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READ ME FOR MORE INFO!!! *********************** A couple things I forgot to mention in the video! 1. I keep things like hand sanitizer and gum in my purse, not in the kit. 2. I will be…

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  • April K 4 years ago

    Fix+ spray with vanilla pigment – genius!

  • kocoa hollis 4 years ago

    The lipstick palette came that way or did you depot those colors into it?
    This was help! I’m on the look out for a set bag now 

  • existencevs 4 years ago

    hi, did you make yourself the lipstick palette?

  • Glaucia Glenn 4 years ago

    Could you please tell me where did you buy that mixing palette you carry on
    your brush belt? Thanks for this video! Very helpful.

  • Jennesey Perez 4 years ago
  • MAKEUPBYBREVIE 4 years ago

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  • Harley Jean 4 years ago

    “An array…”

  • FromBrainsToBeauty 4 years ago

    This was incredibly helpful! Thank you!

  • Claudine.J 4 years ago

    Amazing video! I will refer to your video to make my own kit. Also I have a
    question because I’m a makeup Artist too and did you buy all of your stuff
    once or bit by bit?
    Thank you xx

  • Carly Peele 4 years ago

    Would love to see how you handle clients and sanitation! :) 

  • Patty Lopez 4 years ago

    Great video …the neutral polish is a great idea

  • Lily Spurgeon 4 years ago

    What do you use for eyelash glue? I had a couple of clients ask if they
    could have my glue because they were scared their lashes were going to come
    off. I obviously gave it to them but I started wondering what other Artists
    would or do in that type of situation.. 

  • Mareya Ketchum 4 years ago

    Super helpful, thank you!

  • Chenelle Santana 4 years ago

    Hi thanks for the vid ! could you do a video on how to clean makeup and
    brushes since you use them on more than one person and do you use
    disposable eyeliners ? im just starting out so this would be so helpful
    thank you !!

  • Love Heatherette 4 years ago

    This video was super helpful! I would love to see products that you suggest
    for bridal work :) 

  • Melbel Lolo 4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing!! Loved your brush belt, hopefully you will do a video
    on your mac pro products!

  • KateTheRedHead 4 years ago

    Do you use your own stuff in your kit or do you have separate products?

  • chtitmog 4 years ago

    Great video! Thank you so much for sharing. :-)
    I don’t know if you already did a video on this but what shades of
    foundation and concealers would you recommend to buy to an aspiring MUA’s
    kit specialized in weddings? Buying the whole shades of a given foundation
    would probably be unnecessary but which ones to choose?! Thank you Allison! :-D 

  • bnfby tashad 4 years ago

    Hi Allison where can I get the MAC lipstick palette? My MAC store here in
    AZ don’t carry that, is there specific MAC stores I have to go to?

  • Allison Wilburn MUA 4 years ago
  • kevseb66 4 years ago

    Also do you spot clean your brush between people when you’re responcible
    for more than one person or do you bring a separate set for each person.

  • MeganCalfoMakeup 4 years ago

    That’s such a good idea to have nail polish remover, base coat and a
    neutral nail polish in your kit! I love seeing other peoples kits and
    learning their personal tips and tricks. I was wondering if you could do a
    video based on pricing and getting your name out there, those kind of
    things. That would be really helpful! 

  • Michele Natalie 4 years ago

    In regards to your stained brush belt: a while back I saw Makeupbyrenren
    explain that she gets the stains out of her belt using oil! 

  • Lori Peck 4 years ago

    I would love to see a sanitizing video. I have watched a few other artists
    videos before, however I have watched numerous makeup artists during a job
    (I also work as a wedding photographer for a very well known company in San
    Diego). I seldom see them practice the extreme sanitizing techniques I’ve
    seen on other videos. Such as not using lipsticks or lip gloss straight on
    a client, as well as mascara. 

  • kevseb66 4 years ago

    Hello. I’m a bit confused. For those of us who have yet to do a televison
    gig, what is the procedure when doing makeup in this arena? I assume makeup
    is done in the makeup area on talent & then you (the artist) follows the
    talent to the set hence the need for a set bag correct? Is this something
    you will be directed to do by someone in authority or is it just
    assumed. Also are you leaving the contents of your remaining kit unattended
    while on set. Thanks

  • bobfryfish 4 years ago

    I love that you are doing this! Since you are doing a series, can you also
    do a tutorial or more on brown skin tones. I feel like there isn’t a lot of
    quality options for women of color and I saw a pic on Instagram and you did
    good makeup on a dark skin beauty as well as a tan woman. Can you also do a
    video on how what colors to coordinate on face, like what blush color with
    what lip color and eyeshadow.

  • Lynda Harris 4 years ago

    How did you start working on video shoots?

  • Diana Gutierrez 4 years ago

    These types of videos are so helpful! Thank you! Please do more :) . 

  • Davina Signorelli 4 years ago

    This is such a helpful video! I can’t wait to see more videos about
    freelance work! 

  • Amy Priddle 4 years ago

    Fabulous video! So informative and not 100 hours long! Haha! Excited for
    more videos like this. I’d love to see you doing bridal makeup on someone
    else. Would be really interesting to see your techniques! Xxx

  • jcanangel 4 years ago

    very helpful thank you!

  • Donna Perry 4 years ago

    Very interesting! Thanks!! xo

  • bernadette woodson 4 years ago

    I love you so much u always think ahead I would of never thought to bring
    nail products pleas do more of these vids

  • Elyse Matthews 4 years ago

    wow! Super-helpful thx!!

  • ainnie333 4 years ago

    love this video!..thanku so much for this video!

  • Ellinor Olofsson 4 years ago

    Hahaha, a kokobrush….. Cant stop laughing! So funny

  • ardlifestyle 4 years ago

    Well kept kit! :-) 

  • Luisa Recinos 4 years ago

    Hello :) I love this series but would you be so kind and do this video but
    for a wedding as to see what you would do for a larger party that would be
    so helpful 

  • essyalways 4 years ago

    very informative…thanks!

  • Portia Goodman 4 years ago

    Love this! Definitely excited to see more in this series

  • Maya Nelson 4 years ago

    You are amazingly professional and organized!! Love your videos!

  • Barbara Adebayo 4 years ago

    Thank you for the video was really infomative!
    Could you do a video on how to portray yourself when doing someones makeup?
    Like image wise do you wear makeup on yourself? Is it necessary? And just
    general advice on confidence and building yourself up ect..

    Thank you, look forward to it :) x

  • Terri Lopez 4 years ago

    I’m not a MUA but this was really fun to watch, very thorough!! Loved this!

  • Dee Akin 4 years ago

    use alcohol to clean your belt…works for me…

  • Riana84FCL 4 years ago

    Cool great idea and i watch your answer how to put in it i will try this