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READ ME FOR MORE INFO!!! *********************** ***A lot of people have asked about the powder brush I use that I talk about as being very luxurious and sof…

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  • Riviera gorkhali 3 years ago

    which camera do you use?

  • clash4421 3 years ago

    Did you pour vanilla pigment in the bottle of Fix+ ? 

  • Flávia Martins 3 years ago

    No dark circles under the eyes at all!! Great job girl!

  • MeL Chillinlikevillain 3 years ago

    0:32 that brush is amazing!!

  • Kimberly Solko 3 years ago

    Did you say you put Vanilla pigment in your Fix+?

  • Victoria Niemira 3 years ago

    I loved this video and would like to see more tutorials like this!

  • Ericka Ize 3 years ago

    Thanks for this vid, it was very informative and helpful. Love vids like

  • Der Thao 3 years ago

    I really love how u do ur makeup! 

  • Diana Gutierrez 3 years ago

    What was that silver plate looking thing you used to mix the foundations in
    the beginning of the video? Where can we find these?

  • Lori Peck 3 years ago

    Thank you for your professional makeup artistry videos, please keep them

    Question, do think it is necessary as a makeup artist to have an air brush
    machine and obviously the ability to use one? 

  • Kerian Rodriguez 3 years ago

    I love your cheeks! Lol

  • li lee 3 years ago

    I love your channel esp. professional makeup videos, I’m learning so much
    info. from you. Pls pls keep these videos coming….I look forward to the
    next one =)

  • Shaunell MacGloan 3 years ago

    Brilliant idea using the pigment ! :) those of us who are not MUA’s but are
    makeup enthusiasts, appreciate you sharing your skills with all of us:) you
    make the world a prettier place :) 

  • bernadette woodson 3 years ago

    do you ever use models and I always like the way you explain everything

  • Danielle Scott 3 years ago

    I would loved to see more like this!!(: very helpful and informative !

  • Emma Louise 3 years ago

    this was super informative and helpful :) 

  • Vero Burbano 3 years ago

    Loved this video. Incredible make up artist tips, what I liked the most was
    that you were explaining and at the same time doing the technique it was
    pretty clear and the result you got with it was amazing!!!!!! Please more
    tips :) 

  • chtitmog 3 years ago

    Thank you!! This video is full of fantastic tips (pro longwear concealer
    mixed with F&B foundation, Fix+ mixed with Vanilla pigment…). And the
    result is… wow! BTW, how do you open the Fix+ bottle? I’ve tried to do so
    many times but never succeeded – maybe they have now changed their
    packaging? How much Vanilla pigment would you mix in it? Sorry for all
    these questions, you don’t have to answering them. Haha! Again, Great
    video! :-D 

  • Annie Ye 3 years ago

    Can you please do a video on getting your curls with a curling iron?

  • AmazinGraceXOXO1 3 years ago

    can u show u mix the vanilla pigment and the fix plus?

  • ravit reitman 3 years ago

    loved this video but the lighting was a bit difficult :) 

  • Berry Toot 3 years ago

    I dont like mac foundition cuz its bring acne

  • BeeNeth 3 years ago

    You give the best tips! Love it <3

  • LauraSofia071 3 years ago

    Can you do a makeup tutorial using the black and gold pigment set from the
    stroke of midnight collection? 

  • Rtista724 3 years ago

    Great video!! I want to love the Prolongwear Concealer for under my eyes,
    but after it dries, it looks like I have bumps under my eyes…am I using
    it incorrectly or not prepping the area well?

  • Laura Verdugo 3 years ago

    Very cool gracias

  • amanda bright 3 years ago

    omg yes, a pro mua series, LOVE 

  • Bianca Binotto 3 years ago

    Thank You for sharing this precious information !!! You are a very good
    teacher! Great job!

  • Laura Zepeda 3 years ago

    Blending eyeshadow video please!!!

  • Caroline Griffiths 3 years ago

    I loved this thank you!! maybe you could do a cream products video? like
    how to apply/gow to work with cream products. e.g. cream blush, bronzer,
    contour etc. Thanks!! xx

  • Diana Mayeshiro 3 years ago

    loved this video! maybe you can do a video of how you would work with a
    client! i would love to see the techniques you use, and what you do when
    sanitizing! thanks girl

  • sam hall 3 years ago

    I just found your channel, your videos are awesome!