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Hey everyone, here is a review on three of my newly favorited products!! This video is definitely worth watching if you are “ify” on buying any of these prod…

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  • pricilla arias 4 years ago

    What brand of lipstick did u use? And whats the color? Love thaatt :)

  • Smil3zzz1520 4 years ago

    Im not trying to be rude hut it actually looked terrible in ure beautiful prom pic…u had a white cast on ure face…i cant be the only one who saw that…but great review but keep it honest!!

  • ilkajajab1 4 years ago

    I don´t think it´s humanly possible to be that beautiful. This must be photoshopped. .-__-

  • Alanoud Alsuhibani 4 years ago

    i really love your makeup!! your eyeshadow is the best!!! <3333

  • Drea Al Ghul 4 years ago

    Bought the primer seriously 5 mins after seeing this video. THANK YOU!

  • starbeautyxo 4 years ago

    do you have the makeup forever primer? i wanna get one but i can’t find any reviews on it D:

  • MsTruth1992 4 years ago

    you look like ashanti

  • Chubby Coco 4 years ago

    You remind me of my best friend.(:

  • TheExoticFashionista 4 years ago

    Good Review Hun

  • Sarah G 4 years ago

    Omg u are seriously gorgeous :) and i looovee ur makeup !

  • luna22u 4 years ago

    actually your face looks a little darker than your neck fyi

  • Monalis831 4 years ago

    You need to do a how I straighten my hair tutorial. Your insurance is pretty!

  • TheLilly16 4 years ago

    hey i love your hair great video
    did you die your ends what color and brands did you use ?

  • tierra bradford 4 years ago

    what concealer do you use?

  • BeautifyMeNow 4 years ago

    Yay! Your amazing, I was getting ready to buy a high-end primer because I couldn’t find any good drug store primers..but now I can buy this one! Woot woot! ^_^ thank youuuu -3

  • AestheticsAvenue 4 years ago

    Thanks for the video. I really like your wall/paint (random lol).

  • JIMMYAD46 4 years ago


  • Samantha Stanford 4 years ago

    they used mufe hd foundation in hunger games :)

  • alexismorenitaxo 4 years ago

    ive deff been on the fence about the mufe foundation! does it have shimmer?

  • roshandapink 4 years ago

    I love the way the MUFE foundation looks does it look the same in natural light ?

  • tainaonly 4 years ago

    Could you do a skin routine video? Your skin always looks great–you don’t even need the makeup :)

  • tainaonly 4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Danielle Halsall 4 years ago

    wow revlon foundations are 430 a peice where i live in australia… sucks! i think i will the a revlon foundation for my year 12 ball ( prom)

  • franzabananza 4 years ago

    i8m glad u reviewed these products they been products i been looking at for a while. now im sold on buying them

  • Ashley Henderson 4 years ago

    How is the staying power on the MUFE HD foundation?! I sooooo want it but I’m too lazy to touch up all the time lol

  • ukpanic77 4 years ago

    I think im gonna try the revlon primer, I already use the PhotoReady foundation and love it but definately need help “concealing” the pores.

  • ukpanic77 4 years ago

    You remind me so much of Alicia Keys. Gorgeoussssss.

    Great reviews Ive wondered about a comparisson between MUFE’s and ELF’s HD powders….i mean do you really think there could be ALOT of difference?…just curious

  • snowcake16 4 years ago

    Skin care routine? Updated one, your skin is freaking awesome!

  • chrisray0506 4 years ago

    walmart walgreens ulta sephora(=

  • BlackBarbFashionista 4 years ago

    Where did you find the photo ready primer . ?

  • Shantell81CRNA 4 years ago

    o one more thing can u do a video on how u do your eyes

  • Shantell81CRNA 4 years ago

    i like your hair did u do it yourself  what color is that