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Info about these products! I hope you all have a great Labor Day Weekend! B…

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  • Sandra L 4 years ago

    I just saw another review on this foundation and she did a price ratio on
    the sephora airbrush foundation and its actually only $10.50 per ounce
    which is basically drug store price………….

  • ladybug2158 4 years ago

    hi Marlena , can you please make a updated video on your health problems, I
    have been suffering from stomach problem and hair loss and I feel like your
    videos help me out so much !!! thank you so much :) 

  • iJonel 4 years ago

    The Sephora one is definitely better than the Dior. I’ve used both. And I
    hate the smell of Dior. 

  • BeautybyAndy 4 years ago

    Literately dying over her eye makeup, normally pink eyeshadow is something
    I like to stay away from but she can surely rock it! So gorgeous!

  • Shannon Sand 4 years ago

    just ordered this so excited to try it!!!

  • sashaqueenie 4 years ago

    Sephora has only 5 colours but that’s 2 shades more than Dior.

  • Candy Alfaro 4 years ago

    if you spray it directly on your face you lose more product and it lasts
    less. If you spray it on your hand and then apply it with a brush or a
    sponge, you save A LOT of product. I’ve had my Sephora one for almost 4
    months already and there’s still a lot of product left.

  • Emily Burnette 4 years ago

    Smackdowns are my favorite for my wallet and myself.

  • Molly Gardner 4 years ago

    I just did a comparison video on my channel of these foundations too! Both
    great foundations!!

  • xoxokarmen20 4 years ago

    What would you recommend for taking off eye makeup? I really dislike the
    wipes. Maybe a cleansing eye cream or something? It would help me a ton :) !
    Hope you are feeling a lot better ! Xo

  • Fran San 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for this video. I was actually going to purchase the Dior
    last week but I bought some brushes instead. It’s a shopping day tomorrow
    at Sephora again.

  • bella vita 4 years ago

    OMG 1st can I say I love ur eyeshadow love love love!!! An seriously this
    was great info cause I love the dior spray and now after seeing this I can
    save some money thank u:)!

  • Eve Barnes 4 years ago

    Omg please please please do a tutorial on your eye makeup x

  • Jordana Vargas 4 years ago

    I’ve used the Dior for two months and it still has product maybe you are
    getting half empties or i got a full one lol :) I love the Dior one.

  • LJGbeauty913 4 years ago

    The dior one is actually $62 

  • Wow, you look great in this video, especially your hair!

  • christy ponce 4 years ago

    do you recommend the sephora spray foundation for people with dry skin? I’m
    thinking about buying it.

  • Your makeup looks goooood :D 

  • Madeline Texas 4 years ago

    Love it ur saving us time and that’s so cool what ur doing for us how sweet
    I must say I grow my own nails are yours real I love for you to tell us
    what color ur wearing the makeup looks fabulous. Thank you hope to here
    from you.

  • Indikaisbeauty112 4 years ago

    Are they good to use on oily skin?

  • nsbhater 4 years ago

    I loooove smackdowns!!

  • Avaline Jan 4 years ago

    Hi, love this video, i too have had so many health issues, i had recently
    an extremely high end makeup artist do my face for a family wedding, so as
    I would not look so ill. I ended up with the Dior Airflash 301 and 500. I
    love them both. PLEASE do let me know what you find that is comparable in
    the Sephora line. I think you are fabulous, and I have watched so many of
    your videos, I am SO happy you are feeling better. It gives me hope for my
    own healing as well. :)

  • delacotta360 4 years ago

    You’re looking so lovely and I like your setting. Thank you for this
    comparison – gonna save me some money! : )

  • bellosh123 4 years ago

    Your skincolour is nice and glowy. U dont need a spraytan. In the summer
    yeah you get a tan but keep it natural looks better :)

  • yazchica 4 years ago

    Yup spotted a picture of you & a gentle man in the first few seconds. Could
    he be Coco bear? Marlena’s mystery man :) oh yes we like your ring tone!

  • Denise G 4 years ago

    Great comparison Marlena!!! Thanku so much for doing this for us!!! I
    myself am dying to try the Dior but just can’t get past that pricetag!!!!!
    Now so exciting I can try the Sephora one….yeaaaa!!! Great work & glad
    your feeling better hun,good to hear! God bless and till next time…:)

  • Rare Sense 4 years ago

    I might invest in 1. Do u have to smooth it out or buff it in with a brush
    or anythng or do u just spray it and ur good to go?

  • lillyrosenight . 4 years ago

    I’m glad that you’re feeling better. Would do a makeup tutorial on your eye
    look? It’s very beautiful. =)

  • Denise G 4 years ago

    P.S. the Sephora girl suggested spraying on the brush and apply to an area
    on the face at a time…not to spray willy nilly cause it will get in hair
    and everywhere!!!! Thought I’d help a lil….bye now…

  • bonita9233 4 years ago

    Sephora and Dior are actually under the same brand (LVMH) — so it doesn’t
    surprise me that they use similar formulas.

  • princessbutlerRN 4 years ago

    I just started using the sephora foundation spray and I was wondering about
    the Dior one… Thanks for the smack down! Ill stick with the sephora one!

  • daughteroftheelement 4 years ago

    This is really good to know. Thanks Marlena

  • WindsofTrade 4 years ago

    I’m definitely going to see if I can buy the Sephora brand in my color,
    I’ve been dying to try a spray foundation for ages but Dior is, as you say,
    super pricey. I don’t use foundation every day so I’m pretty okay with that

  • makeupbean 4 years ago

    cant wait for your eyeshadow tutorial!! so lovely!! pinks look great on you

  • Alexandra Zavala 4 years ago

    I was so into the video but totally lost focus because of your vanity in
    the background its beautiful!!!! Where did u get it at? Please let me kno

  • annelieCT 4 years ago

    Marlena…… I am soooooo happy you are feeling better!!!!!!

  • Kelly Wombles 4 years ago

    I like classified cosmetics too! They give you a huge can for ur money and
    the product is great!!

  • Tracy Kingsley 4 years ago

    You look fantastic, Marlena!!! Hope the ‘poo’ feelings continue to stay
    away and that you move on to happier and healthier days!!! MUAH!

  • KLDice1 4 years ago

    I would love to see a smackdown between the UD 24/7 pencils, and the NYX
    slide-on liners.. :-)

  • Makeup Geek 4 years ago

    I hope you feel better soon! BIG hugs to you :) I understand- sometimes
    it’s a daily battle as you never know how you’re going to feel. Hang in

  • tonixtonix 4 years ago

    Thank you for the great smackdown video, I didn’t even know the Sephora
    spray was re-introduced and now that I have it, I am in LOVE with it. :-)

  • Paige Whataboutgirls 4 years ago

    It’s good to see that your feel better. How was the hospital journey with
    exams ? this video is really good. God 60$ for the dior product, love this
    brand but so expensive ! xoox from france