3 years ago

    Really looking gorgeous…